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Zombie democracy: Extreme inequality and poverty hiding behind women’s suffrage in NZ

Posted by te2ataria on September 13, 2018

Modern slavery: ‘The reality of life on the minimum wage in NZ’

Minimum wage:

“In 2017, there were about 76,400 people on minimum wage (which was $15.75 an hour at the time – it increased to $16.50 on April 1, 2018) in New Zealand, and an estimated 164,100 people earning $16.50 (which at the time was above minimum wage.)”

Minimum wage: The mum spending all her pay on rent

Minimum: Charmaine and Victoria – the cleaners


Minimum wage: Mum of five thought there would be more than $10 left


Minimum wage: Working students sharing a bedroom

A new episode of Minimum will be posted on the RNZ website every weekday this week and next.


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