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Why are New Zealanders sooooo anti-American? After all, not every US citizen supports Bush, Obama, illegal wars, genocide or militarism!

Are the dimwits sour because they got the brown end of the colonial stick?

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  3. BNZ said

    Kiwis are anti-american because they are essentially a band of neo-nazi illiterate morons who have been so poorly educated that they truly believe their own press. They do not do their research, their egos are so fragile and brittle that their need to believe in their own supremacy is the hallmark of their national character.

    Pity the poor kiwi: they are frankly too stupid to know otherwise, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the world has to put up with them. I will never hire a kiwi and I will never change my mind. They’re too far behind to matter at this point and should be left to rot in their own idiocy.

  4. te2ataria said

    BNZ – I know of about 300 or so people who, like yourself, will never hire a kiwi for various reasons including “lack of moral courage.” Here’s an item from the latest headlines in the poxy NZ:

    Drunken mayhem in Christchurch ‘shocking’

    You may want to check out the term “Zionazi.” You can’t have Nazis without a paymaster!

  5. Mollie said

    Kiwis are not anti-american! Kiwis are anti American FOREIGN POLICY and all it’s atrocities. This includes the U.S.A’s distorted morality – the scurrilous behaviour of their elected officials and their actions taken against foreign nations, e.g. Vietnam War, East Timor, the current war on terrorism and most recently its backing of Israel. Yes we Kiwis do know that the majority of American citizens were [are] anti Bush and his regime and that the election was totally rigged. Kiwis have expressed great empathy for the citizens of the U.S.A as we watch them being dragged into more and more debt, turmoil and unrest, whilst their policies gradually take away all individual rights and their sense of identity.
    What does the writer of this entry expect from us Kiwis? To sit idly by and watch while this ‘super power’ continues it’s consistent support of terroristic regimes? The U.S.A is in fact and in action a terroristic regime itself. Does a war on terrorism, therefore, mean that they should fight themselves?! They are hypocritical in their actions and their ideas. As an example; from 1945 to 2004 the U.S.A. has intervened in 35 countries, and only in one case, Colombia, did a “full fledged, stable democracy” develop within 10 years. American companies with Govt [and CIA) support have exploited third world countries and citizens of those countries (Nike and the United Fruit Company, anyone?). A nation cannot indulge in exploitative practices for decades and expect there won’t be reprisals. Their days and numbered and the state of the global economy dictates that the U.S.A will implode any day now. I feel for the all AMerican citizens as they face their biggest challenge ever.
    I like many Kiwis do not lack moral courage, nor am I a moron. Your entire argument that Kiwis are anti – American is biased and unfounded. How about doing some REAL research instead of believing YOUR own press!

    • te2ataria said

      [This reply was forwarded by a reader. TEAA]

      Kiwis [pakeha] ARE anti-American, and you know that as well as I do. In my experience people who defend a race, country, or in your case the pack of pakeha, often work for the government. It’s their job to be jingoistic. Why else would they waste their time issuing carte blanche statements on behalf of a bunch murderers, rapists, pedophiles and animal abusers, when in reality they don’t allow a woman in distress to use the phone? [http://www.stuff.co.nz/4812040a6568.html]

      Pakeha hate Americans because they FEEL SHAFTED. Americans got America, pakeha got the brown end of the stick: They ended up with another place [colder, wetter and shakier–worse than] Ireland and Scotland. Americans had a revolution and shook free of the empire, for a while; pakeha still tend the herds like obedient sheepdogs. Americans send people to space, while pakeha sleep with goats, and abuse children. Whereas the average American have some moral courage, most pakeha lack any!

      The average redneck may not be as intelligent as Bill Clinton, but they most certainly don’t spent their entire day mulesing the poor lamb. [http://feww.wordpress.com/2007/11/13/wool-from-new-zealand/]

      See why pakeha hate Americans?

      Nike and the United Fruit Company ARE evil corporate empires. Check any farm, plantation, fruit or crop producers in [poxy] New Zealand, if you didn’t find hundreds of underpaid Vietnamese [and other Asian] laborers working their butts off for a starvation wage, you would either be blind, or a hypocrite and liar!

      Fair enough, the US government is a ZOG. The Americans are just as free to create a “stable democracy” in the US as the Palestinians are in Israel. But what about the little nightmare of Zionist democracy (sic) the pakeha have created all by themselves? As for the Vietnam war, have you imagined how many Vietnamese were killed or genetically maimed because of the Agent Orange the ugly pakeha manufactured?

      The tiny nightmare of a Zionist “nation” you have created is a “destination country” for the trafficking of women and children for sex, and a safe haven for pedophilia and bestiality. [https://newzeelend.wordpress.com/2008/06/05/new-depth-in-depravity-for-new-zealand/ – also search content of this blog for additional references.]

      How’s that for “believing YOUR own press?”

      • Mark said

        I am guessing from your statements you hate pakehas. Is this hate personal or philosophical because in some way your attitude suggests the former.

        [If you want to comment on other issues, do so at the comments section of the corresponding post. Your comment was too long and I deleted the rest of it unread. Moderator]

    • kiwiyankee said

      This is the first time I have thought to get online and comment on the anti-american racist attitudes in New Zealand. My mother was a Kiwi and my dad was a Marine officer who fought in the Pacific during WWII.

      I arrived here in 1964 and received a positive reception as an American. In 2003 I came back with my family and left for a bit but then returned. After another year and a half I cannot accept the general NZ attitude towards Americans (I won’t change my accent for you and I won’t turn my sentences into questions at the end – yes, I speak like an assertive American).

      So I finally figured it out. Kiwis live in a fantasy world about their bigotry and racism, and other things. They are like the 40 Million other inhabitants – ergo – sheep (funny – the parody of Kiwis in “Black Sheep” is tragically close to the general New Zealand psyche at work – perhaps ‘work’ is a poor choice, as incompetence, cronyism and mediocrity find mutual comfort in their sheepish subjects).

      40 years of the worst possible American TV programming has produced in these sheep a populace that equates ‘American’ with the most negative available American stereotypes. (try responding to a friendly “hello” with your American accent and watch the face drop and the attitude get quite nasty and manipulative – vicious – it happens too often to be coincidence ).

