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Not for Your Protection: GCSB, NZSIS, NAB, PM & Beehive, NZDF, DDIS, Police, TAU, PTIIG, SIG…

Posted by te2ataria on March 20, 2019

A powerful coalition of white supremacists, dispensationalists and other fundamental Christian groups [and their wealthy paymasters,] whose divine mission (sic) is to “purify” what is already a showcase for deadly racism, are aided in their atrocities by the zombie government, racist judiciary and the mercenary, paramilitary police in apartheid New Zealand. What chance do the “colored” minorities stand?


Sent by a reader in Disaster City Zero [aka, “Auckland”]

Clearly, none of the agencies and organizations listed above meant to protect ordinary people!

Once again the above-listed organizations, comprising the so-called “New Zealand Intelligence Community,” PM and politicians, military and “Military Intelligence,” police and law enforcement… have clearly demonstrated that they were not set up for the purpose of protecting ordinary people.

[Far from it! In fact, some, most or all of the above may have been involved, one way or another, in making the terrorist attacks happen. DH]

[Strong language removed. Moderator DH]

Call it what you like, farce, conspiracy…

But the fact remains that none of the above agencies are there to protect the ordinary people, even though we pay their wages.

[Strong language removed. Moderator DH]

The average terrorist can pack half a dozen lethal weapons, walk into the average community, murder, maim or injure 100 people.

[Strong language removed. Moderator DH]

So what’s the point of paying hundreds of millions of dollars to maintain the GCSB, NZSIS, NAB, PM & Beehive, NZDF, DDIS, Police and Law Enforcement, TAU, PTIIG, SIG and all other alphabet soup of agencies and organizations whose primary, secondary, or even tertiary purpose is most certainly not to protect the ordinary people?

[Strong language removed. Moderator DH]

Bitching and Two-Minute Silence

[Strong language removed. Moderator DH]

And all the Prime Minister from Hell, Jacinda Ardern, could do was bitching with the terrorist and declaring a two-minute silence!

[Strong language removed. Moderator DH]

Our WARNINGS Never Reached the Intended Audience 

NOTE: For more than a decade, the moderators have been trying to warn the refugees, migrants, tourists, students and all other “coloured” people, who mistakenly choose NZ as a safe haven, that this apartheid country is totally unsafe, dangerous and deadly for non-whites! [Search blog content for many dozens of related posts.]

However, the victims have been prevented from receiving the messages and warnings because the blog has been filtered, blocked and otherwise censored by the axis of evil:

–  The establishment and governments of NZ, Australia, UK, Canada, India, China, Japan, Korea…
–  Various multinational corporations with financial interests in NZ including banks, airlines, tourism…
–  The Cyber Mafia: Google [Alphabet Inc.,] Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Duckduckgo, WordPress…


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