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5,500 Foreigners Violently Killed & 35,000 Seriously Injured by NZ Tourism Machination since 2000 — Welcome to the World's Deadliest Tourist Attraction: The Final Destination!

Aussies Killed in NZ


[An incomplete list of unidentified victims of NZ tourism, possibly Australians,  will be posted bottom of the page.]

LIFE is such a nothingburger in NZ…

“We can never understand why foreigners kick up such a big fuss when their loved ones are killed over here!” –Official attitude

Two Australians killed driving, two Australians killed climbing, two Australians killed diving… soon half the Australian population… and we’ll run out of body bags. [November 12, 2019]

Hundreds of Aussies killed in NZ

Deaths of many foreigners in NZ, especially the Australian fatalities, go unreported. The fatalities are bad for business; therefore, police simply block and bury the details. However, where there are many credible witnesses, police are left with little option but to report the fatalities.

One of the latest examples was the  Aussie PhD student Shaun Hopkins, whose decomposing body was discovered at a Victoria University hall of residence in January 2018, but whose death was kept secret by police for 23 months until it was uncovered by a reporter.

  • Readers will note that only a tiny fraction of Murders, Road fatalities and Rapes are reported in New Zealand.
  • Starting December 2011, NZ government has again intensified its censorship of information concerning the foreigners killed in New Zealand to protect the cutthroat tourism and banking.
  • For every tourist killed in New Zealand at least SIX others are seriously/ critically injured. But somehow they disappear from the radar–their details are treated as State secrets, never to be released.

Murdered while visiting NZ? Police will do everything they can to punish your murderer(s)!

Slamming the prison door in the murderer’s face after victim’s life has bolted: “[Visitors who’d be murdered in NZ should rest assured that] we will do everything we can to find those responsible for serious crimes and hold them to account.” —NZ police

If you know of other victims who have not been listed here, please drop us a line!

A partial list of Aussies Killed in NZ

The following list represents only a small fraction of Australian tourists, students… who were killed in NZ…

Death of experienced pilot David Wilson a ‘big loss’ for Australian gliding community – Nov 22, 2017
The Australian gliding community is mourning the loss of Melbourne pilot David Wilson, who died when his glider crashed during a competition in Otago.

Two Pilots Plunge to Their Deaths – Jan 20, 2014

Two aircraft crashes claimed as many lives yesterday. A glider pilot died in a crash on farmland south of Auckland only hours after a fixed-wing pilot, Martin Lowen, 55, died in a crash west of Christchurch.
In the second death, police said a glider had taken off from the Auckland Gliding Club in Appleby Rd about 2pm and it crashed about 4pm on farmland in the Drury Hills area.
A police spokesman said the pilot was found dead by emergency services but the [Australian?] victim could not be named as next-of-kin had not been notified.

– Arthur’s Pass canyoning fatality
Monday, 26 March 2018 – 4:17pm – Canterbury
The woman who was violently killed while canyoning in Arthur’s Pass National Park on Sunday 18 March was 38-year-old Verena Kuehl from Australia, police said.

–  Two more Australians killed in New Zealand [January 2, 2016]
Two Australians, Stuart Jason Hollaway, 42, and his partner Dale Amanda Thistlethwaite, 35, were killed after falling from Mt Silberhorn in New Zealand’s Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park. The victims’ bodies have finally been recovered from the upper slopes of the mountain.

The pair had been travelling in New Zealand for about three weeks, and were the second and third Melburnians to die on a mountain in Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park in under two weeks.

–   Nicola Anne Andrews, 28, was killed when she fell 300 metres from the side of The Footstool on to the Eugenie Glacier on December 23, 2015.

–   Melbourne woman, two divers killed in New Zealand  [December 24, 2015]
Ms Andrews, 28, died after falling 300 metres onto a glacier at Footstool mountain, in the Aoraki Mount Cook National Park on the South Island, on Wednesday.


–   Cruise ship ditches search for Australian passenger who went overboard
A cruise ship is Auckland-bound minus one Australian passenger lost overboard in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean.
[The 294-metre long Norwegian Jewel has capacity for 2,376 ocean-fouling guests, and 1,069 crew. ]

The Final Destination: At least 16 Aussies killed, another 11 injured in White Island eruption. Full list of the dead and injured is posted at The Final Destination: 16 Australians Killed (so far)

Australian Hiker Killed Falling on Routeburn Track
Friday, 6 December 2019 – 9:40pm | Southern
An Australian hiker was killed after falling on the Routeburn track at a spot between Lake McKenzie Hut and Routeburn Falls Hut, about 12.45pm today. The hiker was reportedly seriously injured and died moments later.

