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“Why would God love you?”

Posted by te2ataria on April 19, 2020

Interesting comments of the week:

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“Vengeance is Mine, and I’m Repaying!”

Tom said:

Thank you for telling it the way it is:
“Vengeance is Mine, and I’m Repaying!”

I’m sick of the corporate religions falsely claiming, “God loves you!”
Why would God love you? Could it be because you’re destroying his 4.5b-year-old creation, you fucking apes?

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Britain’s treacherous PM gravely ill!

Lilly replied to another reader:

“Innocent bystander” is an oxymoron. How could any bystander, save for a disabled person, claim innocence while a murder, rape or serious crime is being committed in front of their eyes?

Army Vet said:

Waiting impatiently to shout from the top of my healthy lungs: Alpha Mike Foxtrot!

Brother John said:

Demons are sent to try us. Both Trump and Johnson serve at the pleasure [and provide sexual favours] to at least three or four of the following demon lords:

– Demogorgon
– Lucifer
– Mammon
– Asmodeus
– Leviathan
– Beelzebub
– Satan
– Belphegor

Anonymous said:

The evil critters are there for a purpose!  [The comment has since disappeared, but one of the moderators remembered the gist of it, though not the exact wording.]

ET said:

Even human feaces can turn into fertiliser.

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Terraforming the World for a New Lease of Life

GLE said:

This is Magic!

Nevada casinos closing for 30 days following state order

Yes it is! Now imagine permanently shutting down the world’s vilest places! Moderator D



14 Responses to ““Why would God love you?””

  1. CW said

    The COVID-19 gives a new look to Chaos Theory and “Butterfly Effect”

    “A butterfly fluttering its wings over a flower in China can cause a tornado in America…”

    “A bat shitting over a pig at a wet market in China… “

    • Ken said

      Bat shit, indeed!!!
      How about, deadly virus released in China, infects millions around the world with devastating consequences.

    • Stan said

      There have been wars between the “yellow” China and “white” Europe [empire of Portugal] for the good part of the last 500 years.

      In the First Opium War, a series of military engagements fought between Britain and the Qing dynasty of China, the British Navy defeated the Chinese, and the British imposed a “humiliating” treaty that granted territory to Western powers and opened trade with China
      1839–1842. Hong Kong Island [ “Bastard Island”] was formally ceded in perpetuity to the UK under the Treaty of Nanking. And the rest, as they say, is history…

      Today, only one thing seems to be clear to the “yellow” supremacists in Beijing: Winning against the “white” supremacists– and to that end the Chinese would sell their souls to the devil.

      With the background as described above, you would be forgiven to think the spread of Covid-19 might have been one of the Chinese establishments’ 9/11-like own goals.

      • JR said

        Thanks for the history lesson. However, I for one didn’t have anything to do with defeating China and humiliating its subjects. Blame it on their own corrupt ruling families.
        Today, I’m surrounded with is a bunch of cutthroat people who are destroying/ planning to destroy my people.
        Why do we let our pandering politicians, who bend forward and grab their ankles every time Xi and his monkeys issue the order, to remain in office?
        JR (Auckland)

  2. Vaccana said

    Who needs evil places like Las Vegas, Wuhan and NYC?

    • Sandy said

      M 6.4 earthquake strikes 56km W of Tonopah, Nevada [~ 300km NNW Las Vegas]
      2020-05-15 11:03:27 (UTC)
      38.159°N 117.876°W
      4.1 km Depth
      Aftershocks continue to rattle large portions of Nevada, California and Utah.

    • Ryan said

      Nevada earthquake parameters have been revised as follows:
      M 6.5 – 56km W of Tonopah, Nevada
      Time: 2020-05-15 11:03:27 (UTC)
      Location: 38.159°N 117.875°W
      Depth: 2.8 km
      Hundreds of ongoing aftershocks continue to strike the region.

    • Caribou said

      Globally, about 1,200 cities have more than 500,000 inhabitants. Some 600 of the “habitats for evil” are populated by a million or more people.

      However, only two-thirds of the cities are at high risk of exposure to the usual natural disasters: floods, droughts, cyclones, landslides, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions…

      Here’s my two cents [removed by a moderator]

  3. Linda said

    Is it true that Jared Kushner and his “Lansky-Rothstein-Shapiro… gang” are going around buying leftover drugs like Hydroxychloroquine for a dime-a-dozen and then reselling it to the US government, as well as the unsuspecting “stupid white men” and women, at $50 a tablet, as Donald Trump keeps on endorsing its efficacy?
    With love from **** NYC,

    • NP said

      Most probably! It’d be entirely consistent with the Trump-Kushner-Gang efforts to constantly cornering the medical supplies market and extorting the providers.

      Kushner coronavirus effort said to be hampered by inexperienced volunteers
      The coronavirus response being spearheaded by President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has relied in part on volunteers from consulting and private equity firms with little expertise in the tasks they were assigned, exacerbating chronic problems in obtaining supplies for hospitals and other needs, according to numerous government officials and a volunteer involved in the effort

      Kushner’s volunteer force prioritized medical supplies from Trump’s allies
      the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, placed a team of young volunteers [who] were told to prioritize tips from political allies and associates of President Trump, tracked on a spreadsheet called “V.I.P. Update,” according to documents and emails obtained by The New York Times.
      nytimes [dot] com/2020/05/05/us/coronavirus-live-news.html

      Informed sources also say that Trump struck several lucrative deals that will enrich him with India’s corrupt PM during his latest visit to India.

    • Anne E. said

      Yes! It’s becoming increasingly evident that the Trump/Kushner and their “Lansky-Rothstein-Shapiro… gang” are almost certainly financially benefiting from the sales of Hydroxychloroquine.
      Trump says he’s been taking hydroxychloroquine to protect against coronavirus ‘every day’ for about 10 days

      President Trump announced Monday that he is taking the drug hydroxychloroquine as protection against the novel coronavirus, despite the lack of evidence that it prevents individuals from contracting the illness and warnings from physicians that it can have deadly side effects.

      The president said he began taking the anti-malaria drug about 10 days ago, which was after news broke that two White House staffers had tested positive for the virus. White House physician Sean Conley said the president remains symptom free and has continued to test negative.


    • Kate said

      The more I think, the more I seriously believe the Castrated Sheeple of the United States, UK, NZ, Australia… and the gangster heads of state like Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Netanyahu … are put there by Aliens to fuck with our heads as part of a mass self-destruction experiment.

      • Ming said

        “Castrated sheeple” is a perfect description of the US folks.
        BTW, when they castrated the subjects in China by removing their testicles (balls) and often the penis, they never touched the brain.
        The end result was a eunuch–often an intelligent person sans balls, but never a sheeple.

    • Barb said

      Trump is clearly protecting his investment, but who’s actually footing the bill for his stash of hydroxychloroquine, the US govt through the foreign aid program or the Brazilian govt?
      “The US has sent to Brazil more than 2 million doses of a malaria drug touted by President Donald Trump as potentially protecting against and treating the coronavirus, even though scientific evidence has not backed up those uses.”

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