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Apartheid NZ

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The International Community Must Ostracize Apartheid New Zealand.

The pakeha “elite” must pack their bags, take their land thieves, banks, politicians, judges, military, police, prison guards and pollution, and go back to their own countries.

The Apartheid New Zealand Has Long Tentacles: Take One

Josen Tofia Mataia, 32, on remand at the jail near Rockhampton, Queensland, was murdered by 6 prison guards. Inmates “saw the prisoner being dragged along by between four and six officers in an inappropriate restraint position.” Source: NZPA. Image may be subject to copyright.

The Apartheid New Zealand: Take Two



Armed police load equipment into vehicles in New Zealand. Photo: John Cowpland/Sunday Star-Times. Image may be subject to copyright.

Armed police load equipment into vehicles in New Zealand. Photo: John Cowpland/Sunday Star-Times. Image may be subject to copyright.

In a move that turned the faces of Israeli Occupation Forces in Palestine green with envy, New Zealand  Paras and members of SAS, seen loading weapons and equipment into vehicles at Ruatoki North, prpare for another assault against Maori as the Tuhoe tribe’s traditional lands become the focus of an unprecedented paramilitary police operation, alleging the forests also hide military-style training camps. (Source: Stuff NZ). Image may be subject to copyright. See NewZeelend Fair Use Notice!

The apartheid New Zealand: Take Three

These four paramilitary police scumbags seriously assaulted a defenseless teenager, Rawiri Falwasser, now 20, with batons and pepper spray in a police cell in 2006. The gang of four paramilitary thugs [policemen] were acquitted by an all white jury. (Source: 3News) Image may be subject to copyright. See NewZeelend Fair Use Notice!


The Apartheid New Zealand: Take n+1

Another Victim Murdered in Custody

Anna Selina Kingi, 41, who was in custody awaiting sentencing at the Hamilton District Court was murdered by the police. The police autopsy report said she suffered a “heart attack!” Source.

The Apartheid New Zealand: Take n+2

Suspects in prison killing ‘not going anywhere’ [WOW! what relief!]

Tue Faavae, 23, was found dead in a cell block at Auckland Prison at Paremoremo about 11am on March 1, 2009. He was serving a sentence for robbery. His brother Niko says he and his family want answers from the Corrections Department. Source

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69 Responses to “Apartheid NZ”

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  3. […] Apartheid NZ […]

  4. Raped by a Wombat said

    just so you know Rockhampton is in Australia, not NZ

  5. […] Apartheid NZ […]

  6. hipeter924 said

    hipeter924@hotmail.com…that is if you have the guts…doubt it…coward

  7. Mollie said

    Go home to where? This is HOME for most New Zealanders who were born here, live here and have as many rights and opportunities as the next person.
    Please enough of the negative hateful thinking and lets all work together and try solve the problems of NZ and this planet we all call home. Bring on 2012 I say.

    • te2ataria said

      Let me see, there must be a pakeha ‘law’ that says if you hold on to stolen lands long enough and bash the owners on the head often enough, the property is yours.

      By what other ‘law’ do you desecrate sacred Maori land and use them as a launching pad to train your assassination squads and send them to far away places like Afghanistan to rape and murder defenseless people and destroy their property?

      • AH said

        History is full of examples where lands have been conquored and in effect “stolen” from the native population. Bad as that may be these things can never be undone and land cannot be given back to the indiginous populations. You cannot tell pakeha to go back to Europe. 169 years is far too long, we can’t go back, Pakeha belong in NZ. The only way forward for Maori is to except that they are the same as every other New Zealander, they can own their lands only if they buy it off the legal owners.

        • te2ataria said

          History is full of examples…

          Time to deconstruct history

          “History is full of examples where lands have been conquored and in effect “stolen” from the native population.”

          The land can therefore be ‘un-conquered,’ in effect ‘de-stolen’ freed and return to its true guardians.

          Bad as that may be these things can never be undone and land cannot be given back to the indiginous populations.

          It’s bloody awful, and I wouldn’t put my money on it, if I were you!

          You cannot tell pakeha to go back to Europe. 169 years is far too long, we can’t go back, Pakeha belong in NZ.

          We can! We will! And no, cocky pakeha don’t belong in NZ.

          The only way forward for Maori is to except that they are the same as every other New Zealander, they can own their lands only if they buy it off the legal owners.

          Maori didn’t create the Apartheid in New Zealand. As for land ownership, upon forfeiture, you’ll be liable for any and all damages for ruining perfectly good Maori land.

