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Corrupt politicians, senior govt employees immune to prosecution

Posted by te2ataria on September 15, 2019

Foreword: Screw us once, shame on you; screw us twice, shame on our corrupt, criminal successive governments!

Sent by readers in Sodom and Gomorrah [aka, “Auckland”, and “Christchurch”]

How to “Anal-yze” New Zealanders with Absolute Impunity: Stealing from taxpayers

Having been anally violated (sodomized) repeatedly by the queer predator Peter Thiel and the likes, you would’ve thought the government and its senior employees learned to avoid having showers (or at least not to drop the soap) with the Silicon Valley Queers Mafiosi.

Millions more poured into transport project after US partner dropped

“A high-tech transport project that ran into problems with its Silicon Valley partner has already cost the government more than $5 million, but another $19m will be put into it.”

Taxpayers hit from govt partnership with US videogame maker Machine Zone

“A government partnership with an American video game maker has burnt the New Zealand taxpayer.

“The [utterly corrupt and criminally liable] Transport Agency has [again] sunk public money into a partnership with Silicon Valley company Machine Zone…”

Silicon Valley company tested cameras on Auckland highway

“Links between Machine Zone and the public sector stretching back three years are gradually coming to light via Official Information Act requests to the Transport Agency.

“These show its multimillion-dollar contracts went beyond data processing for the agency’s experiments with transportation apps in Queenstown and Auckland – since dropped – and into CCTV cameras and GPS trackers, raising questions about privacy, data security and cost.”

Bridges defends transport initiative after failed tech partnership

“The [utterly corrupt and criminally liable] National Party leader has defended the running of a mobility project he claimed would revolutionise transport.”

One Response to “Corrupt politicians, senior govt employees immune to prosecution”

  1. Blasphemous said

    Clearly, the Israeli influence is kosher and does NOT count!

    “How vulnerable is our democracy to foreign interference?”
    “Ross, who was closely involved in party fundraising while a National MP, has been a mine of information on this stuff. Last October, he accused National leader Simon Bridges of “unlawful activity”, later claiming a $100,000 donation from Chinese businessman Zhang Yikun had been artificially split up at Bridges’ request. The Serious Fraud Office is looking into the claims, which are strongly denied by Bridges and party officials.”

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