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Neutralizing world’s most violent “nations” 101

Posted by te2ataria on May 29, 2020

Sent by a reader

It’s always been the economy, stupid!

Covid-19 pandemic provided the best opportunity for human race to pause and reflect, before the serious stuff…

Cost of COVID “Candemic”

“New Zealand’s spending on welfare support, and the extent of its quantitative easing, are significantly higher as a measure of gross domestic product (GDP), than other countries that have been more affected by Covid-19, Treasury data shows.”

Costs as a fraction of GDP

  • New Zealand welfare support: 20 per cent of GDP.
  • Central bank quantitative easing: just under 20 per cent of GDP.


‘Mega disasters hitting NZ to cause hundreds of billions in damages’ —Independent Experts

[Current estimate: equivalent to 2019 GDP and counting!]

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5 Responses to “Neutralizing world’s most violent “nations” 101”

  1. Visiting Scholars Group – 114 said

    Nearly 43 million Americans have filed for unemployment; 1.29 million in Ohio [TS]*
    June 4, 2020
    The Labor Department said 1.87 million workers filed new jobless claims last week… a grievous figure nearly three times higher than the weekly record in the pre-pandemic economy.

    About 42.6 million workers have lost their jobs, at least temporarily, since mid-March, but the new data showed 21.5 million people were receiving benefits in the week ended May 23, an indication that millions either had their benefit claims rejected or have since been rehired, or more likely a combination of the two.

    U.S. Total Trade Slumps to Lowest Level in Almost a Decade
    Updated on June 4, 2020, 1:17 PM UTC

    U.S. trade in goods and services plunged in April to the lowest level in almost a decade as the Covid-19 pandemic stifled demand and hindered logistics.

    Exports declined from the prior month by 20.5%, the biggest drop in comparable data back to 1992, to $151.3 billion. Imports decreased 13.7%, also the most since 1992, to $200.7 billion. Combined, the value of U.S. exports and imports decreased to $352 billion, the lowest since May 2010, Commerce Department data released Thursday showed.

    Continuing claims — the total number of Americans claiming unemployment benefits — increased to 21.5 million in state programs the week ended May 23… which showed an unadjusted rise of about 618,000.

    *[TS include: CA, WA, NY, OH, NV, FL, RI…]

  2. Martin said

    Banksy’s latest artistic expression.

  3. Bee said

    Coronavirus: Animal which passed Covid-19 from bats to humans trafficked into New Zealand
    Andrea Vance Jun 21 2020
    Border officials seized more than 150 products made from pangolin [total value not reported] – the scaly creature suspected to be a carrier of the coronavirus Covid-19 – over the course of two years.
    Now, a new report reveals New Zealand is not exempt from the global black market, which experts estimate is worth as much as US$23b (NZ$35.9b) each year.
    Coronavirus: If there must be anger, direct it at those who set unrealistic expectations
    Andrea Vance Jun 21 2020
    “We will get through this together, but only if we stick together, so please be strong and be kind,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told us way back in late March.
    A flawed system, however, has failed all of us.

  4. Alan said

    US weekly jobless claims hit 1.5 million
    US jobless claims for the week that ended Saturday June 13 totaled 1.48 million, the Labor Department said Thursday. The report brought total filings over a 14-week period to about 47 million.
    Continuing claims, the aggregate total of people receiving unemployment benefits, totaled 19.5 million for the week that ended.


  5. Jules said

    Latest WestJet layoffs affect 3,333 employees as COVID-19 cripples airline industry

    WestJet announced a number of organizational changes on June 24 that will affect the jobs of 3,333 employees, including consolidating call centre activity in Alberta, contracting out airport operations in many airports and restructuring its office and management staff.
    WestJet, which went private after Toronto-based Onex Corp. bought the publicly traded company, had employed 14,000 workers just before the pandemic struck in March, but now has a payroll of only 4,500.

    The airline industry worldwide may end up US$84.3 billion in the red for 2020, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA).
    The forecast is based on an estimate of 2.2 billion passengers this year, sharply down from 4.54 billion passengers a year before.
    The IATA forecasts that the number of passengers this year may likely be the same as the year 2006. The global revenue of commercial airlines will fall 50% to $419 billion from $838 billion in 2019. It will slightly pick up to reach $598 billion in 2021.

    Qantas to cut 6,000 jobs and keep 15,000 stood down in bid to survive coronavirus downturn
    Australia’s flag carrier, Qantas, will sack 6,000 people and continue to stand down half its 30,000-strong workforce as it struggles to cope with the continuing shutdown of the airline sector amid the coronavirus crisis.

    Airbus supplier: Up to 240 jobs are set to be lost at the Magellen Aerospace plant in Wrexham.
    The company employs hundreds of people in north Wales and has sites in Wrexham and Deeside.
    The company supplies the nearby Airbus wing plant at Broughton. Airbus has already announced it is cutting the number of planes it makes by a third as commercial airlines delay or cancel new orders for aircraft. 500 temporary agency staff have been let go at Broughton, another 3,200 are furloughed with redundancies looming.
    These Magellan job losses are the knock on effect down the supply chain. This is a global industry feeling the effects of the Corona virus pandemic which has seen 2/3 of global commercial aircraft – approximately 20,000 planes grounded. Air travel has not experienced such a significant decline in passenger volumes since 9/11.
    It’s a similar picture across the UK with 9,000 going at engine maker Rolls Royce and Airbus US rival Boeing cutting 16,000 jobs worldwide. Industry insiders say it will take at least three years for the sector to recover in Wales from the fallout of Covid and up to 8,000 jobs could go.
    Airbus furloughs 3,200 workers at Broughton site after boss warns company is ‘bleeding cash’

    Nearly 7,000 workers to lose jobs in Boeing’s first wave of job cuts
    Boeing will notify nearly 7,000 employees this week that their jobs will be eliminated as part of a 10% companywide staff reduction that targets the aerospace giant’s commercial aircraft business.
    The layoff notices follow Boeing’s announcement last month that it would reduce its 160,000-strong global workforce by about 10%, or 16,000 staffers, due to the coronavirus downturn.
    The company has already approved voluntary separations of 5,520 workers.
    This week it will notify another 6,770 employees that their jobs have been eliminated, Boeing chief executive Dave Calhoun says in a 27 May letter to employees.

    Another big hit to Washington’s aerospace employment is at Boeing, which plans to cut almost 10,000 jobs.

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