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Blog Receives Another Death Threat

Posted by te2ataria on April 11, 2010

In response to posting

Eugene TerreBlanche: A Fitting Epitaph

The Moderators have received a death threat from a reader hiding behind a false name and a false email address.

The IP Address from which the death threat originated:

The following information about the IP address was provided by APNIC. –
netname: ORCON-DSL
descr: Orcon Internet Ltd Support
descr: P.O Box 302362
descr: North Harbour
descr: Auckland
country: NZ
admin-c: OS24-AP
tech-c: OA7-AP
changed: apnic@orcon.net.nz 20090506
source: APNIC
person: Orcon Internet Abuse
nic-hdl: OA7-AP
e-mail: abuse@orcon.net.nz
address: Orcon Internet Ltd Support
address: P.O Box 302362
address: North Harbour
address: Auckland
phone: +64-9-444-4414
fax-no: +64-9-444-4444
country: NZ
changed: tsalmen@orcon.net.nz 20050708 (Thomas Salmen)
source: APNIC

More details are available at http://wq.apnic.net/apnic-bin/whois.pl/

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Korean Teen Gets 18 Months

Posted by te2ataria on September 24, 2009

sent by a reader [edited by TEAA]

Tae Won Chung, the Korean student who stabbed his racist kiwi teacher, has been Jailed  for 18 months.

Had he been a pakeha murdering a black woman he would have probably received a lesser sentence.

The 17-year-old Korean student, Tae Wong Chung, stabbed his racist teacher after he insulted the Korean race.  Photo: JOHN SELKIRK. Image may be subject to copyright.

Why such long sentence for an act closely connected with the young Korean victim’s defense of national honor?

The answer of course is to do with New Zealand’s stagnant economy and the role of the fleecing judge in creating work within his corrupt industry. The government [toilet] spies had already submitted their report to the judge on the financial status of  Chung senior. [Dishonorable mention for the Korean Diplomatic Mission in New Zealand.]

 The evil, racist, ‘fleecing’ Judge Roderick Joyce had already raised the stakes by frightening Chung senior, saying that junior’s attack on his teacher had been “gravely reckless and could have proved lethal.”

The scumbag teacher didn’t disappoint, either. He too had got the message that Chung’s father is a wealthy man, or has good credit. He complained about, “deep knife wounds to my back which caused damage to my spine.”

He walked in and out of the courtroom “with a visible limp,” saying that  he had spent six weeks in hospital after the knife attack and his back still hurt a lot. [Well try some aspirins, or better still keep your racist mouth shut, next time, if you can’t cope with pain.]

“He told the court of the lasting image of Chung ‘standing straddled across me in the class with his bloody knife.'”Media reported. [I thought he was about to cut my head off, like we did to his fellow countryman!]

The student’s father, Ki Chang Chung, said he had difficulty finding words to apologise for what his son did.

“When I sent my son to New Zealand I was full of dreams but I stand here today because of his unacceptable, extreme behaviour. For his behaviour, justice has to be done and he deserves to be punished.”

Asking the fleecing Judge Joyce for leniency because of his son’s young age, he said: “As a parent I am really depressed and sad because his future is unsafe”.

The Fleecing Begins

Chung’s lawyers looked on in horror, when the felt the honest man could ruin their day. What no costly appeal?

They had been signaled by the judge from day 1 that Chung senior was a cash bovine and could be milked all the way to the court of appeals, possibly beyond. Yes, they too  had whiffed the smell of money all along. They said they would appeal the sentence.

This is just one of the ways in which New Zealand makes its invisible earnings.

Outside court, David Jones QC told media that a bail application would be heard at the Auckland District Court tomorrow morning.

It would be interesting to find out how much the legal theatrical has cost Chung senior thus far. Our guess? 60 – 70K including  fines and ‘out of pocket expenses.’

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New Zealand Wild Weather Update

Posted by te2ataria on July 23, 2009

sent by a reader

Stay Out of New Zealand

UPDATE – 24/07/2009 0:12:01 [by TEAA]

Storm causes North Island disruption


Wild weather is wrecking havoc around Wellington tonight with one slip closing State Highway 1 in the middle of peak hour traffic and another derailing a train.

A tree had come down causing the slip at Pukerua Bay, 35km northeast of Wellington, about 5.30pm, Inspector Mike Coleman, of Central police communications, said.

Large earth moving machinery had been brought in, and one lane had been opened about 8pm, which was alternating clearing the backlog of north and southbound traffic, he told NZPA. The nearest alternate route, Paekakariki hill road, was also closed about 6.30pm due to a large amount of gravel washed onto the road.

