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FINALLY, police find a ‘suspicious’ corpse

Posted by te2ataria on April 30, 2011

Not a day, not an hour goes by without a body being found somewhere in New Zealand

RARELY, if ever does the police farce finds shot, hanged, decapitated and set alight corpses SUSPICIOUS!

Police are investigating after the fire service discovered a body in a burnt out vehicle near Rotorua today.

The grisly discovery was made on Tumunui Road, south of Rotorua, about 9.40am, a fire service spokesman told NZPA.

EVEN this one DIDN’T escaped the police spin, however!

Detective Senior Sergeant Loper says the incident warrants being treated as suspicious, however, Police are keeping an open mind about potential scenarios involved.


Only the other day…

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NZ Race Crimes Soar

Posted by te2ataria on September 3, 2009

Asians students in New Zealand don’t like catching the bus for the fear of rising racial attacks

When the system fails to protect the vulnerable colored people in New Zealand, then  the victims should consider arming themselves for self-protection.

Asian residents and students are routinely attacked, severely beaten up, have their heads smashed, their teeth knocked out, threatened with knives, spat at, racially abused…

An attack on a Thai girl, who was beaten up by fellow pupils on a bus, is part of everyday “race hate” in Christchurch, a homestay parent says.

Paul Stratford said the Avonside Girls’ High School pupil arrived at his house distressed and covered in blood after being beaten up on the bus after school on Monday.

The assault comes after a South Korean pupil had a knife held to his throat and was kicked to the ground in an unprovoked attack at a Christchurch bus stop last week.

In the latest assault, the year 13 pupil was beaten by two younger girls in Avonside uniforms as she left the bus. She had never spoken to the pair, Stratford said.

“They were punching her in the head as she was getting off the bus,” he said.

“They were telling her to ‘f… off back to her own country’. She is horribly upset.”

The public know about the incidents, the schools know and so soes the police. But they are all in denial.

Avonside principal Theresa Shaughnessy last night confirmed there was an incident involving three pupils, but there were “no racial overtones”.

She said the incident was being dealt with “very seriously” and declined to comment further.

The victim was a girlfriend of one of Stratford’s two homestay pupils, both of whom had been beaten up.

One had had a tooth knocked out when he was punched in the face in June at The Palms Shopping Centre, Stratford said.

The attacks had left the pupils feeling vulnerable and too scared to leave the house by themselves, he said.

“I know a lot of Asian girls who don’t like catching the bus because they often get bullied.”

Stratford, a New Zealander married to a Thai woman, with whom he has two young children, said his wife was regularly the victim of racial abuse.

“It’s not just students. My wife has been spat at while she’s out walking the pram,” he said.

“I don’t think many people are aware that these race-hate incidents and violent attacks are everyday occurrences,” he said.

Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres said race-hate crimes were a problem not just in Christchurch but around the country and were occurring more often than was reported to police.

“It’s becoming more and more urgent for police to gather data of racial abuse,” he said. “The Government does agree but has said it’s not a priority.”

People needed to report their experience and schools needed a culture of tolerance and respect, he said.

Knowing full well that apartheid New Zealand, a white supremacis occupied country, isn’t planning on treating Asians like full humans anytime soon.

 Source: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/2828786/Everyday-race-hate-rife-in-Christchurch

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