The Final Destination: Two More Australian Women Killed in NZ
The two Australian visitors who were killed in a violent crash near Selwyn have been named as Fox McCrossin, 58, and her wife, Joan McCrossin, 56, of Victoria, Australia.

Two climbers killed on The Remarkables
Thursday, 7 November 2019 – 1:25pm  – Southern
Police are now in a position to confirm the names of the two men who died following a climbing accident on The Remarkables on Wednesday.
They were 62-year-old Brett Alexander Lentfer who resided in Australia.
And 44-year-old James Harry Spaile of Australia.

The Final Destination: Dead Aussie Student was Shaun Hopkins

Australian student’s decaying body found at Victoria University in January 2018
The body of Australian student lay undetected at a university hall of residence for at least three days, before someone finally became aware of it, probably due to the decaying smell.

Stuff revealed on Thursday an Australian man, aged in his 30s, died in Victoria University’s Education House in January last year. His body was not found for three days.

It’s understood the student was Shaun Hopkins, who was studying a PhD in Logic at the university at the time of his death.


  • NZ police treated the death as a state secret and blocked all reporting.
  • Report of Shaun Hopkins death was suppressed by Victoria University due to commercial reasons.
  • The cause of death has not been revealed.

See also: Death of Aussie student classified as state secret by NZ police!?

More Aussies murdered, killed, go missing in NZ than…

The victim in the Raglan campervan fatal shooting overnight has been identified as 33-year-old Victorian man Sean McKinnon.

Mr McKinnon, who grew up in south-western Victoria, and his 32-year-old Canadian girlfriend, were sleeping at the Te Toto Gorge carpark in Raglan, on the west coast of the North Island, early this morning, when the shooter approached their campervan and demanded the keys to the vehicle. He opened fired on the van moments later.

murder victim Sean McKinnon

Aussie tourist Sean McKinnon, 33, and his Canadian girlfriend were sleeping in a rented campervan before he was shot dead. Blog Moderators believe the shooting was NOT random, as suggested by NZ police.


The Final Destination: These 12 skiers, too, killed in NZ

Aussie snowboarder dies at Coronet Peak (5 August 2019)
The 42-year-old Australian was discovered lying in the snow by four other mountain users about 11.35am. Cause of death has not been revealed.
New Zealand coroner’s office has confirmed the identity of the man as Chris Musgrave, of Angourie in northern NSW.

What are the probabilities some of the dozens of international students who allegedly took their own lives in Australia were actually murdered by white supremacist students, gangs…?

In addition to the death of the Chinese International student Zhikai Liu, who had travelled more than 9,000 kilometres to study at the University of Melbourne, “the Coroners Prevention Unit unearthed another 43 suicide deaths involving foreign citizens thought to be studying in Victoria, or having recently finished their studies, between 2009 and 2015.”

Australian skier killed while skiing at Devil’s Staircase, near Queenstown (12 August 2015)
Skier Roger Greville, 58, from Sydney, was killed after being pulled from snow near the Devil’s Staircase, near Queenstown.

Sydney snowboarder kiled in 200-metre fall August 8, 2011
A SYDNEY snowboarder has died after sliding down a deep ravine into rocks in New Zealand’s mountainous back country. A 29-year-old Australian snowboarder has died in New Zealand after falling an estimated 200 metres. He was killed after sliding down a deep ravine into rocks in New Zealand’s mountainous back country. “The 29-year-old technician, who was holidaying in the South Island with friends, had taken his snowboard off to climb the side of Tarn Basin, behind the Mt Cheeseman Ski Area, near Christchurch, when he slipped.”

Australian skier dies after fall (September 11, 2009)
AN Australian skier has been killed and three snowboarders seriously injured in a horror day on New Zealand’s ski-fields.
Stan Siejka, a 51-year-old Tasmanian neurologist, died yesterday morning in Christchurch Hospital’s intensive care unit after a fall at the Porters ski area near Canterbury on Wednesday.