  8. Connor said

    [Intellectually stunted comment. Edited. TEAA]

  9. David Tua said

    [You are banned from this site for spamming. Moderator]

  10. You know this site has given me food for thought. For many years I have been devloping a serious business in Auckland which will bring in a serious return from investors from around the world. It has nothing to do with [racial slurs removed] but will benefit many in my country [profanity removed.] But when I read your comments I question why I should do this if this is the attitude of the great unwashed. My thinking is now to move off shore, take my money, my taxes and my ideas to somewhere else and leave this place to you the original settlers of NZ and watch from afar as many more go leaving you all to revert to petty tribalism, [racial slurs removed.] So my fellow contrymen good luck and many wishes for the future – enjoy your brief fall back to the stone age and I will enjoy watching your “society” implode and degenerate into [profanities removed.]

    Dan [Surname, company name and contact details removed. Moderator.]

    • te2ataria said

      Dan [Surname, Trade name and contact details removed.]

      Investors from around the world risking their lifesaving with another dishonest pakeha? You must be joking “my fellow countrymen [sic.]”


      Maori society implode? Maori had a sustainable society for at least 1,200 years, which did not implode. That’s until you, your guns, infantry and infections arrived.

      As for the bits I have removed from your comment, consider this: while Maori ancestors had a sustainable society in this country, pakeha “warriors” spent the day looting and pillaging the neighboring villages in their countries, murdering the men and raping the women, and reserving the night, party time, for stabbing each other to death as they celebrated the day’s plunder. Early mornings were reserved for their “revered” elders throwing their kids off sheer cliffs to please the gods.

      And don’t tell me your “special forces” go to Afghanistan, Iraq … for reasons other than murder, rape and pillage.

      Or that you can go to a party with your fellow “warriors,” even in this century, without stabbing each other.


      Ps. I’ve removed your company details to prevent this blog being used as an advertising forum for money scams.


  11. I'm a white faggot and a mothafucker said

    [Good for you. Moderator]

  12. MichaelW said

    [Standard pakeha/ govt disinformation: Edited by Moderator.]

    [“The myth of pre-Maori Moriori people promotes racist stereotyping and justifies the act of colonization by cultural ‘superiors.’ … Historians, anthropologists and ethnologists have examined and rejected a pre-Maori Moriori people. Among them, anthropologist H.D. Skinner in 1923, ethnologist Roger Duff in the 1940s, and historian and ethnographer Arthur Thomson in 1959. More recently, James Belich has rejected the myth, as has K.R. Howe in Te Ara.”]

  13. MichaelW said

    [you’ve been banned from the blog for spamming.]

  14. copkissmyass said

    just wait till im prime minister… I’ll shoot all the cops

    The cops are damn terrorists

  15. Wilhelm said

    Clearly none of you have lived in Africa. NZ’s problems are cosmetic, not life threatening. In South Africa it is estimated 50 people are murdered daily. In December the death toll, for one month, on the roads was 1040 people.Evil people are everywhere, but really, compared to what people go through in South Africa it is ridiculous what is written on this website. You don’t know how lucky you are. And yet we live in SA and cope, even if the chances of enjoying a death by natural causes in SA are slim…

  16. JG said

    “The pakeha “elite””


  17. Maori supporter said

    Good website.

    Don’t let all the Pakeha propagandists trash you.

    The fact that they throw such a hissy fit over this website shows that you are effective in puncturing their self-righteous image of themselves and their “civilization.”

  18. Fuck off baldheads.

    As a child, I never hated anything. Now well, fuck these racist cunts.

  19. IAN Shitpond said

    [Is your cousin THE Johnny Cesspit? Moderator]

  20. IAN Shitpond said

  21. Descended from gods said

    [The Moderators appreciate your passion and share in your sentiments. However, the blog’s Editorial Policy prohibits messages that incite violence. D.H.]

  22. Descended from gods said

    In that case I’ll just ask that the [edited] pakeha [edited] to all pack their bags and [edited] to where they came from then.

  23. john said

    Still are warriors .. may it be for Jesus Christ , in truth that is not the lies and thefts and murders of ‘Christendom’.
    Being a white fella is not easy when your bothers and sisters in tribulation are not.

    But I always look to the Lords promise.

    God shall judge them , we shouldn’t, I mean sure we all observe the injustices but we don’t want to become like that, in the sense of an eye for an eye.

    I hope the maori people can hold onto the last remnant of truth as we all move closer to that final day, the truth that IS the son of God .

    Repentance , reconcilliation and recompense is the way forward I believe.