      The very sad aspect of their hatred of Americans is the fact that while they attempt to copy and adopt things related to America, they hate it (a German friend of mine found it rather strange that a weekend raft trip with her American roommate found him the butt of a relatively constant stream of American jibes from the several Kiwis present).

      Unfortunately racism mostly anecdotal, but I am doing my best to present the objective observations. Now, couple it with the final part of the Kiwi dysfunction – they have what I call “small country syndrome.” It is kind of like the short guy with the small endowment who overcompensates with people who are taller and bigger than himself. This is quite a change.

      In 1964 I remember watching my first All Black game – I don’t remember the visiting team but I do remember the crowd going just as positively wild with the opposition as with the All Blacks; I remember when the term ‘fair go’ was commonly used (not just as a pathetic TV consumer show) to reflect the Kiwi sense of fair play and egalitarianism; I remember my pride towards New Zealand in its attitudes – my mother professed their existence and she was a proponent – my old uncle Joe Gibbs who lived with us and shared my room for a year – he was called ‘the last great bushman’ of New Zealand – the guy who spent half his year in the bush and the other half on the wharves (he was 89 and we went up to the Tararuas for his birthday that year) – yes, he had been part of the unions and workers rights in the 30s and beyond.

      That is all pretty much gone except for the fresh occasional breaths of dyed in the wool Kiwi dinosaurs I see in my travels through New Zealand society these days. I have had enough of it – then they had the stupidity to elect a transparent idiot (try charlatan, flim flam man, – guy worked in the United States for the Federal Reserve bank) who used the George Bush playbook to get elected and even now is using the same playbook to decimate what triflings of prosperity are left in New Zealand – to benefit his wealthy brethren.

      Admittedly Helen Clark and Labour were stupid enough to let it happen that way, but really, how could Kiwis not see it? Sheep – watch them. Watch the favourite racist TV commercial of Kiwis – the ASB bank commercial – you know – the fat, crass, stereotype of American capitalism who bullies his obsequious Jewish assistant? That New Zealanders could fall so low is a tragedy, and that they can’t see it and actually defend themselves – and viciously attack anyone who disagrees points to a highly dysfunctional society. To survive on a personal level I have to leave it.

      [Paragraph breaks were introduced by Moderator for ease of reading, hope the author doesn’t mind. TEAA.]

  6. Mollie said

    I think you missed the point here. All Kiwis do not hate America. And as for NZ being a Zionist state? Well the entire world is controlled by the New World Order [NWO] – which include many of the world’s wealthiest people, top political leaders, and corporate elite Zionist Jews- The Illuminati. It is the NWO global conspirators manifesting their agenda through the skillful manipulation of human emotions, especially fear.

    The technique is as follows: Illuminati strategists create the Problem – by funding , assembling, and training an “opposition” group to stimulate turmoil in an established political power (sovereign country, region, continent, etc.) that they wish to impinge upon and thus create opposing factions in a conflict that the Illuminati themselves manoeuvered into existence. At the same time, the leader of the established political power where the conflict is being orchestrated is demonized and, on cue, referred to as ‘another Hitler’ (take your pick: Saddam Hussein, Milosevic, Kadaffi, etc.). The ‘freedom fighters’ are not infrequently assembled from a local criminal element (i.e. KLA, drug traffickers). In the spirit of true Machiavellian deceit, the same NWO strategists are equally involved in covertly arming and advising the leader of the established power as well (the Illuminati always profits from any armed conflict by loaning money, arming, and supplying all parties involved in a war).

    The conflict is drawn to the world stage by the controlled media outlets with a barrage of photos and video tape reports of horrific and bloody atrocities suffered by innocent civilians. The cry goes up “Something has to be done!” And That is the desired Reaction (note: the same technique is presently being used to bring about gun control in the United States).

    The NWO puppeteers then provide the Solution by sending in UN ‘Peace Keepers’ (Bosnia) or a UN ‘Coalition Force’ (Gulf War) or NATO Bombers and then ground troops (Kosovo). Once installed, the ‘peace keepers’ never leave (Bosnia, Kosovo). The idea is to have NWO controlled ground troops in all major countries or strategic areas where significant resistance to the New World Order takeover is likely to be encountered.
    You are playing right into their hands. The NWO is creating all these things you are wso quick to admonish FOR A REASON. They are undermining us as a race and as a people. They are creating the ‘problem’, you are my friend have been set up to be part of the reaction and when the state of things gets bad enough its only a matter of time before they step in with the ‘solution’. Then it won’t matter what colour or creed. They are doing this go gain the power. They do not need money they already have control of all the money in the world and have for centuries. Recognize the enemy. Its not the every day person on the street like you have been led to believe. So far NZ has not been a big target but they are ramping it up. Think about it!

    • te2ataria said

      I can buy that, if you, Mollie, say you don’t hate Americans. But you can’t possibly speak for anyone else. I could also buy some of the stuff about NWO. But if you say Saddam Hussein, and Milosevic were NOT evil, then you either have a cognitive block, or are trying to insult my intelligence.

      I suspect you are a pakeha, in which case YOU are illegally occupying my land. Your ancestors killed my ancestors and stole our land. You haven’t returned the land to us.

      And that still leaves the murderous legacy of New Zealand’s Agent Orange!

      • turehulive said

        Wh shouldn’t have killed Saddam. We should have sent him after maori to cleanse out the bastards.

        • te2ataria said

          Comments like the above are usually edited. However, the comment is allowed because it’s indicative of brain-dead pakeha attitude towards Maori and rest of the world.

  7. Mollie said

    [Repetitive chatter! Comment disallowed. TEAA]

  8. Bennet Alexander said

    This is for Te2ataria… As the American student who was sentenced in New Zealand on indepence day I would love to discuss with you many of your opinions about New Zealand being Anti-American. I will try to be unbiased as possible considering my circumstances, but I truly think you have many points.

    Please feel free to contact me.


    • te2ataria said

      Ben –
      Thanks for writing in. I hope you’re ok.
      Our readers would love to hear from you. Please feel free to let us know about your problems in New Zealand.
      Best regards – TEAA

  9. Natalie said

    The depth of ignorance and prejudice among my fellow kiwi is increasingly appalling. Half of us can’t even identify New Zealand on a map without googling it? What’s the point of maintaining such a spiteful country as this?

