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TERROR WARNING: UK terrorist-in-waiting could be the next mass murderer!

Posted by te2ataria on June 8, 2019

When will the deranged terrorist-in-waiting who sent a veiled death threat to blog moderators carry out the next mass murder somewhere in the UK, NZ, Australia… ?

The latest veiled death threat comes from the UK:

“Maybe [the blog moderators] will die in some horrible accident like the other foreigners did !😂😂”

The veiled death threat arrived overnight via Vodafone, apparently from the UK.

The threat makes reference to the Christchurch terror attacks that saw at least 51 “foreigners” murdered and as many victims maimed/ injured.

The deranged terrorist-in-waiting uses the name “Simon Greenwood”, which is most probably not his real name.

The syntax and wording of the death threat suggest the aspiring terrorist is a non-native English speaker. He appears to be an intellectually and emotionally challenged individual, with significant mental disabilities that have led to his psychopathic behaviour.

The veiled death threat:

Simon Greenwood
This website is hilarious.
Can’t even spell Zealand ! Love it
Very keen to know the name of the owner of the website.
Maybe he/ she will die in some horrible accident like
the other foreigners did ! 😂😂


When will the deranged terrorist-in-waiting carry out the next mass murder somewhere in the UK, NZ, Australia…?

We’ll see!

We’ve traced the message as follows:

Simon Greenwood [Most probably an assumed identity]


IP lookup information for

Lookup results of the search for IP address
IP address located in United Kingdom.

The organisation associated with the IP address: is Vodafone.

City: London
Country: United Kingdom (GB) (99% confidence)

ISP: Vodafone
Organization: Vodafone
User type: cellular
Autonomous system number: (ASN)25135
Autonomous system organization: Vodafone Limited
Address: 168 Lambeth Palace Rd, South Bank, London SE1 7JU, United Kingdom

[Note: Photos of a two-bed apartment located at the above address is posted at


The photos were taken by Igor Lychman / Alamy Stock Photo]

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