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“Unexplained Deaths”: Bodies Continue to Pile UP!

Posted by te2ataria on October 7, 2018

As of 23:00 today, police operation “Total Suppression” [of road fatality news] is still in full effect, following our Friday blog entry: Another weekend road massacre looms –Statistical analysis

ONLY one road fatality reported for the entire weekend due to a leak. (See below!)

NZ government (police and Ministry of Resurrection) under-report road fatalities in the same way Puerto Rican officials (US Govt) misled the world following Hurricane Maria. Death toll from the deadly storm was reported as only 64, instead of 2,975 as scientifically researched. About two-thirds of road fatalities in NZ go unreported, or unrecorded! [See entries under Ministry of Resurrection.]
See also: Police censorship produces NZ’s “lowest murder rate in decades”

Grand Total of Unexplained Deaths = NZ police reports x 8 

Murder, unexplained death, road fatalities…

Man found deceased in Waimate
Sunday, 7 October 2018 – 6:19am – Canterbury
“Canterbury Police are investigating the death of a 44-year-old man in Waimate last night.
“Emergency services were called to a Belt Street address at 7.30pm, where the man was found deceased.”

Proudly Killed or Critically Injured in NZ

Fatal crash – Henderson, Auckland
Sunday, 7 October 2018 – 6:12am – Waitemata
At least one person was killed in when a car collided with a tree in Henderson, Auckland overnight. “The crash occurred on the corner of Parrs Cross Road and Bruce McLaren Road at 11pm. Three other people from the car were taken to hospital with moderate injuries.”

Porirua incident
Sunday, 7 October 2018 – 8:01pm – Wellington
“Wellington Police are seeking the public’s help identifying a man in a critical condition who was involved in an incident in Porirua this afternoon.
“Just after 4pm, Police and other emergency services attended the scene on Warspite Avenue, where a man had exited a car.
“He was taken to Wellington Hospital in a critical condition.”

Wild, Wild, NZ (HA, HA, HA)!

Another Drive-by shooting in Sewage City

Wellington drive-by shooter on the run
A 21-year-old man remains in hospital in serious condition after being shot this morning in a drive-by shooting in Lower Hutt. The shooter is currently on the run.


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  1. BF said


    I think this might be worth posting up, sent by a reader in Wellington aka sewage city:


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