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The Final Destination: Two Russians killed in NZ within 3 weeks

Posted by te2ataria on April 21, 2019

Unidentified Russian hiker killed in Arthur’s Pass

An unidentified Russian visitor was reportedly killed on a “difficult and dangerous” ridge in the notorious Arthur’s Pass, one of NZ’s top ten tourist deathtraps.

The victim’s body was found last Sunday morning (April 14) about 2 kilometres north of Crow Hut.

Police said they haven’t been able to contact his family.


Russian man killed during standoff with police

Blog moderators believe the victim was fatally shot by the NZ police assassination squad [aka, “Armed Offenders Squad”.] However, police want you to believe he committed suicide [presumably, with an imitation pistol!!!]

“Troy Dubovskiy, 54, [aka, Artemiy Dubovsky​,] who once served in the Russian army, died early Wednesday morning during a three-hour standoff with police after officers searched his Christchurch home on Tuesday.

“Police Commissioner Mike [frigging] Bush told media police found a number of [imitation] firearms at the property and Dubovskiy, who was later located in the Richmond Park area [Christchurch] about 12.30am on Wednesday when his vehicle was stopped.

“The Police Negotiation Team spoke with the man over a number of hours. The police helicopter and Armed Offenders Squad were in support during the negotiations.

“At around 3.40am police approached the vehicle and discovered the man critically injured,” Bush was reported as saying.

“pretty soon he will get shot by the police” –victim’s lawyer

In December 1999, Dubovskiy was jailed for six months for possessing two imitation pistols, driving while disqualified, and assaulting a police officer. He told police he found the guns in Hagley Park. At the police station he grabbed and tried to choke a constable.

Counsel Michael Knowles told the court at the time Dubovskiy was more a danger to himself than anyone else, because “pretty soon he will get shot by the police”.

Dubovskiy was dressing in military garb and carrying imitation firearms, usually made of plastic. He was often in a vehicle when he was in such clothing.

Judge David Holderness said Dubovskiy was becoming a problem for the Christchurch community, particularly in relation to carrying and allegedly presenting imitation pistols.

As he left the dock after sentencing, Dubovskiy said: “Let me go home. I want to go back to my country.”

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