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Hate to think what doctors might find in her private parts–roaches planning extended family?

Posted by te2ataria on February 22, 2019

sent by a reader in the City of Volcanic Challenges [aka, “Auckland”]

Girl, with fingernails that long you can’t wipe your butt, wash your cunt, or clean your ears!

“Kiwi Barbie”, 17-year-old Eli Smit, who’s unable to use cotton buds due to her long fingernails, complained of severe pain in her ear and was taken to see a GP, who extracted two blades of grass, one measuring  3-cm long, out of her ear!

“He was really shocked by that,” Smit says. “He said that it shouldn’t have been able to grow in there. He could understand how the seed got in because it was really small – but what had grown was really big.”

The revolting photos showing barbie’s long, unhygienic fingernails, and the intimate blade of grass that was growing in her… ear are posted at Kiwi teen’s bizarre diagnosis: ‘You have a plant growing in your ear’.

What kind of flora and fauna would the doctors find in her butt and cunt, the next time she has a severe pain down there? Giant blades of grass, dozens of vaginal fauna planning an extended family, or both? [Those places are “warm, moist and dark.”]

1st Prize for Intelligent Remarks (!)

“… it’s unlikely the plant would have taken root and penetrated through the skin in Smit’s ear drum because it would have ‘become too painful'”, the unnamed Clinical Director at Starship Children’s Hospital, who is completing an MD at the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, was quoted as saying.

“warm, moist and dark”

“To begin with, an ear drum might be an ideal environment for a plant,” he surmises. “Because it’s warm, moist and dark. But the roots would not penetrate through the skin.”

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