  10. Nedinud said

    [Edited by Moderator. TEAA]

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  11. Nedinud said

    [Edited. Healthy debate, yes; sarcasm, no! TEAA]

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  13. BNZ said

    All you have to do to be able to recognise that the kiwi is anti-american is read the newspaper. It amazes me just how few kiwis actually read.

    Better yet, talk to an American about their experiences in kiwi-land. The rhetoric that NZ is NOT anti-American is prime BS and you know it. Your country certainly isn’t what you in your deluded imagination fantasize that it is and trust me, word is definitely getting out.

    No one likes an ignorant kiwi. How tragic that there are two tiny islands full of the rotten, illiterate, lying creatures.

  14. Chaotic said

    I am an American, living in Auckland. I have been stuck here nearly 20 years because i was stupid enough to marry not one…but two kiwi blokes. I didn’t learn from my first mistake so i had to do it again …just to reassure myself of my stupidity.

    I do not come across anti American attitudes very often, if ever these days. That doesn’t change the fact that this is still a shithole of a country to be stuck in. I don’t have time to get into all the reasons why it is damn near impossible to even afford the cost of living here, let alone ever get ahead financially, and live a comfortable life…or why i think NZers are the laziest nationality that i have ever met in my life, with no sense of morality, and in most cases even common sense manners. I think it is well documented that NZ women are the most promiscuous in the world…no wonder the men act like cave men.

    NZ is a country full of rude, backward, morons. I am still here ONLY because i was also silly enough to reproduce with one of the husbands. As soon as my girls are old enough to leave the country by their own choice…we are outta here.

  15. David Tua said

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  16. yougottashare said

    [Edited. If you make a smart comment, I’ll allow it. TEAA]

  17. American in NZ said

    Don’t worry. Kiwis don’t hate just us American’s from the US, they pretty much hate everyone south of Canada (but they also hate the Quebecois). No, I don’t speak French, but having been raised in the Southwest, I do speak Spanish. So, I have friends here from Spain and Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia. My partner is Venezuelan. Kiwis hate all of us…. perhaps me a bit more.

    • te2ataria said

      pakehas have too many bad habits:

      Hatred for colored people (or anyone else who objects to their rotten, immoral and sick ways)
      Greed for other people’s money and possession
      Lust for illegal, unconventional and immoral sex (hence the inordinate numbers of rape, pedophilia, bestiality …)
      Anger (blaming other people for their hereditary problems…)
      Envy and bitterness (the better guys ended up in America …)
      ‘Sloth’ (total void of spirituality, never mind the traditional church…)
      Gluttony (especially the intoxicants and things they snort up their snouts)
      Pretend Military pride (despite abject failures throughout their short history)

  18. American in NZ said

    I should add that my comment that “Kiwis hate Americans” refers to pakeha. What Maori might not be aware of, however, is that Kiwi pakeha hate Americans more when they get along with Maori. Evidently, we Americans are supposed to hate indigenous peoples (even though people like me have indigenous ancestors), but NZ pakeha really don’ like Americans even to have a conversation with anyone representing tangata whenua (I was told “it’s not appropriate” by my employer).

    • te2ataria said

      Friends of any enemy they’ve created are their enemies, too. pakeha are fearful of Maori having a support base outside the country, especially in the US because with friends in “high places” come obligations, human rights and all the nuisance that a police state could do without.

      Having good, honest Americans for friends, turns the pakhea social discourse on its head, and in favor of Maori.

  19. B said

    I’m an American, and I have been here 8 years.

    I found it hard to make friends at Uni here, as I have no interest in hanging out with folks who think it’s okay to slag me off for where I come from. It was HARD to find anyone at University who did not want to berate me for my nationality. I made friends with mostly English people, Chinese Kiwis, and other Americans. I’m still here now, degree long since finished, because my Kiwi (Maori) partner is at Uni (cheaper to get the degree here), and as soon as he’s done, we are going to get the hell out of here.

    When I first looked for a summer job here, I walked into a temp agency and a smiling girl greeted me and put her hand out to take my CV. When I spoke, she withdrew her hand and lost her smile, and told me that they didn’t have anything available to suit my skills. She hadn’t even looked at my CV.

    I thought the anti-American sentiment had faded a bit over the years, but I think I’ve been ignoring it or even just used to it. Just last night, an otherwise friendly guy said to me, “You have to be able to put up with people taking the piss out of you for being American.” I said “only if you know what you’re talking about, or it’s actually funny.” (I really don’t mind if you poke fun at the fact that people from New Jersey can’t drive, or how crap various sports teams from California are.) He continued to talk about how fat and lazy Americans are. This is a pattern, and 99% from pakeha males.

    Why the hell do I have to put up with this??

    This is a beautiful country (when it isn’t raining/windy), and I do love my partners family, and I enjoy my underpaid job (where I have to constantly pick up the slack for my all kiwi male team), but I am looking forward to getting the hell out of here, making a decent wage, feeling able to assert myself without being seen as a pushy yank, not have to listen to people explain why they feel allowed to be racist towards me (yes, I see it as racism), and live in my actually racially diverse (cracks me up when people call NZ a “melting pot”) city of birth.

    • te2ataria said

      B, I have many American friends, and find it amazing how nearly all of them have identical/similar experiences. It seems the average “top” NZer feels entirely inadequate and overwhelmed by the extent of generosity, courage, fortitude and other fine emotions expressed by the “average” classy American.

      Best of luck wherever you go. Feel free to drop us a line on your thoughts and feelings anytime.
      Best regards

  20. One Who Knows said

    Don’t you just love it when the people the bottom (the general population) start scrapping amongst themselves, putting up all kinds of petty arguments based around such irrelevencies such as “colour” and “race” and “religion” when, at the end of the day, the real powers that be are just LAUGHING AT YOU ALL. A lot. For several hundred years.