Avalanche victim had escaped death three weeks earlier (16 August 2009)
Jonathan Morgan, 38, had a narrow brush with death three weeks before being killed by an avalanche in the Ragged Range near Methven. He was killed on Friday, 14 August 2009.

A SYDNEY businessman killed in an avalanche in New Zealand [August 16, 2009]
New Zealand police today released the name of the 61-year-old businessman, Llynden Riethmuller, who was killed by a torrent of snow and ice.

Dead man dragged 200m into gully by avalanche [published on ]
Ryan Manu Campbell, 30, was killed by an avalanche while snowboarding with friends outside the Coronet Peak ski area boundary. He triggered an avalanche about 4.40pm, which dragged him several hundred metres into a gully by the slide at the skifield boundary near Queenstown on August 2, 2009. “Coronet Peak Ski Area manager Hamish McCrostie confirmed Mr Campbell was carried 200 to 300m by the slide to a point in a narrow gully.

Australian killed in avalanche in New Zealand (24 July 2009)
An Australian tourist has been killed in an avalanche while heli-skiing in the Ragged Range, near the South Island ski town of Methven on New Zealand’s south island.

The search for an Australian climber has been called off! [December 13, 2008]
Dr Mark Vinar, 43, is presumed dead after either falling into a crevasse or being buried under snow and ice,  a police constable  said.

Missing climber may never be found []
The body of the Australian climber who fell to his death while climbing New Zealand’s highest peak with his younger brother may never be recovered. Perth-based Dr Mark Vinar the second climber to die on Mt Cook in seven days is presumed to have fallen about 500m down to the base of Zurbriggens Ridge.”
Mark Vinar is the ninth person to have died on Zurbriggens Ridge and the 70th to have died on Mt Cook since 1907. In all, 34 Australians have perished in Mt Cook National Park.” []

The following information was submitted by a blog reader from Denmark

Families, friends mourn Australian deaths in NZ avalanche –
Updated 31 Dec 2003, 9:48pm
Families, friends and colleagues are mourning the death of four men, including two Australian, who died in an avalanche in New Zealand yesterday.

Australians Dave Neil Gardner, 40, and Dr Andrew Charles Platts, 31, died with two other people in the avalanche on the slopes of Mount Tasman in the Mount Cook National Park in New Zealand.
Three of the four who died, including Mr Gardner, were mountain guides for the same company.
At least ten people have died on Mt Cook this year (2003).

Woman killed in Arthur’s Pass canyoning fall named  – Friday, 23 March 2018
A German/Australian woman killed in a tragic fall near Temple Basin on Sunday afternoon was a paramedic from Bundaberg in Queensland.
Verena Jantje Kuhl, 32, known as Jantje, fell 100m to her death on the Twin Creeks Falls while canyoning with her partner.

Coronet Peak skier death – Name release
Monday, 23 September 2019 – 4:13pm
Police can now release the name of the woman who was killed while skiing at Coronet Peak, Queenstown, on Saturday 21 September.
She was 60-year-old Anita Maureen Graf [nationality undisclosed –Editor] who lived in Queenstown.

Melbourne woman, two divers killed in New Zealand

Female Australian visitor killed in Aoraki Mt Cook National Park

The Australian woman who was killed in a fall at Aoraki Mt Cook National Park yesterday (23 December 2015) has been named as 28 year old Nicola Anne Andrews from Melbourne.

The victim fell about 300m onto the Eugenie Glacier. http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/victim-climbing-accident-named

RIP. Nicola Anne Andrews, 28, an Australian engineering student, was killed after falling 300 metres onto a glacier while climbing in New Zealand’s Mt Cook National Park. Two years ago she  climbed to Everest Base Camp.

Last week, two divers, possibly overseas visitors, were killed near Wellington.


