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12 Asian tourists killed or seriously injured in Rotorua bus crash

Posted by te2ataria on September 4, 2019


Police statement: Five Chinese nationals were killed after a tourist bus rolled in bad weather earlier today on State Highway 5 at Ngātira, near Rotorua.

Two other people were seriously injured, and a further four received moderate injuries. The remainder were injured to a lesser extent or were able to walk away from the scene.

Inspector Brent Crowe told reporters this afternoon that 27 people were on the bus.


One of the six Chinese tourists killed earlier today has apparently been resurrected already.


“Chinese officials say they’ve been told six tourists were killed, although police have yet to confirm a number.” AP reported

“Liang Zhi, a diplomat from the Chinese Embassy in New Zealand, told The Associated Press that they understand the bus was carrying the driver, a tour guide, and 23 tourists, most of them from the Sichuan province.”


Awaiting official confirmation

Multiple road fatalities always happen during aggressive police censorship campaigns!

A tourist bus containing Asian tourists has rolled on State Highway 5, Ngātira, west of Rotorua, causing multiple fatalities and serious injuries.

At lease 12 people have been killed or seriously injured, according to reports received by the blog.

Five helicopters, three ambulances and a St John manager have been sent to the scene of carnage.

More details later!

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