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Three ways how NZ govt cooks road fatality stats

Posted by te2ataria on March 13, 2019

NZ’s three wise monkeys of the media remain blind, deaf and dumb! They see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

In NZ, about two-thirds of road fatalities go unreported, or unrecorded to protect tourism and banking

First:  NZ government (police and Ministry of Transport Resurrection) under-report road fatalities [and murders] in the same way Puerto Rican officials (US Govt) misled the world following Hurricane Maria. Death toll from the deadly storm was reported as only 64, instead of the scientifically researched total of at least 2,975.

In NZ, about two-thirds of road fatalities go unreported, or unrecorded by the authorities to protect the cutthroat tourism and banking! [See also scores of blog entries under Ministry of Resurrection.]

Proudly Killed in NZ: But how many actually killed on NZ roads this year so far?

Based on insider information, statistical models and local news, we believe about 900 people were killed and more than 18,000 others injured on NZ’s suicide roads in 2018; however, only 382 fatalities were reported by police last year. [See blog content.]

In 2019 so far:

  • Actual road toll for the year so far: 216 deaths [Based on the blog’s advance statistical models and backed by other references – margin of error: ±3 per cent.]
  • No. of fatalities reported by police: ONLY 145 [Includes unpublished police data for two regions provided by an insider.]
  • Official No. of crash victims: ONLY 69 68 as of Tuesday, March 12, 2019 [UPDATED]
  • Confirmed total of the road dead statistically resurrected by Ministry of Transport: 145 – 68 = 77 [using police unpublished data available to the blog.]

Second: Statistical Resurrection

But it doesn’t end there! The Ministry of Transport routinely resurrects the road fatality victims, statistically, to reduce the death toll.

Here’s the latest example of “miracle” in action: The reported road fatality goes down (not up) from Monday (Mar 11) to Tuesday (Mar 12)

Only 69 killed: MoT road fatality data for March 11, 2019.

Then one victim was resurrected the next day!

Only 68 killed: MoT road fatality data for March 12, 2019. Note: one “lucky” pedestrian was resurrected since the previous day.

NZ road deaths: Govt statistically resurrecting victims at record pace

Monitor the Ministry of Resurrection’s road fatality updates and calculate the number of resurrections daily at https://www.transport.govt.nz AND https://www.transport.govt.nz/mot-resources/road-safety-resources/road-deaths/

NZ Police Watch: Censorship breaking all time records!

“Not to exceed 260”: Police ordered to further tightening 2019 road fatality reports

Third: Reporting road fatalities as “serious/critical injuries”

NZ police are seriously manipulating the outcome of road crashes [the tiny fraction that’s publicly reported.] Since January 2019, about 9 out of every 10 collisions including fatal crashes have been reported as “serious/critical injuries” with no updates made available in majority of incidents.

Go figure, as our American cousins would say!

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