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Claims to Humanity: Submission Deadline

Posted by te2ataria on December 26, 2009

Sent by Aroma in Rotorua

All half humans who wish to submit a claim to humanity should do so by 31 December 2009

As PM counts his gains from a mere $50 million to about $80 million this year, and as the government spends billions on New Zealand’s laughable military to fight the ‘Fijian Foofighters’, ‘Samoan Sinurgents’ and ‘Tongan Tarotists’,  one in 5 New Zealanders live in poverty.

Cancer mother Bonnie Avery and son Cordae are delighted at the money donated by the Press readers. The remaining 219,626 New Zealand kids who live in abject poverty must wait their turn. JOHN KIRK-ANDERSON/ The Press. Image may be subject to copyright.

And as if that isn’t a big enough insult to the people in this country, the fate of incapacitated parents and their young kids are left to the charity of a a few kindhearted people in the country.

A few people  have come to the aid of a Christchurch mother fighting cancer whose request for a special grant to buy clothes for her baby was rejected.

“Bonnie Avery, 20, was refused a special needs grant by Work and Income in April to buy clothes for baby Cordae.” A report said.

“She felt aggrieved about the refusal after revelations this week that former gang leader Darryl Harris was given special-needs grants for a swimming-pool fence and car tyres.”

About a dozen people made cash donations to help Avery, who said she would spend the money to buy Christmas presents for her son and pay over-due expenses such as power bills.

“It is much appreciated by me and my son. I am going to get my boy some Christmas presents. I have only been able to get him a few things so far.”

She said she was overwhelmed by the response from the public.

“This is not what I wanted out of this at all. But thank you all so much.”

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