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The Final Destination: Search to resume for remains of missing Swede

Posted by te2ataria on December 25, 2019

Swedish Hunter Hans Christian Tornmarck went missing [presumed dead] in May 2017

Mr Tornmarck, 27, is one of scores of foreigners who are permanently missing in New Zealand.

He went hunting by himself on Friday 12 May, 2017 and was due out of the bush on Wednesday 17 May police said.

The Swede, like so many other foreign visitors, went missing—permanently!

He was understood to be in the Karangarua Valley, near Fox Glacier, where his sleeping bag and tent were located on Saturday 20 May, 2017.

Swedish Hunter Hans Christian Tornmarck went missing [presumed dead] in May 2017. Photo supplied/ via Stuff NZ

However, on Wednesday 24 May, police concluded search for the missing visitor, just six days after it had begun. They’d failed to find his remains.

His sleeping bag and tent were located in the Karangarua Valley, near Fox Glacier on Saturday 20 May, 2017.

At the time, West Coast Area Commander, Inspector Mel Aitken, huffing and puffing, blew the police trumpet:

“Search and rescue teams have worked tirelessly over the past week, unfortunately not reaching the outcome we all hoped for.

“I have been impressed with the work ethic of my staff, the selflessness of volunteers and the attitudes of all involved in this operation.

“Extensive efforts have been put into searching what is an extreme, raw and unforgiving environment deep in the heart of South Westland.

“It is deeply disappointing that we have not been able to locate Mr Tornmarck despite the efforts.”

A pang of conscience: “It didn’t sit right with me!”

Now, Sergeant Jayne Bretherton, who was involved in the search for Tornmarck in May 2017, is having a pang of conscience, and perhaps even a guilty thrill. She says:

“It didn’t sit right with me. The search was called off and it stayed with me. There’s not many like that.

“We couldn’t search some areas because of the snow, so I think there is a very high likelihood we will find him because we are going back in summer.”

West Coast police search and recover teams are said to resume looking for the remains on January 31.

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A Czech, and a German missing in NZ, presumed… (?)

Friday, 20 December 2019 – 4:20pm | Canterbury
Have you seen Petr Mandik (!!!)
Police are asking for assistance to locate 50-year-old Petr Mandik, who has not been seen since travelling to Mount Cook National Park on Friday 13 December.  Petr’s silver Nissan Tiida has been located at Tasman Valley carpark.

Petr Mandik, a Czech, born in 1969, had just been appointed as Chief Security Officer of Temenos AG. We believe, based on previous incidents, he probably fell victim to foul play.

He planned to walk Ball Pass Route to Haast Ridge, from there he would climb to Plateau Hut and on to Mount Cook via Zurbriggen Ridge before returning to Christchurch.
Petr did not make his flight from Christchurch Airport on Wednesday 18 December.

Foul Play? Probably!

Petr Mandik, a Czech, born in 1969, worked as Chief Security Officer of Temenos AG, “the world’s No.1 banking software” company, based in Switzerland.

“Mr. Petr Mandik is Chief Security Officer since 2019 responsible for all aspects of Security, Privacy and Business resiliency. He joined Temenos in 2003 to setup and lead Internal Audit function. Prior to joining Temenos, Mr. Mandik worked for Eli Lilly & Co in various roles covering IT, risk, audit, finance, sales and operations in Europe and USA.”
“Mr. Mandik holds engineering degree from CULS Prague and MBA from R.I.T. in addition to various professional certifications including CISA, CIA, FCCA.”

Based on previous similar incidents, the moderators believe Mr Mandik probably fell victim to foul play!

Thursday, 19 December 2019 – 1:42pm | Waikato
Have you seen Alexander Gaitzsch?
Police are asking for assistance to locate 24-year-old German tourist Alexander Fabrice Gaitzsch, who has been reported missing.
Alexander was last seen in Auckland on Sunday December 1 after arriving in New Zealand.
He has brown hair, is around 170cm tall and of a slim build.

Missing German visitor Alexander Gaitzsch, 24. Photo: NZ police.

It is thought Alexander maybe in the Waikato river trails area.
Anyone with information is asked to contact the Police on 105.

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