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Police have “systemic policy issue”: Their head permanently stuck up their rear!

Posted by te2ataria on May 6, 2019

Sent by a reader in NZ Poolice City [work this one out for yourselves. –Moderator]

A journey Inside NZ police’s tiny heads:

“Road Rage? Rape? Murder?
Huh…! We lack the competence to even
deal with serious issues!”

A woman who was the victim of a road rage incident says she has “lost faith” in police after they failed to investigate her complaint, despite eye-witness account.

Police Slam Bam Authority (PSBA) said “inquiry into her case has exposed a ‘systemic policy issue’ [which they were previously unaware of – they actually said that!?] in which Canterbury police routinely closed cases because their heads were stuck up their backsides.

“In short, police had an Early Case Closure (ECC) Policy wherein staff were directed to close certain cases without further investigation which did not fall within their priority focus area,” a senior IPCA case resolution officer told the victim in an email.

“The purpose of this policy was reportedly to alleviate the caseload of investigators so that they could focus on investigating those crimes designated a priority for the district.”

It was either that, or they’d have to bin three times as many unsolved murder, rape… cases, the officer seems to have implied.

Weekend “Road Murders”

19 fatalities; only 6 reported by police!

NZ Road Fatalities Stats 2019 (YTD)

THANKS TO MAJOR CENSORSHIP CAMPAIGNS CONDUCTED BY NZ GOVT., more than two-thirds of road fatalities go unreported by authorities to prevent spread of bad reputation as the world’s deadliest tourist deathtrap, thereby protecting the cutthroat NZ tourism and banking! [Search blog for additional information.]

Learning from the U.S. govt.:

NZ government (police and Ministry of Resurrection) under-report road fatalities and murders in the same way Puerto Rican officials (US Govt) misled the world following Hurricane Maria. Death toll from the deadly storm was reported as only 64, instead of the scientifically researched total of at least 2,975.

In deadly racist NZ, about two-thirds of road fatalities go unreported, or unrecorded! [See blog entries under Ministry of Resurrection.]

NZ Police and Ministry of Resurrection Watch

Proudly Killed in NZ: But How Many have actually perished on NZ roads this year so far?

As of yesterday (May 5, 2019), at least 412 people have been killed and more than 900 others critically/seriously injured on NZ roads, according to the blog’s advanced statistical models that are backed by multiple resources [Margin of error: ±3 per cent.]

  • Actual road toll for 2019 YTD: 412 [Based on the blog’s advanced statistical models and backed by other resources – margin of error: ±3 per cent.]
  • No. of fatalities reported by police: ONLY 327 [Includes classified data for two regions provided to us by police insiders.]
  • Official No. of crash victim: Only145 listed by Ministry of Transport (MoT).
  • No. of the dead known to have been statistically resurrected by MoT: 327–145=182
MOT road death 5 May 2019

Source: Ministry of Resurrection {aka, “Ministry of Transport”.


Monitor the Ministry of Resurrection’s road fatality updates and calculate the number of resurrections at https://www.transport.govt.nz

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