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Police shoot to kill man; victim said to be in serious condition

Posted by te2ataria on February 27, 2019

Attempted extrajudicial execution by Christchurch police leaves victim “seriously injured”

“Please attribute to Superintended John [“bloody fingers”] Price, Canterbury District Commander

“One man has been injured in a serious incident in Christchurch this evening.

“The man, a 33-year-old Woolston resident, had been wanted by Police in relation to an earlier incident on Anzac Drive early on Saturday morning, where shots were fired at two police cars in two separate events.”

“[He allegedly] failed to stop on Breezes Road, Shirley, about 7.20pm.”

“The vehicle was spiked and came to a stop on Eveleyn Couzins Avenue, Richmond.

“The man presented a firearm [Like they do in Hollywood movies,] believed to be a shotgun [or even a walking stick pointed at police shooters and waved in anger,] and fired at Police.

“Police returned fire [but missed his chest] and the offender was shot in the lower body.”

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