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New Zealander Rapes Donkey

Posted by te2ataria on April 9, 2010

Rape of  anything 2 to 4-legged is fair game in New Zealand

A 16-year-old boy who was charged with bestiality after allegedly raping a donkey appeared in Christchurch Youth Court earlier today.

A blog contributor who accidentally met the boy in the court today managed to take his photo, which we may [or may not] publish here at a later date.

kiwis’ love affair with donkeys goes a long away. Moses, an Egyptian donkey, was the mascot of the New Zealand Army Service Company in France. Photo taken at Louvencourt, northern France. Moses, seems to like his partner the hard way!

Judge Stephen Erber confirmed that the boy had been granted automatic name suppression because of his age.

Surely, if you are old enough to rape, especially raping a poor animal …

Police, making yet another stupid remark, said the boy “gave  no explanation for his actions.”

[How about, “officer, she/he asked for it,” or “it was love at first sight, go on be a spoiled sport and arrest me!” ]

“Police have said the charge arose from an incident in Sumner’s Sumnervale Reserve when a nearby resident phoned police to report what was happening in the field below their house and took photographs,” according to a report.

The youth did not live locally, and was held in custody overnight, in case he ravaged other animals.

His will  reappear in court on May 4.

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Illicit Sex: The Most Sought After Kiwi Currency

Posted by te2ataria on March 16, 2010

sent by a reader

Do kiwi fathers opt for incestuous pedophilia because its “easy” and “safe“?

Kiwis are not the most intelligent people on the planet; far from it. The anatomical part they use for decision-making is placed between their legs. Unsurprisingly, therefore, everything bought or sold in New Zealand is exchanged based on its “sex value.”

In which other county would you get

Whether it’s the tainted local wine, toxic dairy products, the cow-urine canned and sold as beer, flying the local Airline, war, even religion, is dressed as a sexual object of desire tagged with a corresponding “pulling-factor.”

Most sexual offenses in the New Zealand, therefore, would probably be tantamount to shoplifting, at least in the “mind” of the offender.

It follows logically that the “easiest” and “safest” kind of shoplifting would be stealing from the “family shop,” as it were.

Kiwi Father Raped His Three Kids

A kiwi father who used his three kids as  “sexual playthings” was sent to prison after a jury found him guilty of 12 offenses in the Christchurch District Court, according to a report.

The 37-year-old freight worker, who denied all the charges, abused his two daughters and a son for a period of 7 years, stopping in 2008 afetr one of the girls spoke out about the abuse.

Defence counsel Colin Eason said it was a tragedy for the family and for the man who continued to deny any wrong-doing. “For this man, this is a catastrophic, life-changing situation to be in, which he does not accept.”

This is the typical feckless kiwi reaction: Lies, denial and refusing to accept responsibility for their sordid action.

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How Long Will NZers Let Moko Live?

Posted by te2ataria on December 15, 2009

sent by an Aussie

‘Moko Was Killed This Morning!’

Can You See the Coming Headlines?

It’s only a matter of time before Moko is abused to death by the sick visitors!

Before moving to Gisborne, Moko lived in Mahia; however, he finally left Mahia in late August 2009 after more than two years.

In Mahia Swimmers were  “roughhousing” with Moko, scarring his skin with sharp fingernails, watches and items of jewelery.

Blog received the following note from a regular reader in Australia:


‘How Long Will NZers Let Moko Live?’

I just read the following report posted on yahoo news, and it upset me so much had to post it to you.

I was also angry with the following rhetoric broadcast by our own media: Has Moko the dolphin flipped?

Could you blame him if he had flipped?

Regards H.C.”

Moko attacked by high school boys

A woman has reported seeing high school boys punching and hitting Moko at Gisborne’s Waikanae Beach last week.

The group harassed Moko then abused people who told them to leave the dolphin alone, Sue Clifton told The Gisborne Herald.

“The thing is if he had decided to retaliate, Moko would be blamed but it would be their own fault.

“The majority of us realise how lucky we are to have such a special animal interact with us the way he does, and then he has the misfortune to meet thugs like those boys.”

The incident was seen by many people, she said. —NZPA

Moko, a bottlenose who normally spends her time playing, bailed out two pygmy sperm whales that humans were struggling to help.The whales, a mother and calf, were stranded on Mahia Beach and had been in the care of human rescuers for over an hour. Initally successful, the workers were horrified to see the whales beach themselves again on a sandbar four times, indicating that they were probably on their way to an agonizing, complex death. It was at that point, Moko, who was described by an official on the scene as “altruistic” appeared, and let the pygmy sperm whales 200 yards down the beach to an open channel. There have been many instances of dolphins assisting weak swimmers, which may be instinctual, but this appears to be the first instance of interspecies help. Source of image and caption. May be subject to copyright.

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I’d Say YOU Have A Big Problem

Posted by te2ataria on January 8, 2009

submitted by a reader

If your 3-yo is bitten in the face because s/he provoked a dog by pulling on its testicles, and you are angry why the dog wasn’t destroyed, I’d say you have a serious cultural problem.

WOUNDED SON: Sam Stevens with her son Caine, who spent three days in Waikato Hospital with dog-bite injuries. Photo: IAIN McGREGOR/Waikato Times. Image may be protected by copyright.

Pakeha top the world’s list of animal abusers. If you insist that their murderous impulses, pathological hatred for self and others, and cruelty to animals are not due to a genetic misprint, or a result of feeding on toxic New Zealand food and living in a chemically-compromised environment, then they must be the fruits of cultural heredity.

Note the stud-covered face of the kid’s mum. Is there an inch of skin available for other functions? I hate to think what else she might have sewn to other parts of her ample body. Note also the poor kid’s distant, get-you-when-I-grow-up  stare!

“Animal control staff believed the dog had acted in its own defense, and after assessing its behavior and ‘completely clean record’ they decided it did not need to be put down.The investigation also revealed the child had been involved in two previous incidents of alleged animal cruelty.”

Read the story here.

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New Zealand synonymous with child porn and bestiality

Posted by te2ataria on October 19, 2008

Is there a New Zealand civil servant/public employee, or any other in a position of trust who isn’t involved in child pornography or bestiality?

Let someone know you are out there!

(NZPA) Robin Andrew, 61, a former St John Ambulance area manager charged with possessing thousands of child pornographic images, pleaded guilty in Rotorua District Court yesterday to 13 charges of possessing objectionable material.

Police said Andrew’s collection of child pornographic images were the worst type of pornography available, the Rotorua Daily Post said.

St John ambulances in Auckland, New Zeelend.

Andrew had a library of 550 compact discs and DVDs of child pornography and bestiality, a total of  71,788 images, according to NZPA. His computers and discs also contained stories of pedophilia and incest.

“Pictures and videos featured children aged from one to about 12, some being sexually abused.”

“New Zealand police received information in January from Brazilian police regarding a computer file sharing program called ‘eMule.’ Links were found to files containing graphic images of child abuse.” (NZPA)

About one half all girls and a third of all boys in New Zealand are raped [or sexually molested] before the age of 16.

Why are so many children [allowed to be] raped, sexually abused in New Zealand?

Rape is a torture routine, a weapon of mind control and subjugation used by the establishment to repress ordinary people in this country.

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