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Kiwis even dumber than Aussies?

Posted by te2ataria on November 19, 2019

Sent by a reader who’s spent a half of his life in OZ and the other half in NZ

Basic maths, geography, history?
Hell, no! We just shear and shag!!

“A representative survey of 1000 voting-age New Zealanders, unveiled some concerning knowledge gaps in areas like basic maths, geography, and New Zealand and world history,” a report said.

The phone survey, conducted by Curia Market Research, targeted a representative sample of 1000 people aged 18 or older.

The New Zealand Initiative survey “Ignorance is not bliss: Why knowledge matters (and why we may not have enough of it),” testing Kiwis’ general knowledge, contacted the representative sample on a landline or mobile phone in May and June.

The survey revealed serious gaps in Kiwis’ general knowledge:

  • About half the respondents had no idea how long it took for the Earth to orbit the sun.
  • A third of people thought antibiotics killed viruses as well as bacteria.
  • One in three people thought dinosaurs and humans co-existed. [Never underestimate the power of fundamentalism!!]
  • About 10 per cent thought former British prime minister and war criminal Winston Churchill, who has been elevated to deity status, was a fictional character. [We wonder what percentage of the people would think he was a war hero!?]
  • One in five people did not know the capital of Australia. [That’s about the same number as the percentage of Aussies who have no idea about the capital.]

More than half the NZ population “cannot calculate a simple percentage increase, and only just over a third understand compound interest,” author Briar Lipson remarked.

“How can we have a debate on issues such as vaccinations, climate change and GM crops if even such basic knowledge is not present?” And what about “financial literacy… mastering everyday tasks. Try baking a cake, calculating calories or measuring out medicine doses without basic maths.”

Here’s a Challenge for NZ police

Can the average NZ  police officer write a 150-word essay, on any subject, that actually makes sense, without committing at least two dozen grammatical and spelling errors in the process?

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