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Poweball is rigged: “Follow the money!”

Posted by te2ataria on October 18, 2019


Truth about Powerball: Readers discuss the scam

In reply to POWL, Jack P. said:

Please remove my earlier submission, which I’ve now updated.

Here is a simplified model for NZ Powerball:
Winning combinations are generated with improbable odds and at highly improbable frequency:
– The odds of winning the jackpot (six Lotto numbers from 1 to 40 + powerball) are 1 in 38,383,800 (one in 38.4 million).
– The odds that each draw produces a winner with only 1.7 million tickets (4 lines each) sold is about 1.7*4/38.4 or 1 in 5.64 . [The probability of two jackpots being won with the same improbable odds are 1/5.64 x 1/5.64]
– Some 14 winning combination have resulted from 82 draws, so far this year. The odds of that happening are about 1 in 5,691,948,389 (5.69E09) or 1 in 5.7 billion.

I conclude the system is rigged to produce “easy” wins. For additional answers, follow the money: Assuming at least some of the winners are not part of the scam, where exactly do the considerable proceeds from ticket sales go?

Ps. I have submitted the model to my math professor for verification and validation by simulation on a supercomputer.

POWL had commented earlier:

The Jackpot rollover prize ceiling of $50million is designed to deter syndicate players, because the cost of buying 38,383,800 tickets (each at $1.50) to guarantee a win is $57,575,700.
What are the odds the jackpot could be won 14 times, so far this year. Can anyone provide an estimate?

Lotto’s $38 million Powerball prize: Ticket sales continue to skyrocket as jackpot swells
(14 Oct, 2019)
More than 1.7 million Lotto tickets are expected to be sold for a chance to claim Wednesday night’s mammoth $38m Powerball draw.
There were around 1.6m ticket sales for Saturday’s unclaimed $32m draw, the equivalent of each Aucklander buying one ticket.
Record number of tickets expected to be sold for $44 million Lotto prize (9 Nov, 2016 7)
More than two million Lotto tickets are expected to sell for tonight’s record $44 million must-be-won Powerball draw.

Powerball First Division wins in 2019 so far

Date Prize Store & Location
2 January $22.3 million Inglewood Bookcentre Taranaki
26 January $10 million Feilding Video Centre Feilding
9 February $8 million MyLotto Auckland
16 February $5.5 million MyLotto Christchurch
13 March $11 million Unichem Stortford Lodge Hastings
17 April $16.2 million MyLotto Auckland
24 April $5.3 million MyLotto Auckland
1 May $5.5 million Taipa Foodmarket Taipa
22 May $9.2 million MyLotto Auckland
16 June $10.2 million Whitcoulls The Base Hamilton
20 July $16.5 million Woodys Winners Wellsford
17 August $12.2 million MyLotto Auckland
16 October $38 million (two winners) MyLotto Auckland

• •

Wouldn’t you want to see proof of exactly how much of the revenue from sales of Powerball, Lotto, and other related games is distributed by the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board as funding for recreation, arts, community projects and sports?

Don’t be a sucker!  Call for a public audit of NZ Lotto and Powerball!

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