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UPDATE – Health Warning: Potentially fatal vitamins and supplements

Posted by te2ataria on May 16, 2019

UPDATE – Health Warning: Potentially Fatal Vitamins and Mineral Supplements

UPDATE – Vitamins and mineral supplements containing unnamed or undeclared substances and sourced from multiple suppliers could cause serious harm, or fatality

Blog Moderators were informed by a scientist [details withheld, under strict conditions of anonymity] that several vitamins and mineral supplements produced by multiple suppliers contain unnamed or undeclared substances that could be harmful to human health, even fatal, if ingested.


1. The Blog has verified credentials of the informant and established their professionalism and integrity to be impeccable.

2. Two knowledgeable sources contacted by the Moderators refused to express opinion, due to sensitivity of the issues raised.

3. Additional update(s) would be posted, if necessary.

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