A 45 year male scuba diver has been found by another diver on the sea floor near Red Rocks Wellington at approximately 2.50pm this afternoon. The name of the diver is not available at this stage, police said. vhttp://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/diver-found-deceased-sea-floor-%E2%80%93-red-rocks-wellington

Diver dead after being found off Wellington’s south coast  A diver has been pronounced dead after being found off the south coast of Wellington on Sunday (20 December 2015).   http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/75307862/diver-dead-after-being-found-off-wellingtons-south-coast

Diver found dead off Wellington coast  A scuba diver has died off Wellington’s south coast.
The 45-year-old man was found by another diver on the sea floor near Red Rocks in Wellington at about 2.50pm on Saturday (12 December 2015). The diver’s name has not been released.  http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/75040373/Diver-found-dead-off-Wellington-coast

Other Recent Diving Deaths

RIP. The body of the 37-year-old Bua-Ngoen Thongsi was recovered by the police dive squad about 100 metres from her last known position on 10 February 2015. The Thai woman never resurfaced while diving for crayfish.

  • Body recovered from Rotorua lake  The body of 24-year-old William Van Der Voort,  has been retrieved from Lake Rotorua by the Police National Dive Squad this afternoon (Thursday, 27 November 2014). Divers located him in approximately 3m of water, about 500m from shore.  http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/body-recovered-rotorua-lake
  • Dead diver’s name remains a mystery. Waikato Police working to identify deceased female Coromandel diver. “Work is currently underway to identify the woman and locate her family and we will not be able to release the woman’s name until her family have been notified. Police would like to extend our sympathies to the woman’s family for their loss,” said police on 4 November 2014. Her identity remains a mystery after 13 months!  http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/waikato-police-working-identify-deceased-coromandel-diver

New Zealand’s tourist death machine in top gear

The two Australian climbers who were killed in Mt Silberhorn have been named as Stuart Jason Hollaway aged 42 of Melbourne, and his partner Dale Amanda Thistlethwaite aged 35 also from Melbourne, police said.

The victims’ bodies were finally recovered from the upper slopes of the mountain. “Mr Hollaway was a highly respected and experience mountain guide and Ms Thistlethwaite was also a very experienced climber.”

RIP. Stuart Jason Hollaway, 42, and his partner Dale Amanda Thistlethwaite, 35, were killedafter falling from Mt Silberhorn in New Zealand’s Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park. The victims’ bodies have finally been recovered from the upper slopes of the mountain.

The pair had been travelling in New Zealand for about three weeks, and were the second and third Melburnians to die on a mountain in Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park in under two weeks.

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ONLY Death is Democratic in NZ!

At least 5,000 foreigners—overseas visitors international students, foreign workers and new immigrants from more than 60 countries—have been killed/murdered and 30,000 others seriously injured in New Zealand since January 2000. At least 98 percent of the casualties would’ve been avoidable, if the ultra-racist, white supremacist slaughterhouse gave a f*ck. [Updated January 2019]

Three foreigners are being killed/murdered in New Zealand on average every four days.

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Monash University commits two students to death

The two young men would have been alive today had Monash cared!

New Zealand is he deadliest tourist destination in the world, especially for international students and young visitors. We’ve been posting news and information on this blog about the inordinate number of foreign visitors who have lost their lives in this country for the past 7 years. Most of those deaths, like the latest tragedy, were avoidable…

Police have named the two young victims who drowned in freezing waters while kayaking on Lake Tekapo in New Zealand as Daniel Thomas Hollnsteiner (aged 21) from New York, USA and James Robert Murphy (aged 20) from London, England.

The two young victims were students attending Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and were visiting New Zealand during a semester break, police said.

Since 2011, on average, 3 foreigners have been killed in New Zealand every 4 days.

Lake Tekapo young victims
RIP. Daniel Hollnsteiner (left) and James Murphy. Source: Internet. They died because NOBODY cared!

Statement by Monash University

“Our University community is deeply saddened by the news of the tragic deaths of two of our students, Daniel Thomas Hollnsteiner and James Robert Murphy, in a kayaking accident on the South Island of New Zealand.”

We’re an alethophobic nation of cheats, liars, fraudsters . . . [and many rapists and murderers, too!] If you want to know who or what we’re really like, watch the movie Jamaica Inn. We’re the shipwreckers!

NZ government (police and Ministry of Resurrection) under-report road fatalities and murders in the same way Puerto Rican officials (US Govt) misled the world following Hurricane Maria. Death toll from the deadly storm was reported at only 64, instead of the scientifically researched total of at least 2,975.

In NZ, about two-thirds of road fatalities go unreported, or unrecorded to protect the cutthroat tourism and banking. [See blog entries under Ministry of Resurrection.]

