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Q. How much is life of tourist cash cow worth in NZ?

Posted by te2ataria on February 3, 2020

A. Not much, judging by how often and how easily their lives are put in jeopardy every day while visiting this country, especially after they’ve paid for their flights and accommodation and booked a few local tours!!

PS.  P2 Steers go for about NZ$1,600.

“State of emergency declared as 382 tourists and staff trapped at Milford”

A state of emergency has been declared in Fiordland after flooding cut off State Highway 94, the only road out of Milford Sound, leaving 382 tourists and workers stranded.

Hundreds of people “will spend the night trapped in Milford Sound after torrential rain caused slips and flooding, closing the only route in and out,” a report said.

“There is extensive damage from Lake Gunn to the Homer Tunnel, which will delay us opening this road quickly, and there is still a section we haven’t inspected due to bad weather preventing a flyover,” NZ Transport Agency journey manager Peter Brown said.

Coronavirus News:

‘Disgusting virus spreaders’: Asian parents get anonymous email telling  kids to stay home

“Multiple parents at a school in Rolleston received an email telling them to keep their kids at home – because “you Asians are virus spreaders”.

“Our Kiwi kids don’t want to be in the same class as your disgusting virus spreaders!” the email says.

Chinese consul general cares more about tourism than spread of Coronavirus

Chinese consul general criticises decision to bar travellers from China over coronavirus concerns

China is calling the New Zealand decision to to bar foreigners who’ve travelled from or through China from entering New Zealand “disappointing”.

China’s consul general in Auckland, Ruan Ping, says the sudden decision could hurt the superpower’s economy – and that would also be bad for New Zealand.”

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