    This is not about race, religion, class or anything remotely like that. It is quite simply about have and have not. All this other stuff is a mere sideshow that allows the plebs to feel, by and large, important but the fact remains that 95% of the world will be in the have NOTs, forever. We will duly squabble that it is because of our race. We will duly clobber our neighbours, put up all sorts of policies about master races with blond hair and blue eyes as professed by short, brown haired people and ex-chicken farmers because most people are in fact idiots. It worked in Germany, it worked in many other areas of the world. Britain did similar before. Spain did the same with their inquisitions, a fair few Dynasties in China were into the maiming game for those who didn’t see their way, and guess what, a few Africans decided they’d take the money and run as well.


    I’m sure many people “hate” NZ. Fine, be a hater, I’m happy for your narrowness, makes you easier to spot and therefore ignore. It’s not going to make a difference except you’ll probably spend more time hating things than getting on with life, which is all about interacting with people different from you. I’m not saying interacting with your fellow haters (Americans hating NZ or vice versa, it’s actually quite boring really and most of it completely uninformed anyway as people with real friends on both sides know and have known all along). People say NZers are lazy. No doubt we have our fair share, and we certainly have some of the biggest morons in the world, of that there can be no doubt, I mean we do after all have Rodney Hide to our discredit. I just love it when people show their own ignorance of how to debate by making blanket statements which can be summarised as “I hate myself actually, therefore I’ll hate you to.” Nobody is losing except for the person making those kinds of comments.

    Is there a solution? Possibly. It would have to involve nuking the planet and starting over, but maybe that could be a good thing. But guess what! The real powers behind what goes on don’t have to do it. We’ll kill ourselves because, by and large, the general population still believes for some reason unknown to anybody with a good grip of actual history that it’s about race, religion and other farces like that, this is simple, simple stuff people!!

    The rules of divide and conquer have not changed. Divide the people, by any means necessary (war, race, religion, TV, stupid programs and sport and Fox “News”), get them squabbling amongst themselves, let them then believe in the almighty solution (eg a private bank known as the Fed, will now regulate those private banks who engineered the losses of livelihoods for everyone not connected to JP Morgan, the Rothschilds and the Rockefeller cartels, for thge benefit of the private bankers … again) and then simply scew them even more than before. Hence we have more record payouts after this so-called “recession” than before.

    As for comments about how “classy” people are anywhere else than in NZ, I have to ask, what people were you hanging out with in the first place? I must be associating with the wrong people, people who actually tolerate others and are educated. Wow, big mistake that was. We can all find “fat and lazy” people anywhere, we can also find “intolerant” and “racist” people anywhere we like as well, I’m afraid to take the blinkers off, but it isn’t restricted to NZ and America.

    What intrigues me, and it’s often the way, is that people spend more time being negative than trying to solve anything.

    Mind you, messageboards and talkback radio are typically the hangout of ingrates and the generally uneducated. It’s easier after all to slag something off than to actually try and talk serious dialogue, and the amount of inaccuracies in some of the comments on here are quite mind boggling, but hey, that’s the way it usually is.

    As I said, they’ll keep us squabbling over the minor issues while they get on with the serious stuff of permanent war, and permanent profit … for themselves.

    You do realise that once we’re able to get off this planet, and that’s a horrible thought considering what we’ve done to it, 95% aren’t going on that ship in the first place…

  21. Taunted, victimised said

    Pakeha are pretty homophobic too, I might add! Last year when I was on vacation here, I was taunted by a bunch of pakeha males when asking for directions who asserted that, given my somewhat high-pitched, American register, that I must be a ‘fag’. I was then subject to public humiliation as white (presumably pakeha) bystanders just sniggered and carried on with their day-to-day business.

    What gets me, though, is how backwards a country New Zealand is. I myself am not gay, but feel sorry for how they must be treated in pakeha society; indicative, no doubt, of how coloured folk are treated also.

    Something needs to be done.

    • te2ataria said

      @Taunted, victimised
      I’m told very many of them are closet homosexuals. The macho pretense at heterosexuality, and accusing everyone else of being a fag is just a desperate cover.

  22. Stacey said

    because they’re stupid and materialistic.

  23. yecch said

    I find it amazing that Americans can continue to have this rosy view of New Zealand:
    In an interview on the website, Banks said she chose New Zealand as a location because a lot of young Americans see the country as “a fantasy world”.

    When the ones who are dazzled enough to actually move down here are too often treated like this:
    He said he felt there was “widespread animosity toward me” and “there seemed to be a campaign to get rid of me because I was an American”. He said students called him a paedophile, a pervert, a “****ing Yankee” and “gay boy”, falsely accused him of looking at students inappropriately, and threatened to beat him up.

    • te2ataria said

      @ yecch

      After kiwis, and a couple of other nationalities, Americans are among the most oppressed people in the world. They desreve all the sympathy we can give them.

  24. Visitor said

    My half-Kiwi child in primary school was called a “fat lazy American hotdog” at school the other day because he did not understand some instructions given to him in a sports game, and did not make a move at the required time. He has received comments of the sort before, so he did not take this too seriously. But he did come home and asked me why Kiwis “thought we were all fat and lazy, when we are actually skinny and work really hard”. More of his Kiwi relatives were sluggish and obese than on the American side. “They’re jerks”, he said. I believe they get their stereotypical ideas of Americans from cartoons like Family Guy, Simpsons and American Dad. Because they do not make fun of themselves as honestly as Americans do, they do not recognise self-mockery when they see it. They have the primitive idea that Americans have “taken” and “eaten” a giant slice out of their own pie, and therefore all Americans and any individual Americans they can target are personally to blame for whatever they are personally lacking in their lives. Americans who live here are regular targets of abuse, because they are “gobbling up Kiwi resources” by living here (taking their jobs, buying their land) instead of just being tourists and lavishing money on them, then going away. I wish I could convey to Americans considering moving to New Zealand the gaping chasm between the way tourists are treated and the way residents are treated.

    • te2ataria said

      @ Visitor
      “I wish I could convey to Americans considering moving to New Zealand the gaping chasm between the way tourists are treated and the way residents are treated.”


      It’s all caused by low sperm count, even lower self esteem and other complications.
      Best wishes,

  25. Visitor2 said

    [You’re one desperate dude! Moderator AMR ]

  26. paul said

    [Your standard of living is killing you. Who’re the smarter ones? Moderator]

  27. paul said

    [The true crime stats are 10:1 per capita. Moderator K]

  28. Paul K said

    Having just stumbled on this site I am shocked and slightly bemused at some of the content and comments. I don’t know why people are so adamant on New Zealand being targeted as so extremely anti-American when others are so much more so.