Sewage City [Wellington] pummeled by Wild weather
UPDATE: July 23, 2009, 8:37 pm

Wild weather [wreaking] havoc around Wellington


Wild weather is wrecking havoc around Wellington tonight with one slip closing State Highway 1 in the middle of peak hour traffic and another derailing a train.

A tree had come down causing the slip at Pukerua Bay, 35km northeast of Wellington, about 5.30pm, Inspector Mike Coleman, of Central police communications, said.

Large earth moving machinery had been brought in, and one lane had been opened about 8pm, which was alternating clearing the backlog of north and southbound traffic, he told NZPA. The nearest alternate route, Paekakariki hill road, was also closed about 6.30pm due to a large amount of gravel washed onto the road.

Strong winds gusting up to 130kmh were forecast for Wellington and Wairarapa.

Winds up to 120kmh were forecast for Canterbury, Marlborough, Gisborne, high ground of the central North Island, the Kaimai and Coromandel Ranges and Great Barrier Island.

Wild weather pounding most parts of the country

Wild weather on the way

Severe winds have begun to lash the lower North Island, with the worst expected to bring down trees and powerlines later today.

The biggest gust recorded in the region this morning was 109 kmh on the Rimutaka Hill, but forecasters are warning that the worst weather will arrive this afternoon.

MetService said gusts of 130kmh will hit Wellington, Wairarapa and parts of the Hawke’s Bay from midday and continue throughout the day.

The winds are also expected to affect parts of the central North Island plateau, the Kaimai Range, Coromandel Peninsula and Great Barrier Island.

Severe norwesterly gales gusting up to 120kmh were expected to hit inland parts of Canterbury.


Lightening strikes are here. Time now for “Brimstone and Fire?”

Lightning strikes zap Invercargill

A cluster of lightning strikes struck Invercargill yesterday, blowing phone jacks out of walls, damaging electrical equipment and cutting electricity in part of the city.

Wet and wild weather that began in the early hours of yesterday morning culminated in a series of lightning strikes in north Invercargill about 9am.

Several houses in Talbot St were struck by bolts, described by one resident as a “fireball”.


Environmental Safety News

Russian roulette 1080 challenge to mayor


The carrot may or may not have been laced with 1080, the mayor was told when Mr Livingston pulled the stunt at a council special orders meeting in Taupo.

David Livingstone, a Turangi man opposed to the use of 1080 poison, challenged Mr Cooper to drink a glass of water containing the carrot.

Taupo Mayor Rick Cooper and his councillors were challenged to play Russian roulette today with a carrot that could have been laced with 1080 poison.

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Swine Flu Mystery and Air New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on April 26, 2009

sent by a reader in Palmerston North

Why are so many New Zealanders sickened by swine flu virus, compared with only a few cases in the United States?

Did the virus really originate from Mexico?

Swine Flu Alert!

IF you are flying Air New Zealand, demand that the plane is fumigated immediately before takeoff!

While waiting for your plane to be fumigated, try solving this riddle:

How many ‘A’ are there in New Zealand’s ESR labs?

  • Total number of New Zealanders visiting Mexico City since March 2009: Not very many, possibly a few hundred.
  • Reported number of New Zealanders sickened by Swine flu virus: More than 20 percent of the visitors
  • Total number of US citizens visiting Mexico City or coming into contact with people traveling from MC since March: Hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of citizens
  • Total number of US citizens hit by Swine flu: Less than two dozens

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Another Indian taxi driver assaulted

Posted by te2ataria on April 14, 2009

Jarnil Sandhu, an Indian taxi driver, was beaten and humiliated by a ‘pakeha pack’*

“Mr Sandhu, 53, spent Sunday in hospital for treatment to bruising and swelling around his face and jaw, but said he was most hurt by the passengers’ insults about his turban and the way they tried to steal it.” Reports said.


Jarnil Sandhu, 53, was attacked by four scumbag who refused to pay the fare but instead punched him to the ground and removed his turban. Photo: Brett Phibbs. Image may be subject to copyright.

He said attacks on his community are usually ignored until someone is killed.

Jarnil Sandhu, who works for Auckland Co-op Taxis, was assaulted by four scumbags he drove on Saturday night. When he asked for his fare, the scumbags “punched him to the ground and removed his turban, which is humiliating for a Sikh.”

New Zealand TV3’s show Campbell Live has since reported that one of the 4 scumbags who assaulted Mr Sandhu was Auckland rugby player, Simon Munro.

Jagdish Natali, a member of the Indian Society of Auckland, told the reporters of two other violent attacks on Indian small-business owners in Blockhouse Bay in the past 10 days.

