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Demanding Answers: How many killed in Arthur’s Pass 70m “horror plunge” 2013

Posted by te2ataria on July 9, 2019

Sent by a reader in Eruption City

How many really killed, who were they?

Here’s what’s alleged to have happened, according to various media citing police reports:

  • September 1, 2013. A group of young people, aged 16 to 22, were driving to Christchurch when their van plunged more than 70 metres down a cliff in the central South Island yesterday, killing [only] one of the six occupants.

Five people survived the crash! Really?

A 70m plunge down a cliff is a survivable crash??? One woman was killed and the five other occupants injured when their van crashed in Arthur’s Pass. Photo credit: STACY SQUIRES/Fairfax NZ

  • Their van rolled down a steep bank before coming to rest on the railway track off State Highway 73, the West Coast Rd, between the township of Cass and Bealey Spur.
  • A Canterbury District Health Board spokeswoman said a female and male were in critical condition in the intensive care unit, while two males and a female were in a stable condition in Christchurch Hospital’s emergency department.”

However, others reported the casualties differently:

  • The Sunday Star-Times was told by police that a female teenager had been killed while, “two males are critically ill in Christchurch Hospital, and the three remaining occupants – one male and two female were also last night being treated there and were in stable conditions.”

The Otago Daily Times dated the fatal incident October 2, 2013, 31 days later! [AMF]

Regardless of their gender, the two people who sustained critical injuries [and the remaining three who presumably sustained survivable injuries] were never identified and have since vanished without a trace!

Further, their identities were never released [to the best of our knowledge.]

We demand to know who the five “injured” were and what happened to them!

“The teenager who died after the van she was travelling in plunged down a bluff on a South Island alpine highway on Saturday was a young mum.

Faith Maree Wood, 18, of Christchurch, was a passenger in a van which tumbled 60 metres off State Highway 73 onto railway tracks near Arthur’s Pass about 6am.”

Ms Wood was the first of two women killed in separate crashes on the same alpine highway yesterday [Sep 1, 2013.]

Tracy Ann Shipston, 39, also of Christchurch, was violently killed when her vehicle struck a tour bus head-on near Porters Pass in the foothills of the Southern Alps about 5.30pm.

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