    To know we are truly all brothers and sisters biologically , I hope we would be this also spiritually in Jesus Christ, this is God’s desire, His love towards us.

    No one nation or tongue or religion ‘owns’ this truth for it is a free gift, shall we receive it freely or should we believe that we must pay God back His due ?

    I shall repent in my heart for my sins and God shall know and forgive.

    No one can forgive sins except Him, not a so called priest or pope nor any man nor nation, only God.

    No more tears, no more suffering, for all these things shall be no more, a new heaven and a new earth .

    I hope and pray it will be sooner than later.

  24. Aresure said

    Hmmmm white will kill white black will kill black white will kill black and black will kill white the truth is the man with the money will always win, you know the old saying money talks bullshit walks. Racism my ass people never get along, we will always be at each others throats regardless of who you are history will tell you its all about power WAKE UP WE WONT WIN SHIT but it doesn’t mean we put our heads in the sand aye. But hey live with it because we cant change shit that’s the truth. So have a bit of Kaha (Power and Strength in you) and Mana (Honor Integrity and Humility) I love my country but I don’t have to love people that’s my little opinion.

    • te2ataria said

      Aresure said:

      “white will kill white black will kill black white will kill black and black will kill white the truth”

      The devil is in the details, you’d agree. Maori never went to the countries where pakeha lived to commit genocide against them.

  25. good cop said

    Pulitzer prize substance here.

  26. Moriori said

    Survival of the fittest . If you can’t keep your land you don’t deserve it . There is no right or wrong just the laws of nature .

    • te2ataria said

      When the Japanese Imperial Army slaughtered millions of Chinese and other Southeast Asians, they too thought of it as the “survival of the fittest.The same goes for Genghis Khan and many of his ilk …
      DH [White Moderator]

  27. Moriori said

    @Te2ataria ..

    ‘the devil is in the details, you’d agree. Maori never went to the countries where pakeha lived to commit genocide against them”

    Why is that ? Because they were not advanced enough. They still lived in the stone age. Don’t shoot the messenger .

    Had the shoe been on the other foot would it have been different? .. I think not , the genocide of the Moriori makes that clear .

    • te2ataria said

      “Moriori ”
      That’s one of the more absurd analogies this blog has heard, with pakeha reasoning [disinformation] tattooed all over it.

      The “genocide” of Moriori is a myth created by pakeha scholars to justify their genocide of Maori.

  28. Papatūānuku said

    For thousands of years, the Moa was the dominant herbivore in New Zealand’s forests, shrublands and subalpine ecosystems. They lived peaceful lives, living off the land, together in families. The Moa’s population reached in to the thousands as their only predator was the massive Haast’s Eagle… until the arrival of human settlers. The Māori arrived sometime before A.D. 1300, and all Moa were soon driven to extinction by hunting and, to a lesser extent, forest clearance. By about A.D. 1400 almost all Moa are generally thought to have become extinct, along with the Haast’s Eagle which had relied on them for food.

    Maori have traditionally hunted the Wood Pigeon, Kereru or Kukupa for food and to commemorate death. Local Maori frequently invade other blocks of private land to take Wood Pigeons, despite the fact that they are now threatened by both humanity and stoats and rats which eat the eggs of the beautiful docile berry-eating birds with irridescent blue-green bodies and singing wings in flight which form a keystone species by transferring the forest species with larger seeds in their excrement. In a more recent NZ Herals article (Oct 98) it has been established that in the guise of cultural use there is a very significant poaching operation going on for the Kukupa which is perhaps the most serious single threat to the existence of this species.

    Despite claiming to have lived closer to the earth in affinity and lifestyle than modern industrial societies, not only did Māori commit species genocide, but also burned large areas by setting bush fires and made other significant impacts on biodiversity.

    • te2ataria said

      @ “Papatūānuku”
      ARE you with the SIS disinformation team?
      Choosing a Maori name, even one as profound as “Papatūānuku,” doesn’t make you a Maori.
      It must have taken your people a long time to come up with such detailed load of utter nonsense.
      Most European countries don’t even know who their kings were in the 14th century.

      Tens of thousands of species have become extinct in the last 160 years alone, thanks to us, the cultured, white europeans.
      White moderator J.

  29. Disappointed said

    have you stopped to think that there are many decent Pakeha people living in New Zealand who haven’t done any wrong?

