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Go scratchin’, this is New Zealand!

Posted by te2ataria on May 12, 2019

Gayford forgot to ask Chastity Jacinda’s parents if he could knock her up

Now he’s asking them if he could marry her!!!

WTF: This is how we do things in this country; no one ever taught us any better.

Chastity Jacinda has revealed that her sex partner and presumed father of their illegitimate child, Clarke Gayford, asked both her parents for permission to marry her, said a report.

When asked by a radio host about her engagement, and whether Clarke had asked her dad and if he was traditional, Ardern said she “asked the same question”

Earlier this week, Ardern revealed that she was “surprised” when Gayford asked to marry her.

“I was surprised by the question,” Ardern said of the Easter engagement, and said she had “absolutely no idea” when the pair would get married.

Our questions:

  • Was Gayford taking the piss by asking Ardern’s parents for permission to marry?

  • Did Chastity’s father felt “cuckolded”?

2 Responses to “Go scratchin’, this is New Zealand!”

  1. Mike said

    He’s been double-zombified!

  2. AJ said

    … and vagina struck!

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