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Beyond phenomenal police incompetence award – August 2019

Posted by te2ataria on August 15, 2019

Dickhead police unit of the month:  Southern District police

Southern District Commander Superintendent Paul Basham and his farcical unit will proudly receive this month’s organic cow dung biscuits for exhibiting beyond phenomenal incompetence…

Gladly Attributed to Southern District Commander Superintendent Paul Basham:

“Police are seeking 24-year-old Hori Gemmell of the Clutha District in relation to the serious incident in Gore overnight.

“Gemmell has an existing warrant to arrest issued by Gore District Court last month.

“We have reason to believe he may be connected to the incident and would like to locate and speak with him as soon as possible.

“Police attempted to stop a vehicle in the Crewe Road area of Gore shortly before midnight.

“The driver rammed the patrol car before fleeing on foot with Police chasing, also on foot.

“The man has then circled back around, stolen the patrol vehicle, which had the keys left in it, and rammed another Police car before abandoning the vehicle a short while later.”

Firearms “collection” event…!!!

Two Police-issued Glock pistols were also stolen by the fugitive.

“Hori Gemmell is considered dangerous and should not be approached.” [No shit!]

Fugitive criminal Hori Gemmell, 24, outwitted Southern District police, stealing two Police-issued Glock pistols and a police patrol car, while damaging two other police vehicles. Photo: NZ police

Love for Maori!!!

Gemmell’s parents love Maori so much they called their illegitimate kid “Hori”. “The term Hori is an offensive derogatory term for a person of Māori descent. The term comes from a transliteration of the English name George, which was very popular during the early years of European colonisation of New Zealand. By means of synecdoche, the term came to be ascribed firstly to any unknown male Māori, and then as a negative epithet to all male Māori.”

“If you see anyone suspicious or have any information that may assist Police, please immediately contact 111, Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, or Gore Police Station on (03) 203 9300.”

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