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Negligent homicide: Body of killed sky diver Tyler Nii conveniently ‘missing’ to prevent prosecution in the US

Posted by te2ataria on July 31, 2019

Welcome to the World’s Deadliest Tourist Attraction —
The Final Destination

W A R N I N G!

Transporting your body back to your country would cost about $20,000 – money your family have to find quickly. [The tragic irony is noted. Moderator]

Three foreigners are killed/murdered in New Zealand on average every four days.

We’re an alethophobic nation of cheats, liars, fraudsters . . . [and many rapists and murderers, too!] If you want to know who or what we’re really like, watch the movie Jamaica Inn. We’re the shipwreckers!

See also: Police censorship produces NZ’s “lowest murder rate in decades”

No one will be held accountable for negligent homicide of Tyler Nii

Tyler Nii, a young tourist from California went tandem sky diving in Queenstown on his second day in NZ, crash landed in Lake Wakatipu and simply vanished.

RIP. Tyler Nii, 27, yet another victim of negligent homicide in NZ. His body conveniently missing to prevent private prosecution. He had his whole life ahead of him and the negligently homicidal bastards took it away! Photo supplied by Nii family/ via Stuff NZ.

The victim’s family say the Civil [Criminal] Aviation Authority (CAA), and by extension the New Zealand Government, couldn’t care less about what happened to Tyler. [And in our experience they’re absolutely right.]

“They were really difficult to work with. I felt they purposely were being very obtuse to us, very rude … it was like they wanted to keep us in the dark.”

“My parents have had a really difficult time with it. I’m not doing any better. I’ve got a job and two kids but it’s difficult getting by with the trauma of losing my brother … We used to see each other every day.” Kevin Nii, the victim’s brother.

We’ve considered suing the life jacket company in the United States, Kevin Nii said.

“But we can’t do that unless they recover the body and the life jacket. Everybody we talk to says there’s nothing we can do.”

In another kick, it appears any compensation will be minimal, despite promises from various organisations after Tyler’s death. The family are not considered victims of crime for the sake of the Victims Compensation Fund because no-one has been prosecuted and any possible payout from ACC appears to be small.

“Obviously nobody went into this expecting to be compensated but this is adding more insult to injury.

“I can understand the Government not wanting to give us money but it’s really frustrating that they’re actively trying to screw us over. The fact that we can’t sue anybody is really difficult.”

ONLY Death is Democratic in NZ!

At least 5,000 foreigners—overseas visitors international students, foreign workers and new immigrants from more than 60 countries—have been killed/murdered and 30,000 others seriously injured in New Zealand since January 2000. At least 98 percent of the casualties would’ve been avoidable, if the ultra-racist, white supremacist slaughterhouse gave a f*ck. [Updated January 2019]


NZ government had more than a decade to prevent the racist mosque massacres in NZ. And they failed.

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