See also: Police censorship produces NZ’s “lowest murder rate in decades”

Two women killed, two others seriously injured – February 18, 2015

Earlier yesterday, two women, South African Model Natasha Strydom, 20, of Waiuku and Jani Von Wielligh, 20, of Adelaide, Australia, were killed on the Hauraki Plains and two others left seriously injured in hospital after two separate crashes within hours of each other in Waikato.

Tributes for Australian detective killed in NZ rafting tragedy – Updated 21/05/2018

An Australian man who died in a rafting accident in New Zealand has been identified as 31-year-old police officer, Joshua Paroci.

Update Waikato double fatality crash
Tuesday, 17 February 2015, 10:16 am – Press Release: New Zealand Police – Update Waikato double fatality crash

A busy rural highway linking the Coromandel to Auckland is expected to be closed for some time as investigators work to determine what caused a crash that claimed the lives of two overseas visitors today.

Sergeant Dave Reid of the Waikato District Command Centre said emergency services were called to the intersection of SH25 and Pipiroa Rd, between Waitakaruru and Kopu, about 7.45am.

“The Serious Crash Unit is on site and currently working to establish the cause of what has occurred so it would be premature to speculate at this time.

“What we do know is that a head-on collision has occurred on SH25 between a Thames bound Mazda Demio car and a Volkswagen Passat heading north away from Thames.”

Mr Reid said the two female occupants of the Mazda died in the collision and work is underway to try and confirm their identities and nationalities.

“At this stage we are still trying to confirm it but it appears both women were Australian nationals.

“The sole occupant and female driver of the Passat was freed by fire-fighters and has been airlifted to hospital by helicopter in a serious to critical condition.

Aussie’s Body recovered from Mt Aspiring – December 7, 2009

For every 30 Aussies killed in New Zealand lately, only one New Zealander is killed in Australia.

An Australian man fell about 40 meters to his death while camping in Mt Aspiring National Park. His body was found by the local “search and recover dead bodies” team.

The body of the 30-year-old man who came from Canberra. “was recovered by Wanka Land SAR group at 7.30am from the northern slopes of Sisyphus Peak in the eastern branch of the Matukituki River of Mt Aspiring National Park.” a report said.

He was tramping with his partner, whose identity also remains a secret, and a group of nine New Zealanders from Dunedin.

His death raises the ratio of the numbers of Aussies killed in New Zealand against NZers killed in Oz, to about 30 : 1.

NZ Tourist Deathtraps Claim another Aussie – January 24, 2011
Another ‘Bloody Stupid’ Aussie ‘Fell to His Death’

James Poland, 48, is the latest ‘unlucky’ Aussie to be killed in New Zealand
New Zealand police farce has previously described Australian tourists who are killed in NZ Tourist Deathtraps as “bloody stupid.”

Mr Poland, 48, from West Launceston, Tasmania, reportedly fell 100 metres to his death near Lake Adelaide while on a three day tramp in the area.

Mr Poland was killed after a fall at Barrier Knob, about 3km north of Homer Hut, a policeman said.

The victim’s body was found by a search and body-recovery helicopter crew in the Lake Adelaide area on Sunday, NZPA said.

December 2009: Expatriate Australian Karl Walter Quaass, 30, Dunedin – Wilmot Saddle was killed while tramping).
Sent by a reader –  https://newzeelend.wordpress.com/killed-in-nz/#comment-72044

Another Aussie Goes Missing in NZ Lake February 5, 2011
Aussie Couldn’t Swim 55 Meters?

Aussie, 27, Vanishes on Lake Rotoroa, in Nelson Lakes National Park
There’s something fishy about this story. Judge for yourself.
An Australian tourist went missing on Lake Rotoroa, in Nelson Lakes National Park yesterday, after jumping off his boat and trying to swim 55 meters to shore.
“His companions continued to shore, from where they could see their friend who seemed fine in the water,” according to a report.

Two More Tourists Killed in New Zealand – August 9, 2011
Two more foreigners were killed in New Zealand, while a third sustained near fatal injuries, and a fourth said to be lucky to be alive.

1. Dutchman Bram Klaarenbeek, 38, died while being operated on in Waikato Hospital on Friday after a fall at Whakapapa Ski Field earlier in the day.

2. Sydneysider Tim Stone, 29, sustained severe head injuries while snowboarding at Mt Cheeseman near Christchurch. He died in Christchurch Hospital on Sunday afternoon.