“The Indian Society of Auckland said members of the Indian community were often more vulnerable to attacks because of their lines of business, such as working in dairies and liquor stores and as taxi drivers.”

Manmeet Sandhu, the victim’s wife, said the Indians in New Zealand “faced far too much abuse.”  She blamed it on pure  racism.

“Indians are hard-working people, they don’t mind working long hours. It’s unfortunate that they are being victimised by thugs.” She said.

The Sandhus,  who have two daughters,  reportedly moved to New Zealand 15 years ago “to be safe.”

“It was not our dream to live like this,” Mrs Sandhu said.

Mr Sandhu who is a veterinarian, but cannot work in his field of expertise in New Zealand because colored people are heavily discriminated against here, said he will return to taxi driving to support the family.

Let’s face it he is lucky he wasn’t killed or raped; or both raped and killed!

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* [Note: A pakeha pack refers to a pack of 2 or more scumbags.]

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How to burn $10m of taxpayers’ money in a flash

Posted by te2ataria on March 30, 2009

Now you see it; now you don’t!

The wasteful morons at NZ “Navy” and “Air Force” burn $10million of taxpayers money in the sea in a blink!

The wasteful b*stards at NZ “Navy” and “Air Force” teamed up for a night launch of a live missile at a sea-based target, the right-wing NZ herald proudly reported.

The NZ “Navy” helicopter fires $10million of taxpayers money into the sea (top) and returns to the frigging Te Mana. Photos supplied.

To everyone’s relief, both the Sky Tower and Auckland’s Harbor Bridge were spared. [Can you imagine shooting a live missile into 1 million cubic meter of sewage?]

A naval Seasprite helicopter launched an air-to-surface missile, and returned to the frigging boat Te Mana. An Air Force P3 Orion also took part in the exercise east of Great Barrier Island.

The cost the taxpayers? Between $5 -$10 million, depending on how you calculate the wasteful “exercise.”

Is New Zealand “Navy” and “Air Force” a match for the Chinese? Americans, perhaps?

Well may be not. But they can stop the Australian military dumping their sewage over here!

Let’s hope there were no American tourists near the missile firing range!

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Sodomy is as New Zealand as Anchor Butter

Posted by te2ataria on March 21, 2009

Don’t pakeha have strange rules?

“A man convicted of having sex with a 13-year-old girl has lost his appeal against deportation, despite claiming that the health of his three children will suffer.

“Sanele Siupolu was 26 when he had sex three times with a 13-year-old neighbour in Auckland. He pleaded guilty and, in August 2006, was sentenced to 18 months’ home detention. A deportation order was issued.”

The Deportation Review Tribunal said:

“We conclude that the humanitarian factors favouring his continued residence in New Zealand are outweighed by the seriousness of the offending. It is not unjust or unduly harsh to deport the appellant.”

However, the very same tribunal allowed South African Stephen Diaz, 20, who was sentenced to two years’ jail for sodomizing a 13-year-old boy, to escape deportation because they were told “Diaz was immature and could not look after himself.” Media reported.

Message to new immigrants: When in New Zealand, stick to the Anchor butter!

[Note: In the original report, The Dominion Post, a broadsheet newspaper published in Wellington, refers to the vile act of sodomy of a minor as ‘having sex with a 13-year-old boy.’ ]

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Cambodian Kidnapped in Auckland, New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on March 20, 2009

Man released after Auckland kidnapping

Police say they freed a 24-year-old Cambodian man after he was kidnapped in Papatoetoe, south Auckland, on March 18, 2009.

Police said they were informed about the kidnapping and managed [hard to believe] the “safe release” of the victim.

When asked about their heroic effort to release the kidnapped victim, the police reportedly said the investigation was unfinished. No other details were available concerning the kidnapping or alleged police “rescue.”


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What’s the latest hip pastime in NZ?

Posted by te2ataria on March 16, 2009

Actually, there are two:

First: Kidnap and gang-rape  [They call it pack rape, over here.]

Second: Shooting women randomly in their private parts with airguns

In the latest incident the depraved pakeha youths shot a women in the “leg”  in a drive-by random attack in the Auckland suburb of Birkdale this evening.


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NZ sewage-infested coasts have sharks too!

Posted by te2ataria on January 16, 2009

Worried about New Zealand’s smelly beaches? Swimming in sewage? Poisoned by toxic algae? And wondering it couldn’t possibly get any worse?

Sharks chase surfers out of water!

The South Island’s nincompoop police have issued a warning after a “very large shark” chased two surfers out of the water near Dunedin.

