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45,000 Foreigners Violently Killed, Permanently Maimed or Seriously Injured by NZ Tourism Machination since 2000 — Welcome to the World's Deadliest Tourist Attraction: The Final Destination!

Project the Omniciders onto the Dead Planet!

Posted by te2ataria on March 27, 2020

Sent by Visiting Scholars Group

Project Mars: Neutralize the omniciders before they commit you to extinction!

Delivering Cosmic Justice

YOU don’t need a military force or WMD to change the course of events. It’s done through projection of intense emotions–a burning desire to help save the planet and the lifeforms worth saving–delivered with laser sharp focus!

WE have triggered into existence major events, thereby intervening in ongoing situations through thought projection multiple times in the past, especially since 2010, with a success rate of 100 percent.

A permanent channel exists between your strong emotions and the awesome cosmic forces that ensure the existence of everything…

Plug into the forces and let your innermost feelings be known!

Starship Earth Global Vigils

Throughout 2019, we held monthly vigils to express our agony and heartbreak and seek cosmic justice against the omniciders through thought projection (see links below) knowing that nothing short of major change-making, albeit cataclysmic, events would stop the omniciders.


Nature’s Defenses Designed the “Perfect Virus“ to Allow a Pause for Refection…

StarShip Earth Meditative Vigil 2020

The Visiting Scholars Group will be holding a meditative vigil throughout 2020 and beyond, in an effort to neutralize the omniciders.

Witness with your mind’s eye the wanton destruction of Starship Earth as being perpetrated by the omniciders, and let the overwhelming feeling of agony, sorrow and pain arising from the enormous loss touch your inner world…

Project onto the terrorists—the super-wealthy class, their puppet governments, all other enablers and family members, collectively the Axis of Evil—the pain and suffering caused by the ongoing ecological holocaust and wanton ecocide, militarism and war economy, poverty and inequality, racism and social exclusion…

Let your focused thought invoke tsunamis of emotions within you. Project the waves onto the omniciders…

The Vigil is being held anytime, any place for as long as possible, throughout 2020.

We invite everyone to join us!

World’s 24 richest people own as much as the bottom 50 percent, or about 3.9 billion people!

Let’s project them and their enablers vanishing into the ether, or relocated to the dead planet at warp speed!

Stake your claim to life! Neutralize the omniciders before they commit you to extinction!


2 Responses to “Project the Omniciders onto the Dead Planet!”

  1. JB said

    Nothing hurts a fake billionaire hotelier and golf course owner more than cancellations and empty rooms, not even death by Covid-19.

    • VS said

      I think the same circumstances and conditions apply to fake countries in the business of bloodsucking tourists.

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