    I have never experienced any sort apart from the token stereotypes that most if not all countries have of the U.S. This probably has something to do with U.S foreign policy and the extreme apathy that has been illustrated over and over by their citizens. Us Kiwis may be a laid back bunch but when we need to we have the balls to stand up for what we believe in, although admittedly these balls are shrinking.

    There is resentment and suspicion from a lot of New Zealanders towards Americans because their country is in such a diabolical shambles, a circumstance they evidently choose not to see, it is infuriating for us because when America sneezes the whole world feels it and when the U.S kicks the bucket which should be soonish by the looks of things, they seem the selfish type to take the whole world down with it, either by nukes or initiating WWIII.

    They base their economy on fundamentally expensive and negative things like War and excesses like eating themselves to death while maintaining a “freedom fighter” image, selling billions of dollars in arms and then “fighting for peace” putting their nose in everyones business e.g the new copyright law in NZ with a fake smile. Now of course all Americans dont support this but what are they doing about it? They are complicit in some of the most heinous acts in history and making it more unstable while we get fed their rubbish T.V shows. what view do they expect we to have of them?

    Of course I could go on but what would be the point, the U.S has shown to all the past decade they are both economically and morally bankrupt, why should we respect them? I can only feel sorry for their innocent citizens for so long.

  29. te2ataria said

    “I don’t know why people are so adamant on New Zealand being targeted as so extremely anti-American when others are so much more so.”

    Try ‘it’s a simple matter of fact!’

    “.. we have the balls to stand up for what we believe in, although admittedly these balls are shrinking.”

    An issue highly disputed!

    “… either by nukes or initiating WWIII.”

    Don’t speak too loud ’cause the Chinese might hear you!!

    “They base their economy on fundamentally expensive and negative things like War and excesses like eating themselves to death while maintaining a ‘freedom fighter’ image, selling billions of dollars in arms and then ‘fighting for peace’ putting their nose in everyones business…”

    This is exactly how New Zealand intellectuals describe this country!

    “Of course I could go on but what would be the point, the U.S has shown to all the past decade they are both economically and morally bankrupt, why should we respect them? I can only feel sorry for their innocent citizens for so long.”

    Brown-nosing New Zealand hasn’t done an iota differently. Additionally, there is a plethora of evidence, verified by large numbers of individuals experiencing them, that the average pakeha is by far more racist than the average white American.

    But don’t let the facts bother you.
    White Moderator K.

    Every now and then a new facet of puke pakeha anti-Americanism bounces to the surface

  30. JLT said

    The reason there is more prejudice in countries ;like New Zealand and Australia now then in the United States and Canada is simply because the percentage of Anglo-Saxons is decreasing in the two latter named.

    With the demographics now in the US of only about 7 percent of the population being of British origin in the United States, and in Canada, the portion is in the neighborhood of 21 percent, the percent of the population that is British is still about 70% in New Zealand and upwards of 60% in Australia.

    Just look at the percentage of Anglo-Saxons in a country’s population and you can directly correlate it to how racist they are.

    Most people don’t know that organizations like the Ku Klux Klan or the Orange Order require white Anglo-Saxon Protestant (British) ancestry for membership. Normally Anglican protestant to boot.

    But it seems to be a cultural thing with the British, and their colonists. Considering the various outrages they perpetuated on the world, I suppose they needed some meme to justify their savage and genocidal conduct.

    But it is the 21st century, and they are a dwindling and increasingly marginalized ethnic group, holding out only in their white colonies. And those are under siege.

  31. te2ataria said

    @ JLT

    I’m a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant myself, but don’t fully agree with your reasoning for the kiwi hatred toward the Americans. Out of curiosity, though, are you of Irish descent?

  32. JLT said

    @te2ataria – No Irish, Just American Indian (Six Nations – Onieda) and some amount of Central European.

    But the KIwi hatred is the same one displayed by many other British world wide, they can be bigoted and still be politically correct, and they picture most people in the US as mongrel races surrounding the dwindling of proper British.

    And it is not all WASPs, but there is a certain percentage who are hard core bigots, and a large group of hangers on.

    You will hear the same things from the Canadian, Austrailian and South African ones, indeed any of their colonials, as well as from the ones in the UK themselves. They really seem to picture themselves as some sort of master race.

    “The WOGs start at the Channel” thinking.

    I really think it is cultural.And the further from the UK you go the greater it manifests itself. And yes they hate the Irish too, even though many of them are really Anglo-Celt, and thus no different then the Irish.

    But my people have been having problems with them for 500 years.

    • te2ataria said

      A (white) American friend of mine who recently returned from Japan tells me horror stories about his experiences in the land of rising sun. He was shabbily treated, despite recent US assistance in the earthquake/tsunami aftermath.

      He has vowed never to return. I’ve encouraged him to publish his amazing experiences.

      Another mutual acquaintance, an African American who lives in Japan, has also experienced extreme acts of harassment in that country. He is married locally and has a kid, so it’s not so easy for him to leave right now.

      However, I understand your pain.

      BTW, I’m D.H. NOT Te2. We all use the same log-on ID to leave behind as small a footprint as possible.

  33. JLT said


    The Japanese are another case point, they are very clannish and stay to themselves

    But the Japanese, save their attempt in and prior to WW2, did not go conquering others and then forcibly taking their lands and exterminating and/or enslaving them., who knows what would have happened if they had succeeded like the British did earlier.

    It must be something about living on an Island and having a monarch that causes this thinking, for that is what the Anglo-Saxons and the Japanese appear to have in common.

    But in both cases their conduct is causing them to die out. . And it seems to boil down to their culture. The Anglos and the Japanese have a lot in common.

    The remaining bastions of Anglo-Saxons in the United States also show this, New England, the Deep South, and the Utah Mormons also share these cultural characteristics.

    • te2ataria said

      God knows it wasn’t for lack of trying. Check on the pre-WWII invasions of Asian countries …

      The points you have made about island nations are mostly valid.