  30. Kevin Banks said

    Hi all. I’m a new Zealand Pakeha but have lived in Oz for over thirty years. I have got to say that most of my cousins and friends are Maoris, who are the original owners of New Zealand. Let’s face it the Maoris are the owners of NZ but no white government will acknowledge that. Now that’s white racism for you! Something I’ve seen all too much of in New Zealand. THAT’S WHY I’M IN OZ!
    In the 70’s, I was a victim of Dr Selwyn Leeks of Lake Alice Hospital. The white National Government gave Leeks permission to do as he wished with us boys and girls. Most of us were ward of the state, as I was. Most of the inmates, if you like, were Maori. Most of the staff were Pakeha. You can guess the rest as we were given electro shocks on various parts of our bodies for punishment, ie getting caught with a cigarette or answering back to a staff member. I did notice that the Maoris copped a lot more shit than the white people. New Zealand’s national shame.
    In 2001, former Labor Leader ‘Hell’ in Clark decided as one of her elaborate schemes to win the election was to pay a very minimal amount of money as an ex gratia payment. Now that’s not compensation. That’s a cop out as the compensation that should have been due to us was in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. A lawyer jumped on board by the name of GRANT CAMERON of Christchurch (ex cop), and involved his name and swiped (legal) fees from our gift. Mine was $52000.00. This Pakeha thief took full advantage of us. I have a letter of apology from “Hell” in Clark and Health Minister Annette King. Dick. They said they were sorry for the atrocities we all suffered at the hands of the New Zealand government staff. The amazing part of this is that the staff was ever charged for that abuse nor for the sexual abuse we copped from the New Zealand government staff.
    Malcolm Burgess (now assistant commissioner of NZ police), happened to be leading the investigation in the Lake Alice abuses. But sadly, over three hundred complaints to him and other NZ police fell on deaf ears. Think it was meant to as it would have cost the government many more millions of dollars in proper compensation. Burgess managed to sweep it under the carpet. I believe that’s why he was promoted to his present position for being a good puppet on a string for Little Johnnie Key and Co. All assisting Burgess were promoted to higher paid positions. Pretty bent, hey!…..
    I’d like to submit my governmental letter of apology to your website, to show how full of shit they are! Anyway I can scan that to you? I also have other damning documents, NZ government don’t want the public to see. I’d like to show you…..
    Please get back to me, as I am keen to internationally expose NZ on this level as well.
    Anyone interested can Google, Kevin Banks Lake Alice NZ. I’ve done a few stories to get the truth out but found soon after I was being harassed by NZ police in various ways. The usual NZ police head games. Poor buggers. Somebody needs to cut their strings and set them loose. They are the real meaning of sheep! Which reminds me of a joke I heard, this guy driving down a country road in Otaki, sees in the distance a police officer bending over a sheep. The driver stops and jumped the fence and walked over to the police officer and asked, ” Are you shearing that bro?” The copper replied, ” Nah, fuck off, go get your own”!
    Would love to hear back from the author/webmaster of this site with the view to furnish some more damning NZ abuse.
    Best Regards,
    Kevin Banks

    • te2ataria said

      We can’t begin to imagine the extent of your pain and suffering.

      The best way to share a document without us without it being swallowed by the cyber black hole is as follows:
      1. Set up a your own blog (it takes about 5 minutes)
      2. Post the document(s) on the new blog
      3. Send us the URL (or password, should you choose to make the blog private, rather than public)

      Best regards
      The New Zeelend blog.

      All comments posted to this blog are moderated before they appear publicly and anything you want to keep private would be removed.

  31. MARK said

    You are such a bloody racist Te2atataria to white people its digusting

    • te2ataria said

        Moderator N who replied to your earlier rant is a white euro male. He’s neither racist, nor “digusting” and unlike sc***ags like you, he is an asset to the white race.

        Moderator K. (Also a WASP)

  32. PUNJABI said

    It’s pretty obvious that jews run this blog because noone likes israel and everyone loves new zealand
    and that the best defence is offence


    • te2ataria said

      It’s pretty obvious that you’re no more a PUNJABI than is your PM (you know hoo) trying to give Punjabis a bad name.
      It’s also pretty obvious that you’re making a parasitic existence in Australia by sowing seeds of hatred in the hearts of simple-minded people.

      Methodist Moderator M

  33. Kevin said

    Te2ataria is not a racist, maybe you don’t see this person is a realist and speaks the mind of someone who says it how it really is. Why don’t you lot open your eyes, and take off the horse blinkers and commend Te2ataria’s right to free speech. It’s people like Te2ataria who stands tall and speaks out for the minority.

