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‘Vagina One’ forced to apologise to wealthy family of murdered British tourist Grace Millane

Posted by te2ataria on December 10, 2018

Jacinda “Chastiti” Ardern, you’re a shameless hypocrite!

“So on behalf of New Zealand I want to apologise to Grace’s family: Your daughter should have been safe here and she wasn’t and I’m sorry for that,” said Chastiti in her new role as PM.

Wasn’t it the financial power of the victim’s family that forced you apologise to them for the loss of their loved one, you deceitful, duplicitous, ugly harlot?


“Vagina One” finds it difficult even to keep a straight face and stop herself from bursting into fits of laughter: “Had it coming, you *********!”



About 5,500 foreigners—overseas visitors, international students, migrant workers, new immigrants and refugees—have been killed/murdered and more than 35,000 others seriously injured in New Zealand since January 2000.

How many times have you or your equally deplorable predecessors ever apologised to their families, you conniving cunt?

Grace’s cold and violated body, yet to be formally identified, was discovered in pieces on “Sunday afternoon” in a bush, just 10m off the road, in Auckland’s Waitakere Ranges.

A 26-year-old man accused of murdering Ms Millane between 1 and 2 of December appeared in the Auckland District Court Monday morning.

Judge Evangelos Thomas refused to grant name suppression to the accused, but the defense lawyer indicated he would appeal the decision, prohibiting media from identifying the accused in the meantime.

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UPDATE: “Pakeha Pete Syndrome”

Grace Millane murder suspect revealed: Jesse Kempson, 26

Jesse Kempson, 26, is accused of killing British tourist Grace Millane in an Auckland hotel room.
Police said: “The post-mortem examination has been carried out today. We will not be releasing the results of this examination.” [Police playing the “State Secret” game, again!]


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25 Responses to “‘Vagina One’ forced to apologise to wealthy family of murdered British tourist Grace Millane”

  1. Mike P. said

    Andrew Little, eat shit, lots of it!
    Why is the identity of the rapist murderer still being suppressed, even though he has been found guilty of murdering the British sex tourist? Does the scumbag intend to appeal the unanimous verdict?

  2. Chris said

    Always thought Thailand was the most dangerous country for sex tourism. I stand to be corrected.

  3. Jesse said

    I was wondering why everyone was calling her a “sex tourist”, “rich horny bitch”, “GRACEXIT”, and so on. Then I read the following:

    – Grace Millane, 22, discussed sexual fetishes with a man she met on Whiplr app
    – These including electric nerve stimulation and ‘breath play’ involving gas masks
    – Jury in her murder trial was also told she slept with another man the night before she died, and that he ‘potentially’ held his hand around her neck during sex
    – A third man, 27, [was found guilty of murdering] Grace during a Tinder date

  4. Val said

    Based on the victim’s character, I think the jury reached a hasty decision. Clearly, she was looking for rough sex, and it went horribly wrong for her. So, yes to manslaughter, as for murder, probably not.
    That said, I am disgusted by her parents for their role in her demise.

  5. Gina B. said

    If Ardern’s parents knew what she was going to look like in adulthood, they, too, would have called her “vagina”, probably!

  6. Gordon said

    Clearly, the frigging jury were instructed to achieve three goals:
    1. Save NZ’s tourism industry.
    2. Appease and pander to the wealthy parents of the British “sex tourist”.
    3. Echo “Vagina One” in her fake condemnation of the accused.
    The trial was totally unfair. How could it have been a murder when the tart was clearly asking for it!
    If you go to bed with a total stranger and BDSM on mind, you’d most likely end up dead!!!

  7. Matt said

    How did we end up this way? From an evolving race of species on its way to become superhuman, we’ve plunged into the depth darkness, seeking depraved and deadly sexual encounters for a nightly fix of BDSM. Somehow, ending up dead in a suitcase feels befitting!

  8. Karl said

    If she deserved it or not (big whatever on this) the guy overstepped her will, which is the oposite corner from BDSM….otherwise the body would not had bruises described. I believe only people that is not into BDSM believes that BDSM is about violence, this is a misconception.

    • T.G. said

      Any pressure more than a gentle touch applied to human body will leave behind some level of bruising. Since you’re into BDSM, as implied in your comment, google photos of spanking and other types of sexual deviance, considered as “mild” BDSM, to see the spectrum of injuries.

  9. Graham said

    “London Kiwis honour Grace’s legacy”

    “Grace Millane: Nearly 300 handbags collected through appeal at NZ House in London
    “A Kiwi woman living in London has collected nearly 300 handbags for domestic violence victims in support of an appeal launched by Grace Millane’s family.”

    Wrong title! It should read: London Kiwis “honour” British sex tourist’s “legacy”

    Grace Millane’s passion for rough sex brought her to New Zealand, eager to experience Kiwi males.