The surfers spotted the shark  near Karitane Beach, 30 kilometers north of Dunedin.

According to a local, a seven-gill shark had attacked a young boy previously, “leaving him with eight stitches.”

“We do get a lot of them in shallows, especially when the water is dirty like this.”

The police said that it was “not wise for people to be swimming in the area.”

“Hastings man Greg Sims, 49, was swimming near the Tukituki River mouth earlier this month when he was bitten on the back of his leg by what was believed to be a broadnose seven-gill shark.” A report said.

“While in December, fisherman Ken Lindberg spent five days in hospital after being bitten by a shark, believed to be a bronze whaler, while fishing with a friend off Maraetai near Auckland.”

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NZ Xmas sacrifice was an Asian man

Posted by te2ataria on December 25, 2008

New Zealand kills another Asian, a 37-yo man believed to be Chinese

What better a sacrifice offering than the blood of an Asian man, huh?

Below is how the local media reported the killing. It doesn’t say whether he had a hole in his snorkel,  fought with a giant squid [and lost,] consumed by a sea monster…

Man drowns while snorkeling

Thursday, 25 December 2008  [Source]

A man drowned while snorkelling at Goat Island Marine Reserve, northeast of Auckland, this afternoon.

The 37-year-old Asian man was snorkelling with a friend, who found him face down in the water after they became separated.

Surf Life Saving northern region lifesaving manager Dean Storey said lifeguards at Omaha Beach, 8km away, were alerted and travelled to the scene by IRB.

They retrieved the man’s body and took it to the mainland where efforts to revive him failed.


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Go Ahead, Sue the Scumbags!

Posted by te2ataria on October 8, 2008

submitted by a reader:

You owe it to your family to sue the police. But remember, the judiciary is one of the same!

The family of the Indian storekeeper shot dead in an armed robbery of his Auckland store may sue the police.

Slain shopkeeper Navtej Singh is seen in this photo with his wife, Harijnder Kaur. They are not “white,” but in most parts of the world they are considered as full human beings. Their rights as such must be upheld by the racist judiciary in apartheid New Zealand.

The family of Navtej Singh, 30, may sue the police for preventing paramedics into his store for more than 20 crucial minutes after he was shot by armed robbers in Manurewa, Auckland on June 7.

The police took 25 minutes to arrive at the scene. They then prevented the ambulance crew from entering the victim’s store for another 20 minutes, a total of 45 minutes after they were called to help the victim!

Singh died the next day in a hospital. The delay almost certainly contributed to his death.

[A powerful coalition of white supremacists, Dispensationalists and other fundamental Christian groups whose divine (sic) mission is to “purify” what is already a showcase for abject racism are aided by the racist judiciary and the paramilitary police in apartheid New Zealand. What chance do the “colored” shopkeepers stand?]

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Let Me Define Your Rights

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Bend Over, Spread Your Legs and say Baa . . .

Posted by te2ataria on April 1, 2008

Air New Zealand Fumigates Passengers

Like a herd of diseased sheep, Air New Zealand passengers were fumigated after a government agency discovered that an aircraft’s ‘biosecurity’ clearance had expired.

According to a passenger, who spoke to reporters on condition of anonymity (otherwise he could lose his job, or worse, for exercising his freedom of speech), Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry officers wearing chemical/biological hazard protection suits boarded the plane at Auckland International Airport and manually fumigated all passengers.

“All we heard was that this was a MAF requirement. It was like how they used to do things on planes about 20 years ago, but I still thought it was pretty strange,” he said.

The spraying left passengers with sore throats and caused at least one baby to gag and vomit.

MAF officers took about five minutes to fumigate the plane before leaving the passengers to sit in “a thick fog” as they sealed the door shut behind them, according to another passenger.

“It was pretty concerning to see that and there were other passengers having to hold their noses and cover their mouths,” he said. “It was something akin to a sauna, not the heat but the look of the place and the longer it went on the foggier it became, it was ridiculous.

“Even now I have a real raspy throat so you could imagine what the effect would be on an infant.”

It’s not clear what kind of chemicals the government agents used, or what long term side effects the fumigated passenger might encounter. Full Report

Pregnant travelers, parents traveling with young children, especially infants and toddlers, young adults, people with heart conditions, or a history of blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, or similar medical conditions are strongly advised not to fly Air New Zealand to avoid possible fumigation.

Let’s hope they don’t start mulesing the passengers like they do their sheep!

This is your captain speaking: We’ve just landed at Auckland International Airport.
When the MAF agents approach you, bend over, spread your legs and say Baa, Baa . . .

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