3. A young woman, believed to be an Aussie, has sustained spinal injuries while skiing.


New Zealand Air Crash Kills 9 – September 11, 2010
Faulty Plane and/or Incompetent Pilot Kill 9, Including 4 Tourists, 1 Immigrant and 2 Aussies
Fletcher FU24 skydiving aircraft burst into flames shortly after takeoff near the Fox Glacier on New Zealand’s South Island killing all 9 people onboard.
Police named the dead tourists and others as

  • Glen Bourke, 18, from Melbourne, Australia
  • Annita Kirsten, 23, from Germany
  • Patrick Byrne, 26, from County Wexford, Ireland
  • Brad Coker, 24, from Farnborough, U.K.
  • Chaminda Senadhira, 33, [pilot]
  • Adam Bennett, 47, from Australia [skydiving instructor ]


Aussie soldier, Israeli CEO, Chinese teen… – February 16, 2013
Guessed the connection this time?
An Australian soldier working with the NZ Army was killed by a truck and trailer on State Highway 1 near Rolleston, Christchurch.
The soldier was walking along SH1 when he was hit about 12.30am on Saturday, according to NZ Newswire.
He died at the scene, police said.

“Unexplained death” another Aussie murder mystery? October 28, 2015
Who killed the Australian woman on Bluff Highway?

The Australian female national who was killed on Bluff Highway has finally been named as Tamara Maree Schmidt, 37, from Brisbane, Australia, Invercargill Police said.

Anyone with information can contact Invercargill Police on 03 211 0400. http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/name-released-unexplained-death

“She was potentially dead when she was hit,” said Southern district police communications manager Nic Barkley.

Australian killed in a fall while gardening – December 30, 2015
An Australian man was killed “during a routine gardening job on the West Coast”, just three weeks after arriving in the country.
The man who lived in Brisbane, was trimming a macrocarpa tree on a property he owned on Woodstock-Rimu Rd, near Hokitika, when he fell to his death on Sunday. http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/west-coast/75491021/Australian-man-killed-during-gardening-job-on-the-West-Coast

An Australian tourist was killed in a car crash in Rotorua yesterday February 6, 2010
The man was at least the 24th tourist killed in New Zealand in 2010, and the 1,786th since January 2000.
New Zealand police are looking for any excuse to pin the blame on the victim.

Young Aussie Killed in New Zealand – December 15, 2010
Eng Wu Ong, 21, of Melbourne Killed on Mt Aspiring
Members of the Wanaka Alpine Cliff Dead Body Recovery team say they have recovered the body of Mr Eng Wu Ong, 21, of Melbourne.

Another Aussie killed in New Zealand – May 10, 2017
Aussie killed in Waimate crash– name release
Aussie killed in side by side ATV crash
The man killed in a crash near Elephant Hill, Waimate on Saturday 6 May was 31-year-old Ryan Stuart from Australia, police said.
“The crash occurred on private property and involved a side by side ATV.” http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/name-release-following-fatal-crash-waimate

Another Aussie killed in a NZ top-ten deathtrap – June 1, 2017
Australian tourist’s body recovered from Fox Glacier

The body of a 66-year-old Australian man, who was reportedly hunting near Fox Glacier, Western Ranges, south of Karangarua with his son, has been recovered, police said.

The Aussie visitor’s body was found down a ravine by his son during the trip. They were visiting from New South Wales.

“Other family members are flying out from Australia today to join the son.”

‘Four Britons and two Australians’ among 7 killed in NZ chopper crash
Posted on November 21, 2015
“Fox Glacier helicopter crash pilot was not properly trained for his role”
“Queenstown pilot Mitch Gameren, 28, and six tourists were killed when the Alpine Adventures’ AS350 Squirrel helicopter he was flying on a scenic trip plunged into a deep crevasse in the glacier on November 21, 2015.”
“The Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) today published its final report on the November 2015 crash, saying the operator’s pilot training system did not fully prepare the pilot for his role.”
“The tourists were Australians Sovannmony Leang, 27, and Josephine Gibson, 29, as well as Cynthia Charlton, 70, husband Nigel Charlton, 66, Andrew Virco, 50, and his partner Katharine Walker, 51, all from the UK.”

