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Toxicity, Pollution, Bugs Reach Crisis Points in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on February 11, 2010

First, it was NO Automatic Entry for kiwis

Aussie MP, Kelvin Thomson, who wants to limit the number of kiwis in Australia said there should be no automatic right of entry to Australia for [“bloody”] kiwis.

Then, “New Zealanders NOT Welcome” in Australia

and for good reasons, too, to be honest … And NOW

NOW, NZ ship refused berth in Australia

Tatiana Schulte has been refused permission to enter Australia after an exotic timber pest, the burnt pine longicorn beetle, from New Zealand was discovered on board, NZPA said.

“As this organism is a potential threat to Australia’s environment and commercial interests, the Tatiana Schulte was instructed under section 74D of the Quarantine Act to leave Australian territorial waters,” the shipping line said.

The Tatiana Schulte was unceremoniously sent back to Auckland for delousing.

Up to 98 percent of New Zealand Rivers are POLLUTED

Toxic algae has been found in the Hutt River north of Wellington and people on the river are told to “be on the lookout for the dark brown or black coloured algae and avoid it and the water it was in.” [This time the “dark brown” did not refer to the usual, human faces, floating in Wellington waters.]

“The algae could be fatal to dogs and cause vomiting, diarrhoea and skin irritations in humans.” The report said.

Elsewhere, in Canterbury, a dog became ill [and died in pain] after ingesting the dark brown/black algae  in Walter Park in northern Christchurch.

Meanwhile, in Otago two dogs died in Mosgiel, 17km west of Dunedin, of algae poisoning, another report said.

“Otago medical officer of health Dr Derek Bell said the algae could cause allergic reactions including asthma, eye irritations, rashes, blistering around the mouth and nose and gastro intestinal disorders including abdominal pain, cramps and diarrhoea [and painful death.]”

“Toxic algae has appeared in a number of areas around New Zealand this summer, prompting warnings to parents and pet owners, and during the past few years it has claimed the lives of many dogs.”

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