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The George Orwell MiniTrue Award

Posted by te2ataria on November 22, 2009

sent by a reader in Blenheim

This Week’s Winner of The Big Brother Honest Journalism Award: The Northern Advocate

The George Orwell MiniTrue Award (aka the ‘Big Brother Honest Journalism Award’) for this week goes to New Zealand’s The Northern Advocate for the following:

Story Title: Gold-toothed skull found on beach

Orwellian Newspeak comment that grabbed the prize:

‘The skull – obviously old, but said to still have hair and gristle attached to it – was found by Australian tourists walking on the beach at Glinks Gully, 24km south of Dargaville, on Tuesday.’

GRISLY FIND: Glinks Gully resident Geoff Nicols points to the site where the skull was found. Source: Northern Advocate. Image may be subject to copyright.

Background information:

Tourist Catch of the Day: Severed Head, Torso

Tourists Find Severed Head and Torso in Northland, New Zealand. A pair of Australian tourists found a severed head and torso in the sand dunes near the entrance of Glinks Gully, about 20 kilometers south west of Dargaville, Northland, New Zealand.

However, the police, which seems to have decided that the headlines were bad for business, apparently forced the reporter(s) to change the headlines and certain parts of their story to make it sound as if the discovery of a severed head and dismembered torso was actually something completely different. The new Stuff NZ headline read: Skull found on Northland beach

NZ Herald echoed much of the same: Very old’ skull found on Northland beach

A “very old” human skull has been found on a beach south of Dargaville.

Police spokeswoman Sarah Kennett said the skull is being referred to a pathologist to find out when the person died.

She said the skull was found in the sand dunes in Glinks Gully, Te Kopuru, Northland.

Asked if it could be a skull from pre-European colonisation, Ms Kennett said she could not say. [Amazing!]


NZ Police Interfere with News Coverage

As luck had it…

The two Australian tourists, Louisa and Michael Ergles, who discovered the severed head, read the new, amended headlines and apparently contacted the [advertising] media.

Mr Ergles who is a search and rescue officer in his hometown of Lajamanu in the Northern Territory, Australia, said, “there was still a bit of flesh on the head when we found it.”

“I don’t think it would have been there longer than a year.”


[Note: All mentions of the ‘torso’ have also been removed from the new versions of the story. ]

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    Tourist Catch of the Day: Severed Head, Torso

    Posted by te2ataria on November 19, 2009

    Tourists Find Severed Head and Torso in Northland, New Zealand

    A pair of Australian tourists found a severed head and torso in the sand dunes near the entrance of Glinks Gully, about 20 kilometers south west of Dargaville, Northland, New Zealand.

    “Local camp ground operator Geoff Nicols says a pair of Australian tourists were shocked to spot a head poking up out of the sand and asked to use his phone to call police.” A report said.

    “There’s no public telephone around here so they came down to my house to ring the police station.”

    Nicols says it took 45 minutes before a police officer contacted them, “No-one was answering the phone at the Dargaville police office.”

    “I went and saw the head and stayed with it until the police arrived.

    “There were bits of gristle and hair at the back of the skull,” says Mr Nicols.

    “I reckon it would have been buried there a few years.”
    [More recently dumped body parts take a while before they show up!]

    “It was right up the top of the dune and I’m sure it must have been placed there.”

    “It maybe that somebody disposed of the body in different places.”
    [Doesn’t he know the drill well?]

    Nichols thinks the find was unearthed when part of the dune was washed away by a large wave.

    Dargaville Police Station is still unmanned, and therefore no-one was available for comment.

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    Another “stupid” tourist injured at Prime Deathtrap

    Posted by te2ataria on March 18, 2009

    Another “stupid” tourist bites the dust at one of New Zealand’s prime deathtraps.

    A Czech tourist [this one on a guided climb] was airlifted to Greymouth hospital today after a large chunk of ice fell on him at Fox Glacier, one of  New Zealand’s prime deathtraps.

    The tourist is believe to have suffered serious  injuries, however his condition was not known tonight.

    This incident follows the govt/corporate manslaughter of the Australian brothers who were killed when ice fell on them at Fox Glacier in January.

    Ashish and Akshay Miranda who were holidaying with their parents were buried under tons of falling ice, when they approached the glacier to take photos.

    “A former guide at the glacier warned at the time that better fencing and more signs were needed, as many tourists ignored safety barriers.” A report said.

    Given the billions of dollars foreign tourists waste in this country, you would have thought the authorities give a damn about their safety and put a few warning signs out there.

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    Two “bloody stupid” tourists crushed under ice

    Posted by te2ataria on January 8, 2009

    Two “bloody stupid” tourists in their twenties lost their lives at New Zealand’s Fox Glacier

    Scumbag police constable Tony Le Sueur [pronounced “sewer”] said the ice fell from the glacier’s terminal face hitting tourists who got too close to take a better look at the terminal face.

    Buried by ice: Brothers Akshay (L) and Ashish Miranda. Source: ABC News.

    Brothers Ashish and Akshay Miranda were killed when some 100 tonnes of ice fell on them as they took photographs at New Zealand’s Fox Glacier. Ashish Miranda, 24, was an aerospace engineer working for Boeing. The younger brother, Akshay, 22, was an engineering student at Monash University, due to finish his studies this year. The Indian family had emigrated to Australia.

    Poorman’s Glacier. Third rate
    Fox glacier reserved for “retarded” tourists. Two “bloody stupid” tourists lost their lives when they were buried by falling ice at the terminal face of Fox Glacier. Source of image.

    The nincompoop police recovered the body of one man using a digger last night but were afraid to look for the second body.

    Fox Glacier Guiding chief executive did not want to comment on the issue of unguided tourists swarming the glacier. [Hint, hint! Remember the Japanese mountain guide on Mt Cook who was left to die because he didn’t have a concession?]

    In a previous incident two Australian tourists had been injured, one seriously.

    Scumbag pc  Le Sueur had described the pair as “bloody stupid,” because they wanted to have a better look at the glacier’s terminal face!

    Fox Glacier will be open for business tomorrow, as if nothing had happened.

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