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Another pedestrian murdered as a result of police chase

Posted by te2ataria on August 7, 2019

NZ police pursuits are premeditated acts of murder

Many police chases end with innocent bystanders and fleeing drivers being killed

NZ police murder many “fleeing drivers” each year by ramming the pursued cars off the road. But the carnage doesn’t end there.

They are also complicit in the murder of many innocent bystanders who are killed during and because of the pursuits.

When police initiate the pursuits, often involving criminals, irrational individuals or inexperienced teens, most of whom invariably drive under the influence, they do so knowing that more than 80 percent of the chases would end in fatalities.

Definition of Murder

Under the New Zealand law (misused and misapplied by the corrupt and criminally incompetent judiciary and police), there are two main categories of culpable homicide (the illegal killing of one person by another) – murder and manslaughter.  Murder is when one person kills another deliberately or while acting recklessly, knowing that death is likely. Manslaughter generally refers to accidental homicide arising from an unlawful act or failure to act, where death could not reasonably be expected.

UPDATE: Incident in New Brighton
Wednesday, 7 August 2019 – 3:41pm  – Canterbury

“Attribute to Acting Canterbury District Commander Mike Johnson [If he were a conscientious person, he’d never be able to sleep at night!]

“Shortly before 2pm a vehicle of interest failed to stop for Police in New Brighton and a pursuit was initiated.

[Here comes the line which proves everything else the pathologically perfidious police say is pure fiction!]

“The pursuit was abandoned due to the manner of driving and the vehicle located soon after.

“Two of the three people from the vehicle were arrested without incident.

“Shortly afterwards the third occupant stole a nearby vehicle and rammed a Police dog van.

“Soon after the stolen vehicle collided with a pedestrian at the intersection of Hawke Street and Shaw Avenue, New Brighton.”  […]

As a result of the collision a male pedestrian was killed!

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kiwi of the week: “devoted grandmother” from hell

Fucked-in-the head judge spares life jail term for Whanganui ‘Nan’who murdered granddaughter

The evil ‘Nan’ Lorraine Smith lured her 13-year-old granddaughter Kalis Manaia Smith, into a sleepout and strangled her with a necktie.

Damaged brain Justice Francis Cooke

Smith, 59, was today sentenced to 12 years in prison with a minimum period of six years for  murdering 13-year-old Kalis Manaia Smith with a tie. [The murder victim will not be “released” in 6, 60, or 6,000 years!]

During the sentencing in the High Court at Wellington, Justice Francis “Shallow Brain” Cooke said “he believed it would be manifestly unjust for Smith to receive a life sentence, saying she had given her life to care for others at the expense of her own mental health.” [Ten to one the horrible cunt  will murder another one of the people in her care the moment she’s been let out of prison!]


“Devoted Grandmother” from Hell. Lorraine Smith used a necktie to strangle 13-year-old Kalis Manaia Smith. Photo / NZME/ via NZ Herald

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Racist Slut of the Week: Margaret Murray-Benge

Racist undertones in submissions on prospect of stolen land being returned to Maori

Racist officials should be smacked hard in the mouth, kicked out of public office and deported back to  where they came from!

“A regional councillor and mayoral candidate trying to block land being returned to Māori to right an historic injustice says if the transfer goes through Māori couldn’t be trusted not to “demand every piece of land” in her city.” [Well, guess what!?]

Western Bay of Plenty racist Councillor Margaret Murray-Benge (known to her johns as Mrs West) the sex partner of former ACT and National Party leader Don Brash, outside the Elms, which she says shouldn’t be returned to Māori. Photo: MATT SHAND/STUFF

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One Response to “Another pedestrian murdered as a result of police chase”

  1. Clara said

    Police issue a Trump-style statement to whitewash their role in the killing of New Brighton pedestrian.

    Statement regarding media report on New Brighton incident
    Friday, 9 August 2019 – 8:27pm

    Police strongly refutes a media report tonight regarding allegations that Police caused the crash that killed a pedestrian in an incident in New Brighton on Wednesday.

    A marked police car did impact with the stolen vehicle, however this occurred immediately after the van was stolen and a significant distance from where the man was hit and killed.


    Issued by Police Media Centre

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