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Hundreds, probably thousands of foreign students are raped in NZ

Posted by te2ataria on June 23, 2019

But only a tiny fraction of the NZ rapists ever receive punishment

Hundreds, probably thousands of international students, mostly young Asians — Chinese, Filipina, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Thai… — are raped in New Zealand, with very few of the rapists ever brought to justice.

Regularly, vulnerable foreign students, speaking very little or no English, spend tens of thousands of dollars to study in New Zealand, but instead experience life-changing traumas.

Many of the victims are too embarrassed to report the rape, while police intimidate many others not to pursue complaints.

[Would you send your children to study in a country where foreign students are frequently in the news for being raped?]

The following is a rare example, with the evil rapist, himself a foreigner, made to face the consequences:

‘Rapist loses appeal against deportation to Philippines’

Narciso Jimenez, 43, from the Philippines, was jailed for more than seven years for multiple rapes and sexual assaults.

Jimenez raped a 20-year-old [Japanese] student in 2016, while his wife and three children slept in the room next door..

The rapist, who became a New Zealand resident in 2008, will be deported at the end of his jail sentence.

“There was a breach of trust, you were her homestay father, she was entitled to expect that you would not sexually assault her in the way that you did and that you would protect her,” the judge said.

“There were a number of assaults … over a period of three days. Unprotected sexual intercourse, other violations and indecent assaults.”

Unfortunately, he gets to keep his penis, instead of being castrated.

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What if we castrated the rapists, starting with, say, Rotorua?

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