    It’s outrageous! Why is her “legacy” being honoured? What has consensual rough sex gone wrong got to do with domestic violence?

    Stop confusing our teenagers with emotional claptrap!

  10. B.E. said

    Is it true that there were two suitcases involved in the case?

  11. Bruce M. said

    Rough-sex tourist manslaughter: Mystery (!) man involved in death of Grace Millane sentenced
    The man convicted of killing British sexkpacker Grace Millane to spend at least 17 years behind bars for the “highly callous” murder.

    British backpacker’s killer sentenced to life imprisonment

  12. Sam said

    Tina said:

    “Agreed! Parenting isn’t just about providing food and clothing and keeping photo albums. Parents are ultimately responsible for the well-being of their children. Their character and conduct are deciding factors whether the traumatized body of their child end up being dissected on the autopsy bench while still in their teens, or early twenties.”

    Millanes responded by hiding behind a photo:

  13. sam [2] said

    unbelievable. clearly no one commenting followed the trial. If Grace died accidentally during rough sex and the perp panicked and disposed of her body why did he take lewd photos of her dead body? He claims the photos were taken before she died so then why did he search for ways to dispose of a body while she was still alive because he searched for where to get rid of a body before he took the photos.
    Some people here are truly warped in their thinking and language.

  14. Carter said

    Here’s a GM travel wellness scale of 0 – 100 [‘0’ for being alive, healthy and happy and ‘100’ for violated, mutilated and packed in multiple bags]

    50 points for sex tourism
    20 points for sleeping with each stranger
    30 points for each rough sex [BDSM act] on [or off] the menu: bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism…
    20 points each for using drugs, stimulants, alcohol…
    20 points for unprotected sex [usually becomes irrelevant when two or more of the above categories are opted for. ]

    Here’s how GM scored: 50 + (20 x 2) + 30 + 20 = 140

  15. Jim said

    I wish to marry a girl who’s a caring, decent person, not one addicted to or an advocate of BDSM, or other perverted sexual acts.

  16. Dave said

    If it’s any consolation to you, women (or men) with sexual perversion are incapable of forming a permanent/long-term relationship. So, you might be safe!!

  17. Peter said

    To the disgraceful sex tourist’s parents: YOU failed to teach your little perverted, sexually deviant horny daughter that rough-sex has consequences!
    “Grace Millane: Backpacker’s killer takes case to Court of Appeal”

  18. Maddie said

    From ridiculously absurd to unmitigated effrontery: Grace Millane Family make news again by calling on New Zealand to ban ‘rough sex’ defence

    Once again, the wealthy parents of the British sex tourist, Grace Millane, try to compensate for their failure to teach their daughter the benefits of keeping her legs closed!!

    They are now asking the New Zealand Government to ban the “rough sex gone wrong” defence after the [Covid-19 logic] United Kingdom government had it outlawed.

    It reminds me of the case of a body piercer who was prosecuted for indecent assault in Nelson some years ago. The plaintiff had complained that he had touched her “inappropriately” while she was having her vagina pierced.

    Then again, maybe I’m a little too old-fashioned.

    What if ‘rough sex’ was to be regulated in NZ, requiring the presence of an ’emergency room nurse’???

    • Kay said

      I simply don’t understand the logic behind their call to ban the “rough sex gone wrong” defence. Is it meant to make “rough sex” safer, or more “thrilling”?

    • Ian said

      What if the young “sex tourist” had caught an incurable STD, a highly probably proposition given her numerous sexual encounters, and died on the way home. What “defence” the contemptible family would want banned?

      • Justin T said

        [Warning: Image linked to below may be unsuitable for young audiences –Moderator]

        Let me see if I got this right about Disgrace’s parents:
        They condone, or have no objection to sexual promiscuity, multiple partners, one-night stands, sex tourism, BDSM, rough sex and even fucking without condoms; however, they’re calling on New Zealand to ban ‘rough sex’ defence.

        “You want to fuck her brains out and send her into a coma, fine, just don’t use the ‘rough sex’ defence, if she ends up dead!”

        Caption: Sex, nudity and painful torture acts done at public BDSM events like the Folsom Street Fair in USA have been accused of being against the law, even when the events are promoted by the local administration and police, and all acts are done with consent.[220] Left: Demonstration of cock and ball torture on a nude man at the Folsom Street Fair. Right: Breast torture done on a nude woman at the Fair.

        Source: Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BDSM – CC BY-SA 4.0

  19. Bob said

    If the cowards had an ounce of integrity they would admit to catastrophically failing their young nymphomaniac, instead of advocating sexual promiscuity, especially ”rough sex” with a “suffocation warning label”.

  20. Dave said

    I can’t see how failed parents like the Millanes would ever call for a ban on the toxic social narratives that encourage and compel our teenagers to abuse their bodies, resulting in horrific deaths, prostitution, addiction…

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