Australian woman killed in New Zealand – October 27, 2015
Monday, 26 October 2015. An Australian woman was knocked down and killed while walking on State Highway 1 (Bluff Highway) near the intersection with Omaui Rd about 1am Monday. The death was being treated as a homicide investigation until foul play could be ruled out, police said. https://newzeelend.wordpress.com/2015/10/27/australian-woman-killed-in-new-zealand-2/

Killed in NZ: Australian tourist to go home in body bag – October 24, 2012
Melbourne woman Chelsea Callaghan died at the weekend having suffered severe head injuries while on a quad bike adventure tour less than two weeks ago.
Ms Callaghan, 38, who had signed up for a tour with “quad-bike specialist” Riverland Adventures, sustained her injuries at Klondyke Rd, in Onewhero, just outside Auckland, on October 11, according to a report.

Australian Climber Killed in NZ Fiordland – February 24, 2012
Athol Whimp, 50, fell more than 800 meters to his death while climbing the Homer Saddle in Fiordland National Park on Thursday, February 23, 2012, police said.
Whimp was an experienced and well-regarded mountain climber who had been holidaying in New Zealand, Sergeant Ian Martin, of Invercargill police said.

Australian Woman Killed in Karako Glacier Named – March 24, 2011
Police have named the Australian woman killed in Fiordland national park as Melissa Therese Martin, 38, of Sydney.
Mrs Martin’s husband is said to have received non-life threatening injuries, after he fell 40 metres down an ice face in Karako Glacier area.
About 30 times as many Australians are killed in New Zealand, as New Zealanders are in Australia.

The Final Destination: Aussie Policeman Killed in Aoraki/Mt Cook Avalanche – November 30, 2018
Mt Cook avalanche death – name release
Friday, 30 November 2018 – 3:40pm – Canterbury
The latest victim of Mt Cook was a policeman from Australia, police has revealed.
He was Nathan Deutschbein, aged 40.
The avalanche happened on the Eugenie Glacier, just below the Footstool mountain peak, about 1.30pm on Thursday.
Among the reported multiple victims claimed by the mountain, was a 29-year-old Australian woman, Nicola Anne Andrews, who was also killed in the Eugenie Glacier area when she fell 300 meters while climbing in December 2015, a report confirmed.

One minutes the Australian tourist was alive, happily rafting on Shotover River…
May 21, 2018 – Another Aussie killed in a NZ tourist deathtrap!
….the next minute his chest was being cut open by a medical examiner!
“Six Australians and their guide were rafting with company Challenge Rafting on the Shotover River when the raft overturned near the Toilet Rapids.”
However, one of them was killed when clumsy attempts to rescue him failed, according to reports.

UPDATE: Two Foreigners Killed in NZ: Australian killed in Queenstown rafting rescue named
The Australian victim who was killed during a botched up rescue attempt in a rafting incident on Saturday 19 May was 31-year-old Joshua Paroci of New South Wales, Australia.
Mr Paroci, a police officer since 2008, worked in the child abuse and sex crimes squad.

Australian family decimated within minutes of arriving in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on September 20, 2016

Road massacre in Huntly: Australian violinist and two stepsons killed, while his partner and her daughter barely escaped death

The Australian family decimated in the deadly car crash had just arrived in New Zealand on Monday and had been on their way to visit relatives for the holidays.

Australian violinist Stephen Phillips and his two stepsons, aged 12 and 14, were killed instantly when the [most probably defective] rental car they were travelling in collided with a truck on State Highway 1 at Huntly on Monday afternoon.

The boys’ mother was rushed to hospital in a critical condition along with her daughter Tessa, 9, who barely survived the crash.

“There’s bits of car scattered hundreds of metres from where the crash happened. It’s everywhere, as far as the eye can see,” said an eye-witness.

Aussie brothers killed in NZ

Phillips, 54, was First Violinist with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra (QSO) and his partner, Belinda Williams, 40, was a casual guest musician for the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and played the viola.

“Stephen had been a member of the QSO since 1987 and Belinda has played with the QSO since 2002.”   http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/84441039/ages-released-of-three-males-who-died-in-huntly-crash

Other reported road murders this morning…

Woman killed by truck and trailer while walking on state highway
A 46-year-old woman was killed after being hit by a truck and trailer unit while walking along State Highway 1 at Kinleith in the earlier this morning.