      “But the Japanese, save their attempt in and prior to WW2, did not go conquering others and then forcibly taking their lands and exterminating and/or enslaving them”.

      That’s not entirely accurate:

      “In 1899, the Japanese government passed an act labeling the Ainu as former aborigines, with the idea they would assimilate—this resulted in the land the Ainu people lived on being taken by the Japanese government, and was from then on under Japanese control. Also at this time, the Ainu were granted automatic Japanese citizenship, effectively denying them the status of an indigenous group.
      “The Ainu were becoming increasingly marginalized on their own land—over a period of only 36 years, the Ainu went from being a relatively isolated group of people to having their land, language, religion and customs assimilated into those of the Japanese. In addition to this, the land the Ainu lived on was distributed to the Wajin who had decided to move to Hokkaido, who had been encouraged by the Japanese government of the Meiji era to take advantage of the island’s abundance of natural resources, and to create and maintain farms in the model of western industrial agriculture. This development was termed Kaitakushi. As well as this, factories such as flour mills and beer breweries and mining practices resulted in the creation of infrastructure such as roads and railway lines, during a development period that lasted until 1904. During this time the Ainu were forced to learn Japanese, required to adopt Japanese names and ordered to cease religious practices such as animal sacrifice and the custom of tattooing.”

  34. Tangaroa said

    The Spanish and Portugese were no different to the conquering Anglo-Saxons, except where as the American Indians, Aboriginees, Maoris and Indo/Pakistanis are still around, the Spanish pretty much wiped out the Incas and in no circumstances offered treaties to appease the indigenous populations

  35. te2ataria said

    Acts of genocide, murder, rape, land theft … are crimes against humanity regardless of which party commits them, or the time when they have been carried out.

    It doesn’t make it ok to murder someone, rape his wife and kids and steal their lands just because the guys next door did it too!

    BTW, your choice of word “appease” is inappropriate. Instead, try DECEIVE, SWINDLE, CON …

    For information on the present day Incas see http://www.incas.org/

  36. JLT said


    Really? What do they teach you about the history of the Americas in your schools?

    The descendants of the Incas, Aztecs and Mayas chased the Spanish out in the Bolivarian Revolutions in the early 1800s , (And the United States finished the job in the [Spanish American war, and pretty well trashed the Sapish as a colonial power as well) and Portugal, whose monarch fled to Brazil, also was tossed from the Americas. And there was continual fighting against the European criminals the whole time, for example the last Mayan city was not conquered until the 1720s.

    The real genocides done in the Americas was primarily a British thing, especially with the deliberate distribution of smallpox in North America. My own people certainly would have killed many more of you British invaders of our lands if not for your use of biological warfare. And we had beaten the British into submission a number of times, and stupidly made peace terms you broke anytime you thought you could get away with it.

    You must remember there was about 300 years of history in the Americas before the United States was founded.

    Who do you think lives in most of the ‘Latin’ Americas these days? Most Mexicans and Central Americas are part or all native, and only the southern parts of South America are more European then native, and that only because they were pretty desolate when the settlers arrived. (Argentina and Uruguay.)

    The Iroquois Confederacy existed and had a constitution, the one the United States is now based one in part back into the times of the Norman invasion of England. The Aztecs today are the people of Central Mexico, Mayans are still a proud people and the citizens of Peru and Bolivia are nothing but modern Incas.

    So the Spanish were not quite as efficient as you claimed, to their chagrin. And there never was a large invasion and settlement of Spanish in Central and South America, like the English engaged in in North America.

  37. little girly said

    I have been living in New Zealand for Two years and i have felt some very strong Anti- Americanism!!
    i work in public service and i have never been treated so poorly. I have even had people refuse my service because im American.
    I wish Kiwi’s could see past where im from and get to know me.
    in L.A. when we meet someone from out of state or country we don’t give them shit for living somewhere else. We show them a good time and try to make them feel at home.

    • te2ataria said

      Little girly,
      On behalf of the few white Europeans in New Zealand who are NOT ant-American I apologize for the shabby treatment you have experienced.
      Moderator K.

  38. bc said

    Now that is some terrific journalism.

  39. Yank said

    Paul says –

    “I have never experienced any sort apart from the token stereotypes that most if not all countries have of the U.S.”

    – If you are a Kiwi, you would not, in fact, experience anti-American stereotyping.

    “This probably has something to do with U.S foreign policy and the extreme apathy that has been illustrated over and over by their citizens. Us Kiwis may be a laid back bunch but when we need to we have the balls to stand up for what we believe in, although admittedly these balls are shrinking.”

    – It is true that special interest groups influence the political system in America, and only candidates who are already corrupt enough to know what the game is and find a sponsor to help them beat it (lick the right bums, make the right alliances) make it to public office. Most citizens feel in turn furious and helpless about this. Efforts such as standing third-party candidates are made year after year. We do not have the luxury of having Australia to absorb our unemployment problems, and other countries in general to cover our defense bases for us. There is enormous populist anger in the States, and a desire to return to a more virtuous model of statecraft. How to get there is the question. I do not think genitals have much to do with it, and most Americans do not dress like People of Walmart and swill McDonalds all the time. These are stereotypes which your Kiwi media have no interest in sidestepping due to lack of imagination and an inherent insecurity..

    “There is resentment and suspicion from a lot of New Zealanders towards Americans because their country is in such a diabolical shambles, a circumstance they evidently choose not to see, it is infuriating for us because when America sneezes the whole world feels it and when the U.S kicks the bucket which should be soonish by the looks of things, they seem the selfish type to take the whole world down with it, either by nukes or initiating WWIII.”

