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Killer Aussie Dad: GUILTY!

Posted by te2ataria on March 29, 2011

Evil Aussie Arthur Phillip Freeman Convicted of Murder

Ajury of five men and seven women found Freeman, 37, of Hawthorn, Melbourne guilty of murdering his 4-yo daughter.

Jurors had been asked by Freeman’s barrister, David Brustman, SC, to decide whether Freeman was “mad or bad”.

The jury found that Freeman was evil because he had “consciously, voluntarily and intentionally” thrown  Darcey Iris Freeman to her death off Melbourne’s West Gate Bridge on January 29, 2009.

Arthur Freeman leaves court after the guilty verdict. Picture: Craig Borrow Source: The Australian

“Ben Freeman, now 9, said his father stopped their car on the bridge, took his sister Darcey from the front seat and threw her over the rail,” according to a report.

Four-year-old Darcey Iris Freeman who sustained massive injuries from the 58-metre fall ultimately died of drowning on January 29, 2009.

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New Zealand Kills Yet Another Aussie

Posted by te2ataria on September 14, 2009

Australian Neurosurgeon Killed in Unmarked, Dangerous Ski Area

Australian neurosurgeon Stan Siejka, 51, from Tasmania was killed after he fell into one of New Zealand’s tourist black holes, Porters ski area, near Canterbury, on Wednesday September 11.

Stan Siejka
Stan Siejka, 51, from Tasmania. Dr Siejka’s NZ Death clock, which started ticking the moment he planned his holiday in New Zealand, finally stopped at Christchurch Hospital’s intensive care unit. Dr Siejka was an intelligent person by any standard, but it remains a mystery why he chose New Zealand as a holiday destination.

Dr Siejka was the only neurologist working at the Launceston General Hospital and will be sadly missed.

Tasmania’s Acting Premier and Health Minister, Lara Giddings, was reported as making the following statement:

Dr was a highly skilled neurologist and his dedication to medicine, his patients, the LGH and northern Tasmania, in general, will be sorely missed.

I understand Dr Siejka was a Tasmanian graduate and undertook his specialist training interstate and in Canada.

His service to the LGH spanned almost 20 years and at one time he provided outreach services to patients in Southern Tasmania as the only neurologist in the state.
Dr Siejka was a dedicated professional – something his patients no doubt would know too well.

His death is a terrible tragedy for his family, friends and colleagues, and my thoughts and best wishes are with them at this very difficult time.

As for the New Zealand authorities, they couldn’t of course give a damn. In their eyes, the “unlucky” Siejka was just a “bloody stupid tourist” who should have known better.

Dr Siejka’s family should hold New Zealand PM (acting also as Tourism Minster) and NZ govt responsible for his negligent death, and demand death compensation on a par with  Israeli tourists who fall victim to NZ tourism.

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New Zealand ZioNazi Rulers NOT Hypocrites

Posted by te2ataria on April 22, 2009

sent by a reader

The ZioNazi mafia that rules this country are guilty of just about every crime and misdemeanor, but racist hypocrisy

So the little snots boycotted the anti-racism UN meeting. They found it hard to sit with other nations, look world indigenous peoples in the eye and condemn racism, while at the same time continuing with systemic genocide of Maori.

New Zealand’s ZioNazi ruling class have two things in common with Israel, Australia, and Canada, the new countries that are up in arms against anti-racism:

1. They are a part of the same Israel-first cabal that play by ZioNazi rules (a far cry from the Marquess of Queensberry rules!)

2. Like Israel, they have committed genocide and are conducting mass extermination of their indigenous peoples on whose stolen lands the live.

And the most laughable over-use of a word?

Under orders from Jewish mafia, they repeatedly referred to the conference as “anti-Semitic” despite the fact that it’s attended by many Arab countries!

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Posted by te2ataria on April 16, 2009

Sent by a reader in Australia

ANZAC Day is NOT for Bar Brawlers

The mother of a New Zealander who was killed in a bar fight in Bali at the weekend has now raised enough money to bring back the body of her son.

Merrill Headifen has raised at least NZ$8,000 to return the body of her 22-year-old son, Sean, to Palmerston North, where she resides.

Sean Headifen, a former soldier, was killed in a bar fight in Kuta, a town in southern Bali, Indonesia, on Sunday night.

According to the news media in New Zealand,  his mother is considering to hold his funeral on Anzac Day.

I sincerely hope she would change her mind after reading this and hold the funeral for him on some other day. There are 365 days in a year and, right or wrong, ANZAC Day is dedicated to the memory of those hapless victims of the empire who lost their lives playing the rich man’s shooting game, as did my great grandpa, leaving their wives doing unimaginable things to support their families.

Kuta is not in Gallipoli. Indonesians aren’t Turks. My great grandpa and most of his army mates, who were condemned to certain death when the military top brass sent them to gallipoli, never got involved in a drunken brawl.

So, please, try to honour the Day, and let the war dead sleep in peace.

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Go Jump a Lake in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on April 15, 2009

The un-authorities say drowning rate in New Zealand is twice that of Australia

The real drowning rate in New Zealand is probably closer to 3 to 4 times that of Australia.

Some doctored figures about drowning in New Zealand

  • New Zealand un-authorities reported a drowning toll of 96 last year. [The real numbers? F**k knows!]
  • Drowning is the third-highest cause of ‘accidental’ death in New Zealand, after road kills and falls.
  • According to a report 38 people have drowned since New Year’s Eve [to April 6, 2009] five more than the same period last year.


There are no statistics concerning what is probably the number one cause of drowning in New Zealand:

Drowning induced by toxic poisoned water!

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Will South Australia Run Out of Water?

Posted by feww on March 21, 2008

Signs of Environmental Collapse

“The South Australian Government says there is no risk that the state will run out of water, despite ongoing drought and its River Murray allocation almost running dry.” ABC News

Sign Waterkeeper Australia’s Murray Darling Basin Petition

In Australia, the Murray-Darling River communities are struggling with massive economic, cultural and environmental losses as water is diverted for wasteful industrial agricultural use. The Murray-Darling Basin, Australia’s Food Bowl, produces one third of the nation’s food. But the government’s decision to prioritize irrigated crops and pastures is destroying the watershed and the communities who live there.

It’s time for the Australian government, and governments around the world, to put people, communities and the environment first. Instead of crying “drought” it’s time we prioritize sustainable water management.

Click here to sign the petition and add your voice

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