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Animal Abuse

Animal Abuse and Bestiality in New Zealand

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    Other incidents of animal cruelty

    Kittens paws hacked off

    pakeha children cut off the paws of two -8-week old kittens [and the hind leg of one of them] using a knife or scissors.


    Animal Control and the SPCA are on the hunt for those responsible for trying to drown five puppies.

    3 puppies drowned, 2 survive

    The puppies were found tied up in a sack weighted down by rocks at Mokihinui Beach on the West Coast by a member of the public, Buller District senior animal control officer, Tracy Judd said.

    Three of the huntaway-cross puppies were dead, and two were suffering from hypothermia and malnourishment.

    Puppies pickled in jar

    A litter of newborn puppies and a kitten were drowned and then pickled in four large jars in one of the most gruesome cases of animal cruelty uncovered this year.

    Two goats were found shot with crossbow bolts near central Napier.
    [Wednesday, 25 February 2009]
    Police and Napier City Council animal control officers found a dead goat that had been shot by three bolts and another badly wounded wild goat being mauled by a bull mastiff. The second goat was destroyed by police.


    New Zealand World Leader in Cruelty to Animals

    11 Responses to “Animal Abuse”

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    2. […] Animal Abuse and Bestiality in New Zealand […]

    3. […] Animal Abuse […]

    4. Jacqueline Yallup said

      New Zealand big talk no action. Our Clean Green is a joke.

    5. te2ataria said

      23 seals clubbed to death in New Zealand

      23 fur seals, including newborn pups, were found bashed to death at a South Island breeding colony.

      Some of the bludgeoned pups were just days old, said Conservation Minister Kate Wilkinson.
      Advertisement: Story continues below

      She appealed for assistance from the public to help track down the attackers.

      “To go around and club 23 seals to death over a number of days is very deliberate and you have to question the state of mind of someone who can carry out such a cruel and abhorrent attack,” Wilkinson said in a statement on Monday.

      The seals were killed at the Ohau Point seal colony near Kaikoura, north of Christchurch.

      They included 13 females, eight pups and two males.


    6. occasional reader said

      Have you seen this one, look at that poor dog!

    7. Fdr said

      Is that any way to treat bunnies on Easter? A charity hunting festival held over the Easter vacation weekend?
      Rabbits can be pests, especially for a fragile ecosystem, but to slaughter them in a “party atmosphere” on a day set aside to celebrate them as a totem of spring is just asking for Rabbit’s Revenge.

    8. blondie said

      [Wrong blog, wrong form of address, wrong issue, wrong conclusion. Are you one of those slut-walk activists by any chance? Moderator ]

    9. American FS said

    10. Joan said

      Hey! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a
      quick shout out and tell you I genuinely enjoy reading through your posts.

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