    -Many Americans have been frustrated with the government’s military choices. Americans tend to want to play “rescuer” or “cop” and go racing around the world intervening (and spending) in affairs that should not concern us. However, when some crisis arises outside of our own country, often America is called in to assist (as other countries are). Then blamed for the consequences of doing so. The bucket kicking is wishful thinking, hopefully, but it is hard to say. I think Americans do have the inherent survival instinct, creativity and good sense to tackle looming problems if they can roll their sleeves up, tighten their belts and work in earnest to change some things and not just find materials to stuff in the gap.. Already, the political landscape is changing in an interesting way, if you take a good hard look past the hysteria in NZ over the Tea Party types. I don’t think New Zealand will be spared much. With peak oil and the price of petrol, and goods in general, and no public transportation to speak of, it’ll be back to the agricultural model for you, Enjoy your old mutton, mule rides and thrice-darned cardies! Because that’s what will be in store for you. The nuclear finish to WWII was an unfortunate choice and by no means was supported by all Americans, who were in the main horrified to see the human consequences of Oppenheimer’s gadget. The cat has been let out of the bag, however, and won’t be stuffed back in anytime soon. It may be preferable to stop trying to stomp on other countries’ efforts to develop nuclear weapons and “see what happens if they do”. This project was not one in which the American populace was “complicit”. It didn’t know about it until the deed was done. Some say the Manhattan project originated in a revenge plot not originally intended for the Japanese but for the Germans.

    “They base their economy on fundamentally expensive and negative things like War and excesses like eating themselves to death while maintaining a “freedom fighter” image, selling billions of dollars in arms and then “fighting for peace” putting their nose in everyones business e.g the new copyright law in NZ with a fake smile. Now of course all Americans dont support this but what are they doing about it? They are complicit in some of the most heinous acts in history and making it more unstable while we get fed their rubbish T.V shows. what view do they expect we to have of them?”

    Our economy is not “based” on war. The military intervention must be reined in. The neocons are mostly responsible for the recent couple decades of hawkish behavior. They account for a small percentage of voters, but wield inordinate clout due to their backers. Some Americans are overweight, but so too are many Kiwis. Roughly one in three NZ adults are overweight, and on in four obese. I do not think the statistics differ significantly. As far as the crap TV shows, I don’t like them either. I don’t watch them, either. Why do you keep your mouth open and permit yourself to be “fed”? Have you no control over your jaw muscles? They can only keep producing these shows as long as people are willing to eat them. Boycott TV or only watch NZ shows if you have to (I don’t eat those either). As for the copyright laws, smart hackers always find ways around these. Americans included. The copyright laws have no teeth to speak of, and I am certain it was an empty gesture to obtain trade advantages. What government is going to bother knocking on doors stopping its citizens from torrenting movies with so many bigger fish to fry? Please.

    “Of course I could go on but what would be the point, the U.S has shown to all the past decade they are both economically and morally bankrupt, why should we respect them? I can only feel sorry for their innocent citizens for so long”.

    If the citizens are innocent, then why are they treated like they are personally responsible? I do not think you Kiwis have a clue as to what the average American citizen is capable of “doing” about his government. Rather than filling Americans’ ears with hatin’ on the U.S. government’s actions, ask them what they personally would change, and how they would go about it…initiate intelligent dialogue if you are capable of doing so (which I doubt most are). The majority of Americans are happy to talk about that. But individual Yanks in NZ being the recipients of ignorant dumping and “fighting words” rooted in your own citizens’ feelings of powerlessness doesn’t help the situation, does it?

  40. te2ataria said

    Yank said: “Our economy is not ‘based’ on war.”
    President Eisenhower begged to differ!

    US economy cannot function without wars. See Eisenhower’s Farewell Address to the Nation

    Or read the transcript posted at various sites.

  41. Martin Rav said

    I am not an American but I lived long time in America and long enough in New Zealand and I can tell you that Americans are much much better than those proxy kiwis. You can’t even dare to compare American system in any field, education, social welfare, economy, etc., to Kiwi system. Education in New Zealand is extremely bad, economy is shit, racist people thinking that they are developed and more modernized than anybody else. I have known a lot of very high level skilled people who came to New Zealand and left after 9-10 months for US Australia Canada and England. New Zealand is a shity place to live and get high standard education. Noway, North America and Europe are much much better. I felt that New Zealand is pretty much a developing country that will collapse soon and must be part of Australia. Another thing I noticed here is that New Zealand does not have pretty woman. They wear old fashioned clothes and look ugly.

  42. te2ataria said

    Martin Rav said:
    “I noticed here is that New Zealand does not have pretty woman.”

    Two schools of thought on that:
    1. Lots of people blame it on inbreeding and genetic mutations caused by the use of deadly chemicals/poisons like 1080, as well as biochemical agents dumped in and around the country since WWII.
    2. Pretty women don’t stay in [or go to] NZ.

    Search Internet for “hairy women syndrome.”

  43. carpentaro said

    As an American living in NZ, I’d have to say that NZers are anti-American.
    Barring all the finger pointing as to “why”, I’d say that the biggest difference
    in the acceptance of foreigners [Kiwis in the US vs Yanks in NZ] is that NZers in
    the US would be embraced for being different, where as Yanks are looked down
    upon FOR being different.
    NZ seems to have an aversion to technological advances, and are happy to maintain
    the status quo. This aversion is driving away the best and brightest, both Kiwi and
    foreigners. News today: records set for NZers leaving for Oz, fewer migrants coming to NZ.
    If people are “voting with their feet”, then seems as though the results are in.

  44. Likely to be another NZ refugee said

    I find New Zealanders are very anti-American, but there is a contradiction: New Zealander’s want to be American, they want money and power and cars and love American music and movies. But they don’t care anything about their own people, let alone foreigners. They attack America continuously in the media, in politics and in popular culture, and it makes me sick.


    I am disgusted by the NZ government and everything it represents, I wonder why NZ’ers (especially Maori) don’t set themselves alight like in Tibet as the NZ govt treat people with disabilities, the elderly and children worse than cattle.


  45. R said

    So its ok to sit here and be anti NZ but not for New Zealanders to be anti the states seems like a weird double standard to me.

  46. Erich_Raeder (ALEX FROM NEW ZEALAND) said

    I would agree this country is Anti American,look at the hatred levels,thats why I am looking at going to Asia or the US as my next point of moving

  47. BF said

    Te2Ataria you might want to watch this:

    “Gregg Smith an aspiring teacher from America, whose NZ teaching experience became a nightmare.”


  48. BF said

    I generally do not understand why the people in New Zealand hate Americans,seriously Americans are very good people why is the hate towards them intensifying>

  49. Cori said

    Thanks for ones marvelous posting!

  50. call said

    [Are you still working for Air NZ / Tourism industry? Moderator N.]