New Zealand: A Tourist Deathtrap!  March 24, 2008
A 32-year-old Australian tourist was killed on the South Island’s West Coast in a head-on collision on one of New Zealand’s treacherous roads east of Greymouth. Original Report
Tourist killed in crash named
[25 Mar, 2008]

Police have named an Australian tourist killed in a car accident on the South Island’s West Coast over Easter.

He was Christopher Kai Leung Ho, 32, of New South Wales who died when the car he was a passenger in crossed into the path of a van on State Highway 7, east of Greymouth on Saturday night.

Mr Ho was one of five tourists among the long-weekend road toll of eight, two more than the previous Easter.

Four members of one Hong Kong family were killed when their car collided head-on with a four-wheel drive near Clevedon, 40km southeast of Auckland, on Good Friday.

Sze (also known as Clara) Wan Ng, 32 was the only survivor of the crash that killed her sister, husband and parents.

She was seriously injured but is expected to be full recovery.

The dead were Wilson Wing Fung Ha, 33, Lai Chun Yip, 61, Kong Hoi Ng, 59, and Sze Lui Ng, 25. The family had only been in New Zealand for a day.

Henry Maxwell Croft, 18, of Hurunui, North Canterbury, died at Christchurch Hospital on Saturday after being injured when he drove into a rock face near Cheviot on Good Friday morning.

Paige Patricia Timothy, 16, died in Christchurch Hospital after sustaining head injuries when the stolen car she was a passenger in hit a tree during a police pursuit in Christchurch on Thursday night.

Graham Livermore, of Beach Haven, Auckland, died when the stolen motor bike he was riding crashed into a brick wall in the Auckland suburb of Glenfield on Good Friday. No other vehicles were involved.  – NZPA


Four More Tourists killed in New Zealand [March 22, 2008]

Four members of a Chinese family from Hong Kong, including a girl aged 10, were the latest victims of New Zealand Tourism. The only surviving member of the family, a 30-year-old woman, is in serious condition. Original report

New Zealanders Paid ONLY Half as Much as Australians [September 5, 2008 ]
Google’s internal KGB has blocked this post – Sept 13, 2008. submitted by a New Zealand reader
“The dumb New Zealanders are regarded as half humans by their own government!”

Australian teenager Gabriel Runge and his teacher Andre Daniel Vogel, 36, were killed in a crash on State Highway 5, near Reporoa, on November 28, 2014.

Gabriel Runge

Sunshine coast teacher Andre Daniel Vogel 36

Tributes pour in for Hong Kong family of four killed in New Zealand crash
Friends, relatives mourn ‘special’ family of four who died in New Zealand []

Griffin Lee (left), aged 17, and 20-year-old sister Julia Lee (right) were in the front seats of the car when the accident happened.
Griffin Lee (left), aged 17, and 20-year-old sister Julia Lee (right) were in the front seats of the car when the accident happened.


Standard Chartered senior executive Warren Lee, 53, his wife Aesoon Lee, 52, and their daughter, Julia Lee, 20, were killed instantly last Tuesday afternoon when their car collided head-on with a logging truck near the North Island town of Tokoroa.

Their son, Griffin Lee, 17, had been in critical condition since the crash but died yesterday at Waikato Hospital, New Zealand police said. [www.scmp.com]

Parents Aesoon Lee (left) and Warren Lee (right) were on holiday in New Zealand to help daughter Julia relocate for her studies.
Parents Aesoon Lee (left) and Warren Lee (right) were on holiday in New Zealand to help daughter Julia relocate for her studies.

Three Hong Kong tourists killed after car smashes against truck in New Zealand [7 Nov, 2014]
Cheung Yat-cheong, 59, a retired deputy chief fire officer, escaped life-threatening injuries, but the horrific crash claimed the life of his wife, Ng Yin-wan, 56.  Ng, driver Allan Chan Wing-fai, 60, and his wife, Connie Chong Kwai-tei, 61, all died at the scene.

Unidentified victims: Who was the diver killed near Channel Island?

Diver killed near Channel Island
Wednesday, 6 November 2019 – Waitemata
Police received a report around 12.30pm today that a diver was unresponsive in the water near Channel Island.
The report was made by the diver’s buddy after removing him from the water and into a boat.