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50,000 Foreigners Violently Killed, Permanently Maimed or Seriously Injured by NZ Tourism Machination since 2000 — Welcome to the World's Deadliest Tourist Attraction: The Final Destination!

Asian Plight

New Zealand has total contempt for Asians, especially the Vietnamese, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese and Indians.

New Zealand establishment considers the “yellow,” “brown,” and all other “colored” races as non-human. During the Vietnam war, WMDs manufactured in New Zealand, including Agent Orange, and New Zealand soldiers were used to commit genocide against the North Vietnamese.

In the four weeks to 5 October 2008, at least 4 Chinese women and two Chinese men were killed in New Zealand, and the body of another dead Korean was discovered.

The following is a more recent, but incomplete list of atrocities committed against the Asians, especially the Chinese who live or visit New Zealand, and who are otherwise easy targets for abuse by New Zealanders.

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34 Responses to “Asian Plight”

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  17. luco14 said

    God this site is one of the most racist, vile spewing sites to come from New Zealand.

    • te2ataria said

      This site refelects only the hatered you and people like you have brought to my country, and the harm you have done to my people and our land.

      Racist? NOT so! How could it be, pakeha are NOT a race. See below for an explanation:
      Is the content of this blog racist?
      No! Because pakeha are NOT a Race [anymore than the ZioNazis are!]

      NOTE: pakeha are invariably introduced as ‘Europeans’ in an attempt to gather support and sympathy for them, and so that they could hide their ugly faces behind the Europeans’ backsides. It’s true, of course, that pakeha are of European descent, but that doesn’t make every European a pakeha [anymore than it makes every Londoner Jack the Ripper.] In Moderator’s experience, the average pakeha, the worst murderous land thieves, rustlers and monsters that ever walked the earth, are the lowest form of life. Furthermore, pakeha are neither a race, nor a nation. They are an incompetent mercenary group that occupy other people’s land through the sheer force of their numbers. Any adverse remark made against them, therefore, would be neither racist, nor anti-European.
      [It’s acknowledged that a handful of ‘pious pakeha’ live among the vast majority of these thieves and assassins.]

      Be sure to also visit the blog entries linked to below

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  19. […] New Zealand has total contempt for Asians, especially the Vietnamese, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese and… […]

  20. Broken Prince said

    [Write something sensible, and ye shall be heard. Moderator D.H.]

  21. Samuel welsh said

  22. Amanda said

    [Like yourself, a whole load of bad asses come banging and scratching on the door, swearing and … would you let into your house for a sensible discussion? Moderator D.H. ]

  23. Umm... said

    [Umm…, eat manuka. Moderator.]

  24. te2ataria said

    Two more foreigners assaulted in New Zealand:

    “A Filipino woman had a 4-litre tin
    of paint thrown over her and her
    children as she was putting them in
    her car, and an African man was set
    upon by a skinhead as he left a
    bottle store.”


    Other recent attack on Koreans and other Asians:
    Racist Street Attacks In Christchurch



  25. Anthony said

    New Zealand is quite screwed up isn’t it , statistically. Nearly 2000 visitors got murdered here in 9 years, thats really scary.

  26. Kelly said

    [Yah, it’s a sad story. Were you ever a victim of rape or sodomy yourself? Would you be happy if all pakeha male were castrated at birth? Moderator K.]

  27. Spartacus said

    Just a historic note… the genocide occured against the South Vietnamse, not the North Vietnamse. Every drop of Dioxins, every molecule of Agent Orange, without exception, was dropped on SOUTH Vietnam. But if you tell someone the Americans attacked South Vietname they look at you as if you’re talking Moon Language.


  28. Pamela Hargrave said

    [I fail to see how your comment is related to our website. Moderator K]

  29. Spartacus said

    It’s relevant in the very first paragraph, “WMDs manufactured in New Zealand, including Agent Orange, and New Zealand soldiers were used to commit genocide against the North Vietnamese”.

    If an accusation of genocide is to be made, I think it is important – not least to honouring the memory of victims – that the target of the genocide is correctly made.

    Note I don’t “blame” the person who wrote the article, it’s an extremely common misperception, but it’s a deliberate misperception the US Military-Entertainment Complex has worked tirelessly to engineer, that is it feeds into the myth the US was “protecting the South from the North”. Nothing could be further from the truth. The US attacked the South. So not only were WMDs used against the Vietnamese, they were used against the very Vietnamese the US were pretending to protect.

    If you read a well-meaning article that confused the indigenous Australian and the Maori you might wish to correct them on their mistake. Given the systemic horror of defoliants and napalm, from the immediate torturous deaths to the long-birth defects, ALL of which was ENTIRELY targeted on the South, I think it’s appropriate, even necessary, to be correct in noting the victims of that genocide. I think they deserve that much.

    • te2ataria said

      @ Spartacus
      Your argument falls outside the scope of this blog.

      Lowest and Highest estimates for the no of MILITARY deaths
      -North Vietnam & Viet Cong side: 533,000 – 1,489,000
      -South Vietnam: 220,357 – 316,000

  30. Hal said

    [Thanks for sharing that info. K]

  31. Bf said

    I still hear that Asians in New Zealand are still having a hard time to get a job as well

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