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Negligent Mass Homicide: Morrison’s Numbers Don’t Add Up!

Posted by te2ataria on December 22, 2019



White Island eruption: Official tolls exclude THREE additional “Australians”

Is Australian PM a white supremacist in addition to being yet another piglet at the trough? Does he consider only white foreign residents as Australians? How did he calculate his 24 casualty figure?

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said 24 Australians were among 47 [or more] visitors on White Island when it erupted on Monday, December 9. However, his numbers don’t add up.  We’ve counted at least 28 visitors.

I. “Fifteen Whakaari victims remain in New Zealand burns units, 11 ‘very critical'”

As of December 13,  fifteen (15) victims were “being treated in burns units across NZ following the Whakaari / White Island eruption,” RNZ reported.
“All Australian victims have returned to Australia, said Counties – Manukau Health chief medical officer Dr Peter Watson.”

“As of now we have transferred 13 Australians – that’s all of the Australians in our hospitals – who survived the explosion back to Australia. So that’s been really important to do, to return them home to be close to their families and also to really take the pressure of our New Zealand burns units.”

“Eleven of the victims who remain in New Zealand burns units are in a “very critical condition with extensive, severe burns”.

II.  One of the thirteen Australians who were repatriated has since died in secrecy, leaving 12 others hospitalized.

Blog contributor PoliceWatch said:
New South Wales Health confirmed the patient who was repatriated to Australia, died yesterday was a man who died at Concord Hospital — the first person to die in Australia from the eruption. Family have requested the man’s name and age not be released. [Why? Was he a war criminal, international gangster, or a serial rapist? Would a family make any such request, unless they are trying to hide something terrible?]

III. THE AUSTRALIAN DEAD [Officially confirmed, as of Sunday, 15 December 2019]

A1. UPDATE: Another Australian injured in the White Island eruption, and one of the 13 injured repatriated to Australia, died in secrecy yesterday, police said.

A2. Krystal Browitt, 21, from Melbourne, Australia, was also confirmed dead by NZ Police on Saturday (December 14).  [Paul and Stephanie, Krystal’s dad and sister, were believed to be in a coma in hospital.]

A3 & A4. Julie Richards, 47, and her daughter Jessica, 20, from Brisbane.

A5 & A6. Karla Michelle Mathews, 32, and Richard Elzer, 32, from Coffs Harbour, NSW were confirmed dead by NZ police [originally among the missing on the island.]

A7. Jason Griffiths, 33, from Coffs Harbour, NSW, died from his injuries in hospital

A8 to A11. Teenagers Matthew and Berend Hollander from Sydney. They escaped the island with major burns, but died in two New Zealand hospitals (Waikato and Middlemore). Their mother, Barbara, 50, and stepfather Martin Hollander, 48, were among the missing now presumed dead. Barbara, Berend, and Matthew’s place of births were listed as Chicago in the United States on the Red Cross list.

A12 – A14. Anthony Langford, 51, wife Kristine, and daughter Winona, 17, from Sydney confirmed dead*.
[Jesse Langford, 19, is in hospital receiving treatment.]

A15 & A16. Gavin Dallow, 53, and stepdaughter Zoe Hosking, 15, from Adelaide.  Gavin’s body had been identified. His step-daughter Zoe Hosking, 15, was missing presumed dead. Police confirmed on Sunday she was among the deceased.


a17. Lisa Dallow, 49, from Adelaide. Lisa, Zoe Hosking’s mother, was originally missing but later located in hospital in Hamilton. She is an induced coma, with 57 per cent of her body burnt. She was transferred back to Melbourne, Australia on Thursday night for treatment.

a18. Jesse Langford, 19, from Sydney is in hospital receiving treatment.

a19 & a20. Paul Browitt  and his second daughter Stephanie, Krystal’s sister, were believed to be in a coma in hospital.

a21 & a22. Marion and Nick London, 56 and 58, from Engadine, Australia, received critical injuries, while Nick has serious hand injuries.

a23 & a24. Annie Yongan Lu and Alice Xioman Zhang. ​Annie Yongan Lu, 26, and her 56-year-old mother, Alice Xioman Zhang – long-term Australian residents originally from Foshan City, China. Zhang received critical injuries. Lu’s injuries were said to be serious.

a25. A 43-year-old Malaysian man was critically injured. A Sydney resident, he was repatriated to Australia. His partner, believed to be a Chinese woman [her identity, place of residence and current whereabouts unclear,] was badly injured in the eruption, a report said.

What happened to the remaining three injured Australians, a26 to a28 who were repatriated on December 12?

Of the THIRTEEN injured who  were repatriated to Australia, one is confirmed dead (see above), NINE listed as a17 – a25. That leaves three additional “Australians” unaccounted for.

The official casualty list is also represented as follows:
Australian: 13 dead, 11 injured
US: 3 dead, 6 injured
NZ: 2 dead, 3 injured
Germany: 4 injured
UK: 2 injured
China: 2 injured
Malaysia: 1 injured
Mystery persons: Who’s the third Chinese woman referred to in the news as the injured Malaysian man’s partner?

[*Tour guide Hayden Marhsall-Inman, 40, and Australian tourist Winona Langford, 17, are the two people confirmed dead, but have not yet been found. It is believed their bodies were washed out of the crater and into the ocean.]

14 of the victims formally identified and confirmed dead. From top L: Matthew and Berend Hollander; Karla Mathews; Gavin Dallow; Kristine and Anthony Langford; Krystal Browitt. From bottom L: Jessica and Julie Richards; Tipene Maangi; Hayden Marshall-Inman; Zoe Hosking; Martin Hollander; Jason Griffiths. Source: Supplied/ via Stuff NZ.

One Response to “Negligent Mass Homicide: Morrison’s Numbers Don’t Add Up!”

  1. PoliceWatch said

    Monday, 23 December 2019 – 10:19am | National News
    Seventeenth [Australian tourist] dies [bringing the overall death toll to nineteen] following Whakaari / White Island incident
    Please attribute to Deputy Commissioner John Tims, National Operations Commander:
    Police can confirm a further person has died in Middlemore Hospital last night following the Whakaari / White Island eruption.
    Police were advised of the death shortly before 11pm.
    The death of this person brings the official number of deceased to 17, 16 of whom died in New Zealand and one in Australia. [The two victims whose bodies have not been recovered are not included in the police count.]

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