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Police execute ‘fleeing driver’

Posted by te2ataria on September 1, 2019

Driver executed by police, passenger sustains critical injuries in murderous police chase

Sunday, 1 September 2019 – 8:39am
Bay of Plenty [of Extrajudicial Executions]

Police have executed yet another “fleeing driver” in their latest murderous pursuit.

The 27-year-old male driver was violently killed, and a passenger sustained critical injuries after police cars shunted the pursued  vehicle off the road and into a large tree.

Another passenger has sustained “minor injuries”, Bay of Plenty Road Policing Manager said.

It’s the NZ police policy to violently stop their preys, especially the “fleeing drivers”, at any cost and regardless of the invariably fatal consequences.

Accordingly, 100 per cent of police pursuits end in one or more fatalities and/or critical/serious injuries and/or damage to property, especially to police vehicles.

Police’s standard BS, the absurd sound bite whitewashing the  extrajudicial executions:

About 11pm yesterday a pursuit was initiated when the driver of a Mazda Familia vehicle failed to stop for Police in Whakatane.

Within one minute, officers in pursuit determined the vehicle’s excessive speed posed too great a risk to its occupants and the public and abandoned the pursuit.

Approximately four minutes later Police located the vehicle on Taneatua Road, about 6.5km south of the point of abandonment.

Initial enquiries indicate the vehicle lost control on a sweeping righthand bend, left the road at speed, become[sic] airborne and struck a large [yenta] tree.

[NOTE: the first version of police’s fake and fallacious report was quickly removed from their website. Moderator]

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