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Gruesome Details of Grace Millane Murder

Posted by te2ataria on December 11, 2018

Grace Millane’s mutilated body carried in pieces and dumped –Informed source

We’re publishing brief details of Grace Millane’s gruesome murder, sent to us by an informed source, so that it might help the would be visitors making an informed decision before travelling to NZ.

We are advised Miss Millane was raped, decapitated and dismembered by her murderer.

The reason why police will not release the autopsy report is to prevent further international outrage over the gruesome murder, which would inevitably erode tourist numbers.







9 Responses to “Gruesome Details of Grace Millane Murder”

  1. Gorge said

    The sick, low-life, rapist, murderer couldn’t have removed Grace’s body in one piece from the murder scene, without being captured in a dozen security cameras.

  2. Ken said

    Mate, I believe your “informed source” much more than I do Kiwi cops. To me, this just the begs the question of why there was so much blood in the apartment if, as it’s been falsely alleged, the “murderer strangled her during sex”.

  3. Dan said

    I don’t have a kid. But if I were to have any, I’d teach them not to go around fucking everything that moves.
    Isn’t that called responsible parenting?

    • Tina said

      Agreed! Parenting isn’t just about providing food and clothing and keeping photo albums. Parents are ultimately responsible for the well-being of their children. Their character and conduct are deciding factors whether the traumatized body of their child end up being dissected on the autopsy bench while still in their teens, or early twenties.

  4. Jim said

    Parents are most definitely the primary source for educating kids. However, other groups, especially teachers and the media, also have important roles in the teaching and upbringing of children (and adults). They are meant to inform and inculcate the basics of self-preservation in the young ones, teaching them the perils that threaten their existence, health, morality and other human values.
    Unfortunately, as it’s so often the case, each and every one of those groups failed Grace Millane.

  5. Karl said

    Is it true they guy was being investigated for another crime?. If you are so against this governemnt, why don’t you post more details about this heinous crime? everything stays as hearsay, with no real clarity of how deep is this lie.

    • te2ataria said

      Karl said: “Is it true they guy was being investigated for another crime?”

      Can you elaborate on that?

      • Karl said

        Read on reddit that a reason why name supression was not lifted when he was convicted, was that he may be part of another crime or part of something bigger. I believe they still cannot find the second bag…IDK, maybe waiting for an appeal? maybe the guy goes scot free or 2 year sentence?

      • Karl said

        Also there is something that has not been publicly addressed: they asked the guy why he went to the viaduct using such “unusual”route….I have been looking and there is no info about they splitting up or him going to the viaduct. And for that matter why is it relevant him going to the harbor before meeting the backpacker?

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