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Death of Aussie student classified as state secret by NZ police!?

Posted by te2ataria on October 3, 2019

The unworthy NZ police caught with their pants down again!

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to fathom the depth of deception, depravity and extent of coverup by government, police, academia… in New Zealand.

Come study in NZ: We take good care of our students –UC  [Part II c/o Victoria Uni]

It took only 3 days to discover the decomposing body of our Aussie student  –Victoria University

Victoria University student dead for three days before he was found

“Another case of a student’s body remaining unnoticed at a university hall has emerged, this time in Wellington,” a report said.

The Australian student, aged in his 30s, reportedly died in Victoria University’s Education House in Willis St in January 2018.

However, his body was not found for at least three days. And then the authorities suppressed news of the death.

“Details of the death have emerged following the death of Mason Pendrous, a 19-year-old student whose decomposing body wasn’t discovered for nearly eight weeks in a hall run by Campus Living Villages (CLV) at the University of Canterbury.”

The victim’s name has not been released.


A reader just emailed us to say the death had occurred right under the nose of Victoria University lecturer Dr Chris Bowden who was interviewing “men from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds aged between 17 and 25. Some had lost two friends to suicide within weeks.”

What happened to Victoria University student Daniel Hansman?

Victoria University student Daniel Hansman, 19, was found dead in Wellington Harbour on 17 August 2006, a week after he went missing.

“Mr Hansman’s body was recovered from Wellington Harbour yesterday morning, a week after he had gone missing while socialising around bars in Courtenay Place.”

As usual… there was “nothing suspicious in the death of [Mr Hansman]”, police said.

What are the probabilities some of the dozens of international students who allegedly took their own lives in Australia were actually murdered by white supremacist students, gangs…?

In addition to the death of the Chinese International student Zhikai Liu, who had travelled more than 9,000 kilometres to study at the University of Melbourne, “the Coroners Prevention Unit unearthed another 43 suicide deaths involving foreign citizens thought to be studying in Victoria, or having recently finished their studies, between 2009 and 2015.”

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