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Karmic Booms Striking Oz: Tourists Told to Leave NSW Before High Noon

Posted by te2ataria on January 2, 2020

Reader’s comment: “It’s time for the crowded world’s two-legged populace to take sides:  Evolve as Homo sapiens sapiens, and isolate the australopith, or stay as you are and become extinct together!”

Bushfires burn 6.5m hectares, destroy 2000 houses, leave up to 50 people dead or missing across Australia

Australia’s catastrophic bushfire season

Up to 50 people are dead or missing and more than 2000 houses destroyed as fires burn through over 6.5million hectares of land.

  • Extreme fire danger forecast for Saturday
  • Tens of thousands stranded along Australia’s South Coast
  • Tourists told to leave before Saturday
  • Towns running out of food, water and fuel
  • Survivors in the grips of humanitarian crisis

Bay, Mallacoota communities amid tourist evacuation warning, live blog

NSW bushfires see ‘largest mass relocation out of the region’ but people await petrol and supplies

  • 382 homes in the region had been destroyed since 1 Jan

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