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Water, water… my frigging kingdom for a drop of non-toxic water!

Posted by te2ataria on February 2, 2020

Dogs die after eating toxic algae from Waipoua River

Two dogs have died after eating algae from Masterton’s Waipoua River, a report said.

There are warnings out for a number of other rivers in the Wellington region.

The Waipoua River has been found to be the worst affected in the area, passing the 50 percent alert level, which means swimming is banned.

Council environmental scientist Mark Heath said he had never seen a bloom this widespread.

With no rain in prospect the toxic algal levels were likely to deteriorate further.

“Detached algal mats, which can be deadly for dogs, have been seen in all rivers, Heath said.”

Warning: More warnings yet to come!

Why don’t swimmers and dogs check water quality?

E-coli: When your shit and shoeshine get mixed up!

Surely, South Island rivers are marginally cleaner than the North Toilet

Even more warnings!!

One out, how many more will follow?

List of former PMs of NZ who are still alive:

  • James Brendan Bolger, born 31 May 1935 (age 84).  Karmic score = -260
  • Jennifer Mary (Robson) Shipley, born 4 February 1952 (age 67).  Karmic score = -2,870
  • Helen Elizabeth Clark, born 26 February 1950 (age 69).  Karmic score = -2,000
  • John Phillip Key, born on 9 August 1961(age 58). Karmic score = -88,960
  • Simon William English, born on 30 December 1961(age 58). Karmic score = -220

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Two more climbers killed in NZ

Posted by te2ataria on February 2, 2020

Get the impression everyone and their uncles are killed climbing in NZ?

We’ve long passed the WTF stage!!

Two more climbers, most probably foreign visitors, were killed in Fiordland National park, police reluctantly admitted.

Details sent by News that leaked!!

Saturday, 1 February 2020 – 3:51pm | Southern
Bodies of climbers recovered from Fiordland National park
“Police and members of the Alpine Rescue [Recovery] Team recovered the bodies of two male climbers from Fiordland National Park [FNP] yesterday.
“The bodies were recovered in the area of Mt Sabre in the Darran Mountains.”
“Police were alerted to the missing climbers on Thursday but were unable to fly into the area at the time due to deteriorating weather conditions.
“A team spent yesterday recovering the bodies and completing a scene examination to establish the cause of the deaths.”
“The climbers’ names will be released proactively by Police as soon as appropriate.”

Incomplete Record of Deaths in FNP.

French national Anne-Marie Scaglione-Genet was killed in a fall in the Gertrude Valley, Milford Sound on January 10, 2017, a report said. [A 53-year-old Frenchwoman was killed in a fall near Milford Sound, Fiordland National Park on January 11, but her death was kept secret until today, when police was forced by foreign media to release the details.]

2017. Two climbers from an alpine climbing group who were killed in Fiordland have been named as Conor Smith and Sarwan Chand [nationality undisclosed,] said reports.

In 2016, a 31-year-old Israeli soldier Udy Brill was killed in a fall while descending.

In July 2015, Louis-Vincent Lessard and Etienne Lemieux, both 23-year-old Canadian tourists, were killed on the Kepler Track in the Fiordland National Park.

In November 2016, an unnamed male French tourist was killed while hiking on Banks Peninsula.

In 2016, Czech tourist was killed in a fall on Routeburn Track, partner rescued after month in hut.

“In 2015, police found the body of German tramper Christine Lenicker on the western side of the Homer Tunnel car park after snow had melted.”

Australian climber Athol Whimp, 50, fell more than 800 meters to his death while climbing the Homer Saddle in Fiordland National Park on Thursday, February 23, 2012, police said.

“In 2011, Australian tramper James Poland died after he fell 130 metres.”

Between July 1, 2007 and July 10, 2014 at least 30 people were killed in FNP, according to NZ Ministry of Justice.   https://fyi.org.nz/request/1743/response/6392/attach/4/20140730092716539.pdf

Climbers missing on Aoraki-Mt Cook may never be found

By 2015, more than 60 bodies of dead climbers had not been found, a report said.

The missing, ruled or presumed dead include:

  • Malaysian hiker Kok Liang Wong, 32, went missing on Aoraki-Mt Cook in September 2009, and was never found.
  • Sydney doctor Mike Bishop, 53, and German father and son Raphael Viellehner, 58, and Johann, 27,went missing in January 2015.
  • The [reported] “death toll at Aoraki-Mount Cook National Park in the Southern Alps now stands at 238 [as of January 2015.]”

Mt Taranaki is New Zealand’s second-deadliest peak, with 82 [reported] deaths[as of January 2015.]”

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