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Psycho kids train in violent racism, ensure steady supply of recruits for NZ military

Posted by te2ataria on January 14, 2020

Foreword: It would be extremely difficult to brainwash ordinary kids from ordinary families and send them half way across the world to kill “ragheads” and rape their wives and children.

However, if you have a predisposition to racially abuse  your peers and the playground training to go with that…

Young Fijian-Indian girl racially abused, had dog faeces smeared on her face

A 9-year-old half Fijian-Indian girl was attacked by a group of children who put dog faeces on her face and threatened to shoot her with a fake gun at Navy Park in South Dunedin on Sunday.

Do all white families stationed in Dunedin teach their kids to racially abused dark-skinned kids and smear dog shit on their faces? Probably not!

But clearly, many families do! There were 7-9 kids in the park, all of whom participated in the racial assault episode.

The kid’s mother, Zahra Muhammed, who moved from Canada to New Zealand in 2009–she probably thought NZ was a less racist country than Canada–has experienced other episodes of racial abuse in NZ. [Zahra is Caucasian and wears a headscarf for religious reasons.]

“In 2016, Muhammed said she and her children were told by the owner of the charity shop in Oamaru her “sort” weren’t welcome,” a report said.

Her three children where accused of stealing and she was told to “**** off back to India, get out of here! You’re banned we don’t want your sort here.”

“We’ve had the odd thing where people will drive by and call us a terrorist or we had this homeless guy called me Osama Bin Laden.”

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