    I for one speak the truth about the abuses In NZ, and as a consequence me and my family are targeted by government/ police from both New Zealand and Australia. Keep up the good work Te2ataria…. You got my family’s vote. Keep your head high and keep on saying it how it is. Oh, and by the way, Meri Kirihimete ki a koe me te whānau.
    Your friend,
    Kevin and Family

  34. BF said

    Apartheid NZ can even make migrants and locals lost touch of reality,I have seen it happen to my parents,they put work first and instead it drove them to stop speaking with their sisters and brothers overseas

  35. ALFRED said

    The Chinese are the biggest threat to New Zealand call me a racist I dont give a shit.In 2006 there were 200 000 chinese in Auckland by 2016 there will be 400 000.One in four persons is Chinene in Auckland.How many are there in NZ besides Auckland.They out number the Moari in Auckland already.If you want to kill the culture in New Zealand then open the flood gates to Asia.You have to preserve a culture of a country not destroy it by importing mongols.

  36. […] Apartheid Fort New Zealand – WordPress.com […]

  37. John McIntosh said

    ‘Racist as f***’: Book backs up Taika Waititi’s claims about New Zealand racism

    The author of a new book, ‘Ghost South Road’, says he wanted to expose the secret history of Auckland and New Zealand.

    Māori once needed special cards to move around the country and were even banned from public bars in South Auckland.

    Such policies, likened to apartheid South Africa, have been highlighted in a new book the author believes backs up Taika Waititi’s claim that New Zealand is “racist as f***”.

    “During the 20th century, Māori suffered from a range of policies that remind me of apartheid South Africa,” historian Dr Scott Hamilton said.

    “If you were Māori you sometimes needed a special card to move around the country. If you were Māori you could be banned from bars and from other businesses.”

    Hamilton makes these alarming claims in Ghost South Road, a book he wrote as the first recipient of Auckland’s Mayoral Literary Grant.

    “I told Len Brown, who set it up, that I wanted to expose the secret history of Auckland and New Zealand.”

    The book tells the story of the Great South Road, built from Auckland through the Waikato by the British army that invaded Māori territories in 1863.

    After the British and local Pākehā soldiers had defeated Māori in the Waikato War, more than a million acres of Māori land was confiscated.

    “The invasion of the Waikato was legitimated by racism and it has cast a long shadow,” Hamilton said.

    Looking at archives and old newspapers, he discovered Māori were treated as “enemies of the state”, long after the Waikato War had finished.

    “During a series of epidemics, Māori were banned from moving about the country, because their brown skin was equated with disease,” Hamilton said.

    “When smallpox broke out in 1913, Māori villages were sealed off, and Māori were banned from the roads and from trains unless they had a special certificate showing they’d been immunised.

    “No Pākehā was ever subjected to these rules. They were blatantly racist, made life almost impossible for Māori, and were in force for many months.”

    Māori were also excluded from bars, cinemas and barber shops in South Auckland.

    “For much of the 20th century it was hard to get a drink in places like Papakura and Pukekohe if you were the wrong colour,” Hamilton said.

    The book details the experience of Rongomanu Bennett, a Māori psychiatrist who was refused a beer in the Papakura Tavern in 1959.

    He began a campaign and made headlines around the world.

    “The New York Times called Papakura ‘the Little Rock of New Zealand’, after the Arkansas city where African Americans were fighting segregation,” Hamilton said.

    The Prime Minister at the time eventually backed up Bennett, and Papakura Tavern agreed to serve Māori.

    But this civil rights struggle in South Auckland, and the racism that prompted it, had been forgotten, Hamilton said.

    “If more of us knew about what happened in the past, then we’d understand the
    historical context for Taika Waititi’s complaints about continuing racism,” Hamilton said.

    “Papakura is still not the most friendly place for Māori. The local board there made it difficult to build a marae in the 1970s and 1980s, and recently the community board rejected attempts to set up a Māori advisory committee to help it learn from the mistakes of the past.”

    The book also includes stories about friendships across ethnic lines, and celebrated the cultural diversity of 21st-century Auckland.

    One was about Michael O’Connor, an Irishman who opposed the British Empire.

    In the 1870s he created his own private army and formed an alliance with the Māori King Tawhiao, and also supported Te Kooti.

    “The story shows how strange and rich our history is,” Hamilton said.

    “If you’re a Pākehā, then you may have had ancestors who conquered the world with the British Empire, but you probably had other ancestors who were rebels, like Michael O’Connor.

    “You’re free to identify with whomever you like.”

    Copyright author and/or https://www.nzherald.co.nz

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