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5,500 Foreigners Violently Killed & 35,000 Seriously Injured by NZ Tourism Machination since 2000 — Welcome to the World's Deadliest Tourist Attraction: The Final Destination!

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The Final Destination: At least three more foreigners killed in NZ since Friday

Posted by te2ataria on December 24, 2018

W A R N I N G !

Geophysical Assaults on New Zealand Loom!

At least five NZ cities/regions, including Canterbury, face existential threats in the near future, according to independent experts!

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Welcome to the World’s Deadliest Tourist Attraction —
The Final Destination

About 5,000 foreigners—overseas visitors international students, foreign workers and new immigrants—have been killed/murdered and 30,000 others seriously injured in New Zealand since January 2000. At least 98 percent of the casualties would’ve been avoidable, if NZ gave a f*ck! [Updated December, 2018]

About two-thirds of road fatalities go unreported, or unrecorded by NZ authorities to protect the cutthroat tourism and banking! [See blog entries under Ministry of Resurrection.]

See also: Police censorship produces NZ’s “lowest murder rate in decades”

NZ government (police and Ministry of Resurrection) under-report road fatalities in the same way Puerto Rican officials (US Govt) misled the world following Hurricane Maria. Death toll from the destructive storm was reported at only 64, instead of the scientifically researched total of 2,975.

At least 16 people killed, scores more seriously injured on NZ roads since Friday, but only five fatalities reported officially –police insider

At least three more foreigners have been killed in NZ since Friday!

Young Indian man killed in “Bay of Plenty of Deaths” crash

Correction: Name release – Te Puna Road fatal crash
Sunday, 23 December 2018 – 7:33pm [Bay of Plenty of Deaths]
“Earlier today [the incompetent] Police incorrectly reported that the man who died in a crash in Te Puna Road on Friday night was 31 years old.”
The Indian victim, Tarandeep Deol, was only 21 years old.

Chinese woman killed in Mount Cook crash

Name release – Mount Cook Road fatal
Sunday, 23 December 2018 – 4:41pm – Canterbury
The person who was violently killed in a crash on Mount Cook Road north of Twizel yesterday was 62-year-old Ying Han of Shanghai, China, police said.

Fifth reported fatality since Friday: One person killed in Foxton crash
Sunday, 23 December 2018 – 9:34pm – Wellington
One person was killed in crash that occurred just south of Foxton at 6:35pm on Sunday.
Police are working to identify the deceased person and locate next of kin.
Two others remain in Wellington Hospital in a critical condition.

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Killed by Drowning

Body located in search for missing swimmer
Saturday, 22 December 2018 – 12:07pm – Eastern
Police have located the body of a swimmer [believed to be an International student,] who went missing at Maraetotara Falls in Hawke’s Bay. The man’s body was recovered shortly after 9am on Saturday.
“Police are now working to formally identify the man and inform family members of his death.”

Man killed by drowning
Monday, 24 December 2018 – 5:48pm – Wellington
A man was killed in an apparent drowning near Seatoun in Wellington this afternoon, police said.

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Murder mystery: Perfidious PIGS pretend they care!

Police offering $50,000 to find the most suitable ‘usual suspect’ to pin historical murder on

Joanne Chatfield, 17, went missing in Auckland in 1988
Police are now renewing a reward of up to $50,000 for new information, first offered in 2007, presumably to find the most suitable usual suspect to pin the historical murder on.

For the latest REPORTED murders and armed robberies, search police website at http://www.police.govt.nz/

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W A R N I N G !

SEVERE Karmic Booms Striking Apartheid, Morally Repugnant NZ!
Major Disasters Loom!

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