  51. kate said

    I have read many of the comments here.
    I would like to say that many of these comments regarding American bashing are true- they are peoples’ experiences while living in New Zealand and cannot be discounted or claimed as non-credible, despite what Kiwis may say against them.
    I lived in S. Island for over 7 years and found the narrow-mindedness extreme, even among PhDs. I dropped my English Master’s supervisor because she said derogatory statements about the American Greens Party without any care or sensitivity of ever thinking that I might be of this party… The Uni allowed it.
    Often we are expected to put up with the bashing of Americans, “Chinks” and Maori by Kiwis to live here but I don’t! I also find Aussies degraded as well as East Europeans and the Irish to some extent.
    What I believe to be the case is that Kiwis have a very insecure position in the world as well as amongst themselves. They cannot handle or accept differences or different types of personalities so instead of trying to understand, they judge, not having enough sensitivity or education to know how to deal with or manage themselves otherwise. As a result they bash.
    Does this mean that all Kiwis are bad?… No. But it does mean that since there is no strong identity about Kiwi culture except for rugby and beer drinking, etc… that there is a fragmented ego existing amongst the Kiwi race… the bashing has resulted in a bandwagon effect due to a grandiose inferior complex- probably from being a small country isolated from the rest of the world.

    My questions to Kiwi people:

    What makes your culture or race superior to others?

    What is it about Kiwi culture that you find so special and different from the rest of the world?

    What makes Kiwi people different than other people?

    What does bashing other people and other cultures do for you on a personal level? Do you believe it is acceptable and culturally sound? Does this bashing give you a sense of belonging or superiority over others?

    Why are you able to bash others but when someone confronts you, you pull back and find it insulting or even brash?

    Do you feel good about yourself when you bash others?

    Do you believe that alcohol consumption is a way for you to let go or relax? Do you do most of your bashing when you are drinking? Does drinking give you a sense of cultural identity?… Do you think bashing other people, whether drinking or not, is a positive trait?

    Do you think your culture is culturally repressed and because of this Kiwis may bash others to feel somehow superior of themselves?

    Have you ever heard of Narcissistic Personality Disorder or the term Grandiosity?


  52. te2ataria said

    The problem, I fear, is much worse than that.
    Most kiwis are “pakeha petes” at heart.

  53. Gizzy said

    I never realised that American racism even existed as I do not know any Americans, I am appalled and ashamed that this country would act in this manner towards anyone, of any race.
    I am aware of Asian/Indian racism and my boss is but he is all good yet he too cops flak because he has a different accent.

    That article regarding Dannevirke is close to home for me as I am married to a dannevirke girl, and one thing I notice is her ability to critically think about anything, and if you try to tell her something she does not want to hear then its normally along the lines of “Your wrong because your an idiot” etc…. I believe this is a problem across the whole country people will violently protect their ignorance.

    I wish I had some decent teachers when I was at school especially maths as my teacher was a drop kick kiwi who couldn’t teach a monkey to peel bananas.

    I also want to say I think Americans are among the most awesome in the world, some of the best actors, engineers, scientists, computer geniuses the list goes on.

    So from this Kiwi to any Americans visiting I say sorry for any bad treatment and welcome to our country.

  54. CD said

    [Try for a third time and you might get lucky! Moderator]

  55. kate said

    Most Kiwis do not like Americans unless the American 1) has money to spend w/them, 2) can offer NZ some skill that often times they do not have, 3) interested in the American for sex or adulation or some other self interest like using them for a skill they have… NZ medical community has little research and gets most their research from US or Aus. In NZ if you are Spanish, French, German, etc… you are accepted to bring yourself and your culture over to NZ but the only culture that is unaccepted is America… then second is Asia. At my work place a couple people will not ever talk to me because I am American. I get turned down rentals, jobs, potential relationships because I am No. 1 – American. There is also a bit of sexism in NZ so if you are an American woman you will get it worse than the American man! If you have a narcissistic ego then more power to you as you will fit in with Kiwi culture…

    When Kiwis say they are against US foreign policy they are basically living double standards as their own Government leaders support American Government esp Mr. John Key, working hand-in-hand with US Gov, CIA and US investors/bankers, and so on… Out of all nations in the world, NZ was the only one who agreed to sell chemical weapones to US during the Vietnam War who made Agent Orange… but in reality Kiwis think they are so innocent. Everything is pushed under the rug- this is their English ancestry.

    I wish to say that I often hear how fundamental Americans are… but certainly not the Kiwi. Outside of Wellington one town called Tawa has more Christian churches in it per capita than any other place… I went to look at a flat and the Kiwi lady there said she wanted someone who was a Christian living there. I told her that I was raised Christian but did not read the bible daily… she would not rent to me as she would only rent to someone who read the bible daily… now no American Christian even those who are regarded as fundamental would require this of a renter and get away with it… only in NZ where there are very few laws to protect your rights as an individual regardless of race, gender or age!

    My view of NZers or “Kiwi” birds as they liked to be called- No. 1 bird brains- narrow-minded- insular- selfish people, and cheap and arrogant at that, more arrogant than the Aussie. Now Kiwi women are another breed… lets say they think they are a notch above most other women and that includes European women… (the men here allow them to believe this and act it out) they are judgmental, dominating and lack in empathy overall… I get better treatment from Asians and Pacific islanders here than Kiwi woman or Pakeha Kiwi women who I believe are some of the most dysfunctional women of the world… Try working for one and you will see- bullying is the standard practice here esp if you are pretty and confident- they will try to knock you down and put you under their thumb.

    Bottom line- NZer practice double-standards.

    • te2ataria said

      Thanks for writing in.
      An American buddy of mine who lived in Auckland for a while described the average kiwi as emotionally-starved, culturally-retarded, politically-neutered, invidious bunch of feckless and lazy hypocrites, or words to that effect.
      I think both your takes are spot on!

      BTW, did you read about the kiwi woman who punched two tourists in an unprovoked attack near a Raglan campground Thursday night?
      Stay in touch.
      Best regards,

  56. Mel said

    Kiwis are some of the fattest, ugliest people I’ve EVER seen in my life!!!!

  57. Gizzy said

    We are among the worst drivers in the World too absoloutely useless and also very impatient.

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