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Man extrajudicially executed by Police in Kawerau

Posted by te2ataria on February 21, 2019

Zombie Democracy in action: Police extrajudicially execute man

Thursday, 21 February 2019 – 12:25pm [Bay of Plenty of Murders by Police]

A man was extrajudicially executed by the PIGs  in Kawerau.

“A number of investigations are now underway and Police will be at the scene for some time, with cordons and diversions in place.

“Police are in contact with the man’s family but will not be releasing any further details about the man’s identity at this early stage.

“The IPCA has been notified.” [ROFL]

Bay of Plenty [of Murders by Police] District Commander Superintendent Andy McGregor can now add another bloodied feather to his shooting cap!

[Note: PIGs = Police in Garters]

Search blog content for scores of extrajudicial executions by NZ paramilitary assassination squads!

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Just two days ago we said:

NZ police officers can rape and shoot a dozen people in the middle of Queen St., Auckland and avoid conviction…

Speeding cop whose crash seriously injured a driver avoids conviction

“A police officer has avoided conviction after driving at almost two and a half times the speed limit and seriously injuring a person in a resulting crash.”

Police officers convicted of 52 crimes in three years [represents only a small sample due to heavily censored data]

“Police officers were convicted of 52 offences over the past three years after they committed crimes ranging from speeding to drug-dealing and corruption.”

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