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How Bay of Plenty of Deaths Police Doubled Crash Fatality with Road Murder!

Posted by te2ataria on January 24, 2020

Attributed to Superintendent Andy McGregor, Bay of Plenty [of Deaths] District Commander, and his Blade Runners:

Friday, 24 January 2020 – 7:46am | Bay of Plenty [of Deaths]

“Fatal fleeing driver incident following serious crash, Rotokawa”

“One person has died following a fleeing driver incident at Rotokawa, near Taupō, early this morning.

“The incident took place after a vehicle driving dangerously near a fatal crash scene failed to stop for Police.

“At about 11.40pm, emergency services were called to a single-vehicle crash on Broadbands Road, near Centennial Drive.

“The vehicle left the road and rolled through a paddock before colliding with a tree.

“The driver and sole occupant died at the scene.

“At about 1.20am, while Police were conducting a scene examination, another vehicle was observed travelling at high speed and overtaking an unmarked Police vehicle as it approached the crash site and the road closure cordons. [The action really hurt the macho blade runners’ feelings. –Moderator]

“To ensure the safety of staff working at the scene, Police attempted to stop the vehicle. The driver then fled from Police.

“Police followed the vehicle for less than 30 seconds before it crashed through a fence.  [Police blade runners shunted the “fleeing car” from behind and forced it out of the road, as per routine police practice. –Moderator, under advisement from police insiders.]

“One of the two occupants died following the crash.

“Another sustained moderate injuries.”

What’s wrong with this?

Deep Deception: Even the officially-doctored information used to follow a “convincing” pattern!!

Compare the heavily doctored YTD road fatality totals for the five-year period 2016 – 2020.

Source: Ministry of Resurrection [aka, “Ministry of Transport”] https://www.transport.govt.nz/

As for the actual road fatality figures this year:

Proudly Killed in NZ: How many actually killed on our death roads this year so far?

As of Jan 23,  2020, at least 71 people were killed and 138 others critically/seriously injured on NZ roads (YTD), according to the blog’s advance statistical models [margin of error: ±3 per cent.]

  • Actual road toll for 2020 so far: 71 fatalities [Based on the blog’s advance statistical models and backed by exhaustive sampling and multiple resources.]
  • No. of reported fatalities: 48  [Includes both the official police reports released publicly and classified data for two regions provided to us by police insiders.]
  • Officially doctored data: Only 9 fatalities listed by MoT, as of January 23.
  • No. of dead victims known to have been statistically resurrected by MoT to the date: 48-9=39

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