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COVID-19 behaving quite intelligently, so far!

Posted by te2ataria on February 28, 2020

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Too bad, if you, (i) played chicken with nature and lost, or (ii) became a collateral victim!

COVID-19 has got the omniciders exactly where it wants them!

The pandemic is a protective act by nature’s defenses!

You’re all in binary territory now: Participate in the omnicide, OR prevent it from happening by any means possible.

There are no grey areas. Burying your head in the sand makes you a legitimate and deserving target for nature, as she fights back in the anthropogenic war waged against her. She takes no prisoners.

COVID-19 Unique Features:

  • COVID-19 is deadlier than SARS, MERS outbreaks combined.
  • Phantom strike ability – it can hide on surfaces for up to 9 days.
  • Infected subjects can host the virus without showing any symptom.
  • It’d probably play a significant role in the potentially impending violent transfer of power in the US.

Outbreaks of COVID-19 have led to major reductions in the following acts of omnicide:

  • Tourism (global, national and regional)
  • Travel (air, sea and land)
  • Electricity production
  • Fossil fuel consumption
  • Production of GHG
  • Air pollution
  • Manufacture of ephemeral junk
  • Imports of junk from China
  • Exports of coal to China

The pandemic is also forcing

  • Nosedive in financial markets, and contributing significantly to potentially impending global financial crisis.
  • Closure of all schools in Japan for one month (cancellation of 2020 Tokyo Olympic games could follow.)
  • Cancellation or postponement of high-profile world events including
    • China’s National People’s Congress
    • Religious pilgrimages in Saudi Arabia
    • Chinese Grand Prix (three other races—in Australia, Bahrain, and
    • Vietnam—could also be postponed)
    • Milan’s Salone del Mobile, the largest furniture fair in the world
    • Fashion weeks in Beijing and Shanghai
    • Six Nations rugby matches between Ireland and Italy
    • Concerts in Japan, China, and South Korea
    • Carnivals in Nice, France and Venice, Italy
    • Facebook biggest event, F8
    • Seoul Fashion Week
  • Quarantine – Mass incarceration of the deplorables (cruise ship passengers and air travelers!)

Delivering Karmic Justice

YOU don’t need a military force or WMD to help deliver Karmic Justice, or change the course of events. It can be done through projection of intense emotions, a burning desire to help save the planet and the lifeforms that are worth saving, delivered with laser sharp focus!

WE have triggered into existence major events, and intervened in ongoing situations through projections, on multiple occasions over the past decades, with a success rate of 100 percent.



Chinese New Year 2020: The Year of the Coronavirus

Many cities across the world cancelled Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations last month

Chinese Lunar New Year parade in Paris canceled over coronavirus fears

Paris canceled its Chinese Lunar New Year parade amid concerns over the deadly coronavirus outbreak, the mayor confirmed in late January.

Chinese New Year festival in Miami canceled over coronavirus concerns

Among the Cancellation…

The world’s largest mobile phone showcase, Mobile World Congress (MWC), has been cancelled over coronavirus concerns, organisers have confirmed.

“BT, Facebook, LG, Nokia, Sony and Vodafone were among the high-profile exhibitors…”

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