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StarShip Earth Meditative Vigil #6 [Globally Synchronized]

Posted by te2ataria on June 18, 2019

StarShip Earth Meditative Vigil — [06:00 UTC on Thursday June 20, 2019]

StarShip Earth Meditative Vigil #6 [Globally Synchronized]

The Vigil organizers together with their colleagues and friends throughout the world will be holding a synchronized meditative vigil at 06:00UTC (6:00pm NZST) onThursday June 20, and thereafter on the 20th of each month throughout 2019.

  • Plug into the awesome cosmic forces that ensure your existence despite the incredibly long odds, and let your innermost feelings be known!

Witness with your mind’s eye the wanton destruction of Starship Earth as being perpetrated by the eco-terrorists and their enablers, and let the overwhelming feeling of agony, sorrows and pains arising from the enormous loss touch your inner world. . .

We intend to project onto the terrorists—the super-wealthy class, their puppet governments, all other enablers, and members of their families—the pain and suffering caused by the ongoing ecological holocaust, militarism and the war economy, poverty and inequality, racism and social exclusion…

  • Starting at at 06:00UTC (18:00pm NZST) on Thursday June 20, the vigil will last for 15 minutes.


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